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Plop of The Week: Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler #48

Sometimes it's okay to go with the heavy hitters when dialing in your comedy podcast picks. The big names sometimes prove why they have large followings and noteriety. A big personality often lends itself well to the digital landscape with charimsa and strong opinions making for an easy engaging listening experience. Comedian and TV personality, Aisha Tyler, has been running her do-it-yourself interview show for almost a year now and has built quite a large and diverse guest list. The show has many faces, depending on the guest background. I picked Tyler's Girl On Guy Anthony Bourdain episode this week for the Splitsider "Week In Comedy" round-up. Bourdain is an easy match for Tyler's laid back but big-time personalty. Check-out my thoughts here:

I’m not above a little fandom cult of personality BS in my podcast intake. In fact it’s rather enjoyable when you happen upon the right kind of personality pairing. Vagabond author and television food host, Anthony Bourdain, jumps in on Aisha Tyler’s Girl On Guy free-flowing interview show. It’s an easy episode pick with two of my favorite bold personalities trading passionate anecdotes and theories. In addition to her various comedic endeavors, Tyler always brings keeps things high energy and loose but still very passionate on the show. It’s an easy conversation with Bourdain from the get-go. Topics keep dancing along various kitchen/food topics and tropes. They also throw in discussions about obscure movies, FX’s Archer, Ted Nugent, Rocky Balboa and a bunch more. Bourdain also adds some great nitty-gritty kitchen, food and travel stories. The tone is jointly aggressive, both Tyler and Bourdain teaming up on all encountered topics. It’s not always pure comedy. Comedy becomes an even broader term with podcasts these days. Tyler’s Girl On Guy is another example of this widening scope. “Fun” can count as “funny” – we’ll all be okay getting less strict. A little more loose. All while trying to give a shit about something. Tyler and Bourdain can help lead the way.

Here's the complete list of comedy episodes from the rest of the Splitsider group:

WTF with Marc Maron #280 - Danny McBride
Mohr Stories #54 – Barry Katz
This American Life #464: "Invisible Made Visible" – Ryan Knighton, Tig Notaro, David Rakoff, David Sedaris
Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler #48 - Anthony Bourdain
Who Charted? #77- Pete Holmes
Lovitz & Slayton
Gelmania VII - Scott Aukerman, Curtis Gwinn
Improv Obsession #18 – Alex Fernie

The Splitsider group offered up a large group of honorable mentions last week including How Was Your Week? #63 (Curtis Gwinn, Choire Sicha), improv4humans #27 (Neil Campbell, Mike Mitchell, Paul Rust), Mike & Tom Eat Snacks #59, Pop My Culture #80 (Ken Marino) Sklarboro Country #95 (Rich Eisen, Dan Van Kirk), This Better Be Funny #24 (Jerrod Carmichael), Thrilling Adventure Hour #72 "Beyond Belief, 'Goatbusters'" (Paul F. Tompkins, Paget Brewster, Mark Gagliardi, Matt Gourley, Gillian Jacobs, and Natalie Morales), Weird Adults with Little Esther #2 (Jonathan Daniel Brown) You Made It Weird #51 (Kurt Braunohler) and You Had To Be There #64 (Megan Ganz).


Plop of The Week: The Dana Gould Hour #4

It's rarer than you think for creative endeavors to come out ahead of the pack from the get-go but Dana Gould's first batch of episodes for his hourly endeavor, The Dana Gould Hour, is already one of the more top notch online comedy offerings. I finally stopped being a dipshit and chose the show for my Splitsider pick and pick of the week. My write-up for Jesse Fox Splitsider "Week In Comedy" podcast round-up:

Only a few episodes in, The Dana Gould Hour, is already starting to set the pace for production value and sophistication in the comedy podcast race. At the forefront of the show, Gould shares his ample entertainer gifts with listeners – easy conversation, playful comedic tangents, a nerd-riffic detailed passion for pop culture and history along with his masterful approach to comedic sketches. The show calmly skips among segments, using a masterful fade-in/fade-out technique. We only get the awesome bits of the conversations and sketches. Eddie Pepitone and Matt Weinhold visit with Gould for an unhealthy amount of apocalyptic talk, including comparing disaster memories and preparedness notes. Gould’s charm and wide net of knowledge gives the show sense of pace and general likeability. It’s quite easy to melt right into the quickly paced hour. Following the Apocalyptic theme, Gould shares his extended thoughts on The Omega Man and Charleton Heston. The audio commentary comes complete with killer audio clips. There’s also a bunch of fun audio sketches – complete with chicken breeding theories. Long live A.D.D.! It’s also a treat to have still-on-edge Pepitone be in a genial easy going mood. Despite all the “adult” window dressings, The Dana Gould Hour, still veers off into the silly territory quite a bit.

