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The AV Club: Podmass December 1-7

The A.V. Club elders did their thing again. You know that thing? The one where they consume a shitload of media and entertainment and then act all knowledgeable about it, maybe even with a little better-than-the-rest-of-us vibe? Yeah, that thing. Honestly, I'm always in awe of the output of their staff. Even if it's all a lie, they do a damn good job of lying to us.

They also took the time to check-out two new shows (new to them): You Made It Weird and The Dork Forest. Both are quality shows with distinct outputs compared to their peer shows, thanks in large part to their great hosts (Pete Holmes and Jackie Kashian, respectively).

Their Podmass picks for favorite podcast episodes are again comedy dominated with many of the usual suspects. A few more selections than the last week out: 

The Best Show On WFMU
The Bugle #174 "Britain’s Back Baby!"
How Was Your Week? #39 “Horror-curious” - Nick Kroll, Gabe Liedman
Judge John Hodgman #43 "Triple Word Scorn"
The Nerdist #147: Jimmy Pardo
Sklarbro Country #71 "Sklarbros And Sklarhos" Tom Segura, Chris Cox
The Smartest Man In The World "Crackers"
The Sound of Young America - Carrie Fisher
Superego #3:10
Uhh Yeah Dude #300
Walking The Room #80 "Fashion Fight and The Horse Ending"
Who Charted? #53 "Ace Of Baritone" - Myq Kaplan
WTF With Marc Maron #232 - Henry Phillips

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The AV Club: Podmass November 3-9

Last week's Podmass round-up and selections offered up by The A.V. Club podcast elites features a fun mix of comedy shows. Again, big names and old favorites win out on the comedy side. The A.V. Club returns to loving WTF again with two two selections. They also give a shout-out to the Gelmania premiere via Earwolf Presents. The comedy episodes making the cut:

The Best Show On WFMU
The Bugle #171 "A Greek Tragedy"
Doug Loves Movies - Cake Boss, El Chupacabra, Don Dimelo
Mike & Tom Eat Snacks #41 "Very Cherry Jelly Belly Pudding Snacks"
The Nerdist #139 - Neil deGrasse Tyson
Never Not Funny #923 - Gary Lucy
Sklarbro Country #67 - Maria Bamford, Jason Nash
The Sound Of Young America - Patrick Warburton
Uhh Yeah Dude #296
Who Charted? #49: Pop Quiz - Ben Schwartz
WTF With Marc Maron #224 - Chris Rock
WTF With Marc Maron #225 - Rainn Wilson

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The AV Club: Podmass August 25-31

Catching up last week's semi-mainstream podcast accolades and behold, the almighty A.V. Club released another lengthy list of favored episodes via their weekly Podmass post.

It was brought to my attention the internet elders at The A.V. Club tend to hit on the already popular shows with the famous hosts and guests and this tendency is is proof of spilling ink on behalf of the podcast sell-outs. Sure it's not always inspired but we're still talking podcasts here. Nothing is that mainstream yet. New York Times articles be damned. Besides - even the so-called sell-outs can churn out some quality laughs. The horror.

The super-duper long list of favored shows this week out include these comedy episodes:

Comedy Bang! Bang! #120 "Farts And Procreation" - featuring Adam Scott, Harris Wittels, Chelsea Peretti
How Was Your Week?#25: Best of HWYW Vol. 1
Mike and Tom Eat Snacks #32: Cold Pizza
The Nerdist #119 - featuring Bryan Cranston
Never Not Funny #913 - featuring Andy Kindler
Sklarbro Country #57 "The Land Of Osbaldistan" - featuring Paul Gilmartin, Baron Vaughn
The Sound Of Young America - featuring Paul Scheer
Uhh Yeah Dude #286
Walking The Room #66: TOFOP II and Two Classics
Who Charted? #39 "Transvaginal Mesh" - featuring Andy Richter
WTF with Marc Maron #205 - featuring Jason Sudeikis

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The AV Club: Podmass August 18-24

The AV Club team decided there's never too much of a good thing with their latest batch of Podmass podcast accolades. A lengthy list of love but who's complaining? Everyone gets a prize! Again, the comedy shows steal much of the glory. Episodes from some of the usual suspects and favorites won high marks. The comedy episodes making the cut:

