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Plop of The Week: Weird Adults With Little Esther #3

It often seems comedy podast fandom breakds down into two camps: an all-in unconditional fanboy devotion to favorite shows OR a purposeful quest to discover new comedy podcasts on a continual basis. Both seem to be equally obnoxious in that my cultural consumption tastes can beat up your cultural consumption tastes kind of way. While the purpose of this ol' site hopefully finds a middle ground, life often dictates going back to the ol' favorites in lieu of foraging into new comedy ground. The new podcast collective, Feral Audio, luckily recently let loose rising comedic talent, Little Esther, on the internet. It's been a treat to hear a new distinct voice in comedy podcasting. So, there's one new show. Have at it, guys. Check-out my excerpt for Little Esther's recent Weird Adults episode for the Splitsider "Week In Comedy Podcasts" round-up:

Comedian and all-around troublemaker Esther Povitsky, aka Little Esther, recently started yet another hangout session podcast on the newly formed podcast collective, Feral Audio. Her Weird Adults show puts Little Esther at the center of her own 1-woman exploratory committee with friends and fellow comedians to discover the reasons for their own weirdness. Definitive answers aren’t always discovered, unless you count Little Esther’s constant and fun stream of neurosis, sharp sarcasm and infectious laughter. Just a few episodes, she’s already off to a strong start, letting the honesty and weirdness flow freely. The show switches back and forth between half-hearted probing questions on her guests supposedly weird traits and sarcastic tangents with her guests. The strong-jawed comedian and seemingly normal Michael Kosta stops by for a visit, and the push-pull of personalities during the interview is quite a treat. Throughout, Kosta, also the co-star of one of Little Esther’s web videos (http://youtu.be/TZDokdxXGj4) fights off claims of weirdness. They spend a lot of time analyzing the details of Kosta’s “normal” life and his apartment, where they recorded the show. It never stops being stupidly playful but some real honest stories sneak out and that’s the fun. Little Esther has a knack for creating a laid back space that gets rid of the pretense. She never stops having fun either. This makes for a fun listen. It’s going to be great to listen as Weird Adults continues to develop, while Little Esther keeps prodding her guests into obnoxious conversational corners. Little Esther’s an easy fit for podcasting, sharing her unique comedic voice and weirdness with the masses.

It seems like lately the Splitsider comedy podcast group is really hitting the ol' variety thing, of late. Check-out the complete list of our episode picks this week:

Sklarbro Country "Sklarbro County #1"
SModcast #212: "All You Can Eat"
On Cinema #35 "Krippendorf's Tribe"
Weird Adults With Little Esther #3 – Michael Kosta
The Ronna & Beverly Podcast #27- Connie Britton
Fitzdog Radio – Steven Wright
How Was Your Week #64 – Retta, Patton Oswalt
Last Week on Earth with Ben Gleib #28 – Tony Clifton

The Splitsider crew went all in on the honarable mentions this week with nods to Dylan Brody’s Neighbor’s Couch "Chris Bonno Redux," Gelmania VIII, The Dana Gould Hour #7 “Shame In The Saddle,” This Has Been A Disaster #8 "Matt Besser," The Joe Rogan Experience #220 (Bert Kreischer), The Long Shot #511 “The I Don’t Want to Feel My Feelings Episode” (Jen Kirkman), Totally Laime #121 (Luka Jones) and Who Charted #78 (Paul F. Tompkins).


2012 SF Sketchfest Packs In The Podcasts

The SF Sketchfest announced its lineup for its 2012 fest, including a slew of quality comedy podcasts offering up live recording shows. The comedy festival highlights sketch comedy and much more over several weeks, January 19 through February 4th to be exact. I'd venture to say this may be the greatest concentration (over a few weeks, albeit) of live comedy podcast shows at one festival. Congrats to all the shows making the San Francisco trek. Even more so - congrats to all the lucky digital comedy fans in the area. Tickets are on sale here.