Here's the complete list of episode picks from the Splitsider crew:

The Long Shot #502 "The Mailbag Episode #4"
The Champs – Keegan-Michael Key
Who Charted? #69 – Ronna & Beverly
The Dana Gould Hour #4 "Apocalicious" – Eddie Pepitone, Matt Weinhold
Comedy Bang! Bang! #150 "Time Bobby" – Bobby Moynihan, Paul F. Tompkins
improv4humans #19.5 "Bonus Tebow Episode" - Chad Carter, Sean Conroy, Anthony King
Making It with Riki Lindholm #36 – Adam Pally

The Splitsider comedy podcast crew, myself included, also shared a few honorable mention picks: Big O and Dukes "Snacks of the Round Table," Cashing In with T.J. Miller #3, Pop My Culture #73 (John Hodgman, Aimee Mann, John Roderick), The Morning After Podcast #67 (Jacky Joy, Anthony Jeselnik) and Thrilling Adventure Hour #64 "War of Two Worlds, part 2."


The AV Club: Podmass February 2-8

The A.V. Club offered up another strong batch of winning podcast episodes in their latest Podmass post. And, let's try to accept that Charlie Sheen hasn't completely destroyed our collective ability to use the term "winning." Or maybe he has. Pete Holmes continues to carve out a nice piece of the podcasting pie for himself with his weekly You Made It Weird. His show pulled off the WTF double dip this week. Here are the comedy episodes making the cut from the latest Podmass offering

Comedy Bang! Bang! #143 "Grammy Spectacular" - “Weird Al” Yankovic, Todd Glass, Amy Phillips
How Was Your Week? “Best of HWYW Vol. 2” - Patton Oswalt, John Mulaney, Mike Daisey & Ted Leo
Mike and Tom Eat Snacks #48 "Dip Mix"
Monday Morning Podcast
Never Not Funny #1009 "Tipping The Valet" - Gulman
The Pod F. Tompkast #15
Sklarbro Country #80 "Ms. Sklarbro Int’l" - Keegan-Michael Key, Jason Nash, Chris Cox
The Thrilling Adventure Hour #57 "Sparks Nevada, Marshal On Mars: Do The Fight Thing"
Uhh Yeah Dude #309
Who Charted? #62 "Indie Cred" - Jake Fogelnest
WTF With Marc Maron #250 - Frank Santorelli, Tony V, Jimmy Tingle, Mike Donovan, Kenny Rogerson
You Made It Weird #20 - Joe Mande
You Made It Weird #21 - Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld


The AV Club: Podmass January 12-18

Wow. How late am I to passing this along? Well, last week's crazy great week of comedy podcasts somehow bumped up against my slow week of posting. The A.V. Club dug in deep and offered up a crapload of Podmass picks, inlcuding a ton of comedy shows to highlight. All well, deserved. Of course, it's the week of the great WTF With Marc Maron talking with Todd Glass. The A.V. Club also got to know My Brother, My Brother and Me.

Here are the comedy episodes making the cut from the latest Podmass offering

The Best Show On WFMU
Comedy Bang! Bang! #140 "Ron Swanson Off" - Nick Offerman, James Adomian
Doug Loves Movies - Patton Oswalt, David Cross, Wayne Federman
How Did This Get Made? #28 "Director’s Edition: Crank"
How Was Your Week? “Many Parts Of A Pine Tree” - Frank DeCaro, Kate Beaton
The Nerdist #159 - Scott Ian
Never Not Funny #1006 "Conquest Of The Planet Of Dana Gould"
The Pod F. Tompkast #14
RISK! #313 "Shady"
Sklarbro Country #77 "Will Punch Shark" - Andy Daly, Jason Nash, James Adomian
The Smartest Man In The World "Condors"
Stop Podcasting Yourself #200 "EVERY SEGMENT!"
The Thrilling Adventure Hour #54 "Beyond Belief: A Dave At The Races"
Uhh Yeah Dude #306
Walking The Room #86 "Junk Pics and Napalm Dixon"
Who Charted? #59 "A Real Asssscat!" - Matt Besser
WTF With Marc Maron #244 - Steven Wright
WTF With Marc Maron #245 - Todd Glass
You Made It Weird #14 - Marc Maron