The Apple Sisters #13 "Boat Queen Week 1 Of 6"- featuring Paul F. Tompkins, Randy Sklar, Jason Sklar, Baron Vaughn
Comedy Bang! Bang! #119: "Andi Callahan RN" - featuring Gillian Jacobs, Andy Daly
Doug Loves Movies - featuring Zach Galifianakis, Nick Swardson, Marc MaronMatt Mira
How Was Your Week? #24: “Half A Face” - featuring Paul F. Tompkins, Jamie Denbo
Mike & Tom Eat Snacks #31: "Tato Skins"
The Nerdist #117 - featuring Tom Lennon, Ben Garant
Never Not Funny #912 - featuring Danielle Koenig
Sklarbro Country #56 "Wheaties Box" - featuring Rob Delaney, Jason Nash
The Sound Of Young America - featuring Danny Pudi
The Sound Of Young America - featuring Bruce Campbell
Walking The Room #65 - featuring Jimmy Pardo
WTF With Marc Maron #202 - featuring Jimmy Shubert

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The AV Club: Podmass August 4-10

The AV Club Podmass write-up features some old favorites with a bunch of comedy shows winning the day...or week. Doug Loves Movies psuedo Human Giant reunion episode continues to win praise - rightfully so. Check-out the comedy episodes making the list:

The Best Show On WFMU
Comedy Bang! Bang! #117 "Can’t Never Did Nothing" - featuring David Cross, Ruben Fleischer
Doug Loves Movies - featuring Aziz Ansari, Ruben Fleischer, Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer
Mike And Tom Eat Snacks #29 "Hershey’s Take 5"
Sklarbro Country #54: - featuring Josh Malina, Nick Kroll, Jason Nash
The Sound Of Young America - featuring Brooke Gladstone, Lee Unkrich
Walking The Room #63 "Sad Bottom And The Death Cult"
Who Charted? #36 - featuring Paul Scheer

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Christine E. Taylor Offers Up a Survey of Firsts

Comedy podcast writer, Christine E. Taylor, offered up another survey for her readers. This time out, Taylor polled comedy podcast fans to find out which show was their first comedy podcast listen. Never Not Funny, Doug Loves Movies and The Sound of Young America ended up on top with this group. Check-out Taylor's full post here to see the rest of the results and compare it with your own.

The results certainly bring up even more questions as to how the listeners discovered the shows and how these shows retained these new listeners. Or did the listeners stay on board?


The AV Club: Podmass July 21-27

The AV Club staff binged on podcasts this week and it shows in their weekly Podmass selection of the week's best episodes. The podcast overdose shows in their expansive "Best" list, which as usual is dominated by the comedy shows. Like an overstuffed weekly stand-up show lineup, here are The AV Club's favorite comedy podcast episodes for the week:

The Best Show On WFMU
Comedy Bang! Bang! #115: “The Plug-in Drug” - featuring David Wain, Ken Marino, Paul Rudd
How Was Your Week? #20: “Bev’s Bananas” - featuring Maria Bamford
Mike And Tom Eat Snacks #27: "Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookies"
Nerdist #109 "Live at SDCC '11": Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Wil Wheaton
Never Not Funny #908: Todd Glass
Sklarbro Country #52: Myq Kaplan, Chris Cox
The Sound Of Young America - featuring Jeff Garlin
Uhh Yeah Dude #281
Walking The Room: "Platypus Surprise Face And Porn Nest"
Who Charted?: "It’s Pronounced RO-bits" - featuring Bob Odenkirk
WTF with Marc Maron #195 - featuring Demetri Martin
WTF with Marc Maron #194 - featuring Rob Riggle

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They Should Have Their Own Show

Five People Who Should Be Podcasting

Comedy podcasting is a beautiful thing. It's the second coming of the radio golden age. Not since the days of Little Orphan Annie have our ears feasted as they do now. And yet, my hunger will not be sated! Some of the funniest people on Earth have taken it upon themselves to fill me with laughter on a weekly basis. And I thank them from my very soul. Yet, there are those who refuse to answer the siren song of sweet lady pod. I compiled a list of five such offenders. I've also pitched a show idea or two, so there are no excuses.

Rob Corddry

The man hardly needs an introduction. If the only credit to his name was “creator of Childrens Hospital,” it would be more than enough to demand your attention. Comedy podcast fans already heard him in the wild. I personally listened to his guest spots on Comedy Bang! Bang!, WTF with Marc Maron and Fitzdog Radio. My favorite attribute of Corddry's is his ability to say horrible things with conviction. My idea for his podcast capitalizes on this trait.

The Pitch: It's called, Rob Corddry Argues With... and the blank is filled in with the name of episode's guest. At first look, Corddry would appear to be yet another comedian chatting with his peers. In reality he would be playing the world's worst interviewer. Not only would he be the devil's advocate, but he would go out of his way to insult and belittle his longtime friends and colleagues. I'm not interested in another interview podcast. I want Rob Corddry to make people cry.