Plop of The Week: The Long Shot #413 & #414

Took a week off for the Splitsider's Jesse Fox's end of the year podcast recap. I'm back and ready for 2012. Yet, I'm still looking back at the recent holidays. For my Splitisider pick I went with a double episode pairing from one of my favorite shows - The Long Shot. They changed up their format a bit and offered up two short holiday themed episodes. These quickies revealed a little more of the behind-the-scenes dynamics among the hosts. The format changed really showed off how they group has a lot of entertainment punch to offer - no matter the format - as they continue on. Here's the recap for the Splitsider "This Week In Comedy Podcasts":

Just like The Long Shot did over the holidays, I’d figure I’d try something different with my pick this time out. I made it a two-for-one. As Jamie Flam would say: “Boom.” The best comedy group in podcasting treated listeners to two holiday greeting quickies and a slight format shift. The “Secret Santa” and “New Year’s Resolution” mini-sodes serve as a sweet reward for longtime fans and double as a great primer for the group’s chemistry, honesty and silliness. Four seasons in, there’s a well-worn dynamic among Amber Kenny, Eddie Pepitone, Jamie Flam and Sean Conroy. The Secret Santa show features the group worshiping its non-denominational holiday obelisk and visits from Intern Alex and Sound Guy Jorge. There are some heartfelt exchanges with Pepitone and Conroy still sneaking in the character riffs. The “Resolutions” episode is pretty much the “let’s get specific” game with Conroy challenging everyone to go detailed with their 2012 goals. A highlight is Flam disappointing Pepitone with his grand but generic goal of “taking over the world” in 2012. Conroy continues to be one of the most underrated performers in comedy podcasting, hosting the motley crew and tracking and adding to the comedy no matter the subject matter or tone. He and his co-hosts are hitting their stride as we hit the New Year. The combo of heart and obnoxiousness that reaps delirious rewards.


Here's the complete list of the Splitsider episode picks, including a shout-out to the always charming (and far too often underappreciated) Pop My Culture. Plus, for pure comedy - don't miss out the Honorable Mention of improv4humans:

Who Charted? #57 - David Wain
How Did This Get Made? #27 - Doug Benson
The Nerdist #154 "Stand-Up Cluster 2"
The Long Shot #413 & #414
Pop My Culture #63 - Jim Rash

Honorable mentions include Comedy Bang! Bang! #138 (Andy Richter, Paul F. Tompkins), improv4humans #7 (Brian Husky, Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh) and My Brother, My Brother And Me #86 "Get It."


Splitsider Goes Rogue With Its Year-end Round-up

Splitsider's Jesse Fox posted a great year-end recap of comedy podcasts this past week. In lieu of a top whatever list, Fox rolls out a random assortment of superlatives for some of his favorite shows both old and new. Shows recieving recognition include:

Who Charted?
How Was Your Week?
Here's The Thing
You Made It Weird
The Comedy Cellar: Live from the Table


It's great to see Fox recognize the shows pushing the creative limits available to the podcast format. It shows it's not always about the guys sitting shooting the shit. Although, that's fun, too.


The AV Club: Podmass November 24-30

It seems everyone is still catching up on post-holiday malaise. The A.V. Club released another quality list of favorites via their weekly Podmass round-up. Their list goes back to Thanksgiving weekend. They also pass along shout-outs for two new shows (to them). These include Low Times, the new music show from Best Show's Tom Scharpling and the Maximum fun duo chat show, Stop Podcasting Yourself. Plus, Podmass features the return of the double Maron (one show, two episodes winning recognition). The shorter than usual list of comedy shows making the cut this time around: 

Comedy Bang! Bang! #133 "Fortunately Unfortunately" - Patton Oswalt, Chris Tallman
How Was Your Week? #38 “Steampunk Goodfellas” - Mike Daisey, Gil Ozeri
Sklarbro Country #70 "The Sklarbro Rippers" - Patton Oswalt, Jason Nash
Thrilling Adventure Hour #49 "Captain Laserbeam! Poetic Injustice!”
Uhh Yeah Dude #299
Who Charted? #52 "One Year Anniversary!" - Sarah Silverman
WTF With Marc Maron #230 - Dr. Stephen Dansiger
WTF With Marc Maron #231 - Penn Jillette

Check-out the complete Podmass recaps here.



The AV Club: Podmass November 3-9

Last week's Podmass round-up and selections offered up by The A.V. Club podcast elites features a fun mix of comedy shows. Again, big names and old favorites win out on the comedy side. The A.V. Club returns to loving WTF again with two two selections. They also give a shout-out to the Gelmania premiere via Earwolf Presents. The comedy episodes making the cut:

The Best Show On WFMU
The Bugle #171 "A Greek Tragedy"
Doug Loves Movies - Cake Boss, El Chupacabra, Don Dimelo
Mike & Tom Eat Snacks #41 "Very Cherry Jelly Belly Pudding Snacks"
The Nerdist #139 - Neil deGrasse Tyson
Never Not Funny #923 - Gary Lucy
Sklarbro Country #67 - Maria Bamford, Jason Nash
The Sound Of Young America - Patrick Warburton
Uhh Yeah Dude #296
Who Charted? #49: Pop Quiz - Ben Schwartz
WTF With Marc Maron #224 - Chris Rock
WTF With Marc Maron #225 - Rainn Wilson

Check-out the complete Podmass recaps here.



Plop of The Week: Guys With Feelings with Andrea Savage

This week I went with a classic show - yes, it's obnoxious to call anything classic in the digital space - Guys With Feelings. Jason Nash and the gang offered up a great example of what they do well. Easy flowing conversation smoothly transitioning between honest revelations and riffing. This week was as good as any to give them props for the long running funny. The recap:

The “been here for years” podcast street cred applies to Guys With Feelings. I’ll admit to not taking the walk with hosts Jason Nash and Jeff Bumgarner as often as I should. They always deliver with a fun free flowing chat that can be real or get really silly really fast. The show is always a treat.  The latest episode featured visits from comedian/actress Andrea Savage and Jake Kroeger from The Comedy Bureau. Savage as the co-star of Nash’s upcoming web series has an easy conversation with the guys. Nash is one of the best hosts working today. He coaxes tons of great Savage stories, highlighted by her honest and engaging story of very recent experiences at her grandfather’s funeral. Savage somehow pivots to some honest talk about stand-up, sexual past and on-screen kissing. Plus, Nash and Savage humorously try to offer up girl advice for Jake Kroeger. Roller coaster of emotions, indeed.


Our randomly formed Jesse Fox led Splitsider podcasting team took an admirable stab at showing some love for variety and some classics this week:

Who Charted? #49 - Ben Schwartz
You Made It Weird #5 - Chelsea Peretti
The Dead Authors Podcast Chapter 3 "Dorothy Parker" - Jen Kirkman
Guys With Feelings - Andrea Savage & Jake Kroeger
Kevin Pollak Chat Show #134 - Patrick Warburton
Doug Loves Movies - Cake Boss, El Chupacabra, Don Dimelo

Honorable mentions include Comedy Bang! Bang! #130 (Bobby Moynihan, Jenny Slate, Elizabeth Laime), WTF with Marc Maron #224 (Chris Rock) and Sklarboro Country #67 (Maria Bamford, Jason Nash).

Check-out the full recaps/reviews here.


Plop of The Week: The Bugle

Our favorite comedy show/episode submitted to this week's Splitsider Week In Comedy Podcasts is The Bugle's rapid-fire Qaddafi riffing session offered up by comedians John Oliver and Andy Zaltman. The recap:

Man, every week, The Bugle could easily be the podcast pick. It’s that good. That consistent. The Bugle receives bonus points for its stick-it-to-the-man credentials. Basically hosts John Oliver (Daily Show hero supreme) and Andy Zaltman take turns being bad ass. The latest edition of Oliver and Zaltman political satire features a spirited “F*ck-You-Logizing” of Qaddafi, the recently deceased and deposed Libyan leader. Zaltman wonders when the “unconfirmed reports” will cease. There’s excitement for Elton John’s newest Qaddafi rendition of “Candle In The Wind.” Oliver recaps all of Qaddafi’s Bond villain traits. The guys question whether the “International Society of Fugitives” will downgrade Qaddafi’s final sewage pipe hideout. Oliver proposes the glory of the inevitable Qaddafi final-hideout-turned-tourist-attraction, complete with sewage pipe themed trinkets for kids. Zaltman also gleefully reads off taunting RIP tweets from other despots. Coming off his recent stand-up appearance in Orlando, Oliver also intros the show with an enthused takedown of the kids’ paradise. This includes Oliver’s joy/sadness at witnessing zombie smoking breaks at the Halloweened-out Universal Studios. The guys also squeeze in a quick UK-sports news round-up (AKA dumping on the French). Another week, another inspiring rapid-fire session of Oliver and Zaltman’s savage and breezy comedy.


The full list of shows making the Spitsider cut:

Making It with Riki Lindhome #15 - Ben Schwartz
The Nerdist #134 - John Hodgman
Who Charted? #47 - Jimmy Pardo
The Bugle #169 “Captain Crazy Corks It”
Mike and Tom Eat Snacks #39 "Banana Cream Pie"

You can check-out the full Splitsider post here, complete with everyone's recaps/reviews.