Maria Bamford

Photo by Celeste EcholsI don't laugh longer, or more consistently than when Bamford is on stage. Her effortless use of characters and ability to subvert expectation make her a comedic force always worth watching. A great example of her character work can be heard on this early episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! and her candid conversation with Marc Maron makes her episode of WTF one of my absolute favorites.

The Pitch: It's called Waking Up With Maria Bamford. Each morning Bamford records her earliest thoughts. Perhaps she recalls a dream, talks through some anxiety or even describes her preferred method of egg poaching. The bottom line: everything Maria Bamford says is interesting. I'm just requesting she share her mornings with us. Or at least a prerecorded version of those mornings. I understand it sounds a tad voyeuristic, but that doesn't mean it's a bad idea.

Thomas Lennon & Ben Garant

Successful screenwriters and comedic performers, Lennon and Garant will someday rule Hollywood, if they don’t already. Until then, they should be podcasting. Co-creators of The State, Viva Variety and Reno 911!, creating a great podcast would be an easy bet for the duo. This is further evidenced by their joint appearance on The Sound of Young America and this recent episode of Doug Loves Movies. Both are hilarious. Yet, it's their career as screenwriters that could set them apart from the pack.

The Pitch: Each week, Lennon and Garant regale the audience with tales of Selling Out - the show's title. Anyone who has heard them talk about their Hollywood career knows the dichotomy of shame and pride they feel about the films they've written. Herbie: Fully Loaded may not be high art, but it still takes hard work to get a movie made. Their recently released Writing Movies for Fun and Pofit is the starting off point for this show. Their insight into the film industry, coupled with their self-deprecation would no doubt result in a show worth a listen.

Dave Foley

Some of my greatest childhood memories include watching Kids In The Hall and News Radio with my dad. This is, in no small part, due to the input of my favorite Canadian, Dave Foley. I'm sad to admit he fell off my radar for a while, that is, until his recent appearance on WTF. Now he's back and he's finally trying his hand at stand up! Why not give podcasting a shot? I cannot imagine a world in which Dave Foley is a bad broadcaster. I can't, and I won't.

The Pitch: In this alternate reality, scripted podcast, Dave Foley has decided to become the world’s most polite bounty hunter. With the help of his best friend, a talking dog voiced by Rob Riggle, he'll track down and catch the USA's most dangerous bounty heads armed with nothing more than his wit. Criminals of all persuasion are not match for Dave Foley: Bounty Guy.


The AV Club: Podmass July 14-20

The A.V. Club released their weekly Podmass podcast recap, again highlighting comedy shows and episodes. This week's favored shows featured a bunch of strong personalities. Plus, everyone's favorite made-up trivia game, Doug Loves Movies, reached dramatic heights with its semi-regular tournament of champions episode. The comedy episodes receiving the Podmass recognition:

The Best Show On WFMU
Doug Loves Movies: Tournament of Champions Final - featuring Paul F. Tompkins, Scott Aukerman, Samm Levine 
How Was Your Week? #19: “She’s A Cold Soup” - featuring Rob Delaney, Michelle McNamara
Mike and Tom Eat Snacks #26: Toblerone
Never Not Funny #907 - featuring Maria Bamford
Sklarbro Country #51 - featuring Chris Cox
The Sound of Young America - featuring Errol Morris
Walking The Room #60: "Douche Fruit and The Shame Run"
WTF with Marc Maron #193 - featuring Richard Lewis

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The AV Club: Podmass July 7-13

It's Podmass time! It this a thing people say yet? Maybe just me and the rest of the eager podcast producers scouring the series-of-tubes for any sliver of podcast recognition? Well, thanks to The AV Club for proving that sliver, yet again - courtesy of their hand-dandy weekly Podmass column. The Podmass comedy highlights include:

The Apple Sisters #7: Vegas
The B.S. Report - featuring Seth Meyers
The Best Show On WFMU
Comedy Bang! Bang! #112: "Since You’ve Been Gone" - featuring “Weird Al” Yankovic, Paul F. Tompkins
Comedy Bang! Bang! #113: "Skanking Hayride" - featuring Bobby Moynihan, Seth Morris
Doug Loves Movies - featuring Edgar Wright, Samm Levine, Jordan Brady
Never Not Funny #906 - featuring Pat Francis
The Pod F. Tompkast #12
Sklarbro Country #50 - featuring Aisha Tyler, Chris Cox, Pat Bertoletti
The Sound Of Young America - featuring Simon Pegg
WTF With Marc Maron:#191 - featuring Will Arnett, Keith Robinson, Marina Franklin, Judy Gold, Jon Benjamin, Jonathan Katz
WTF With Marc Maron: #190 - featuring Todd Hanson

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