With so may great podcasts at the fest, you might as well just check-out the full list:

WTF with Marc Maron - Geoff Bolt, Will Durst, Pete Holmes, Arden Myrin and Laraine Newman
The Nerdist - Guests TBA
Doug Loves Movies - Guests TBA
The Benson Movie Interruption: Road House - Guests TBA
Never Not Funny - Pat Francis, John Slattery
Kevin Pollak's Chat Show - Guests TBA
The Smartest Man in the World Proopcast
Walking The Room
Superego - Paul F. Tompkins
Pop My Culture
RISK! - Steve Agee, Robert Ben Garant, Nikki Glaser, Joshua Grannell, Myq Kaplan, Kerri Kenney-Silver, Natasha Leggero, Rick Overton, Sheng Wang and more

For the full 2012 lineup, check-out www.sfsketchfest.com or follow the fest on Twitter (@SFSketchfest).


Chasing Kevin

When I was sixteen I fell in love with a man who I thought was funny, creative, and insightful. I didn't care if I was the first to fall in love with him, I was just happy to have found him at all. Over the years my love waxed and waned and eventually faded away. One day I was fanatical and the next I was simply disinterested. As it turns out, I'm not the only one who has fallen out of love with Kevin Smith.

I wanted to meet other "exes" like me, people who had once been fans but had lost interest. I reached out to the Internet and asked for people to share their thoughts on when and why they lost interest. A common reply was that being a fan of Kevin Smith comes with being a teenager. Once you've grown up, you see through the schtick and move on. I don't know if that's entirely the case. I still appreciate projects from Smith's past. I don't look back and regret being a fan of Chasing Amy or feel embarrassed talking about how great Smith's issues of Green Arrow were. As someone who used to really be into ska and going to Christian youth group as a teenager, I'm pretty well acquainted with growing out of interests.

There were a few people who came to Smith's defense immediately. I admit, it made me a little apprehensive about writing on the subject. What if this made it onto the View Askew message board? I have an Etsy account and read comic books with protagonists who talk about their feelings! I'm too fragile to stand against trolls. I feel confident having a conversation with a singular Kevin Smith fans, but I don't stand a chance against a hoard of the online Smith army. I understand the logic in defending something you love. Yet, this irrational fear isn't enough to change my mind. So, the Smith quest continues on.

In the forums, Mike (another "ex") said, "when he started making action figures of Kevin Smith, not Silent Bob, I knew something had changed. I loved him for his writing and still do. But he doesn't really write anymore. He just talks about himself and asks people to buy things." I think he was onto something.

I went over to SModcast.com. I has started listening to the SModcast early in its inception and had stopped listening shortly after without giving it much thought. Since I stopped keeping up with Smith, I have no idea where to begin. It's a very intricate network at this point, SIR [SModcast Internet Radio] has over a dozen podcasts, and the blog is cleverly named SIRMON. I'll admit I sneered a little, but the truth is...I can't fault him for this. This is the very same model of podcast networks that are near and dear to me, like  Maximum Fun, Earwolf and the new Nerdist network.

There's still the matter of determining where to begin again. I guess I know where they're going with this. SModcast is for shooting the shit with Scott Mosier, Plus One Per Diem is the podcast for Smith and his wife, Jay and Silent Bob Get Old is about...growing up, I guess? There's also Jay and Silent Bob Get Jobs, which is about what they're doing to make a living. I can only assume this is work outside of the podcast endeavor. I suppose they do a lot of guest spots on Degrassi. I always associated being a grown up with getting a job, but to each his own.

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Kevin Smith Hopes To Keep Talking On Television

Kevin Smith is looking to find another platform to get his gab on. Both Vulture and LaughSpin reported Smith is developing a daily talk show pilot. The show is aiming to recieve syndication and air after TMZ in various markets, late in the day or late night. Early details don't hint at any direct connections to his SModcast Internet Radio mini-empire. Smith continues to leave feature film directing behind for more outlets for discussion and interviews.

According to Vulture, the early reported pitch on the show is“a Regis and Kelly talk show at the opposite end of the day for the opposite kind of audience – the 12-34 demographic.” It's fun to think of Smith as the content opposite of Regis and Kelly. The look of Smith and the show and vulgarity level alone would probably justify this pitch. If Smith pulls off the pilot and nabs a daily spot on television, it'll be interesting to see what shape SModcast and his other digital shows take on.

Check-out the full Vulture report here.


Entertainment Weekly Sighs Out A Comedy Podcast List

Well, it happened.  Sort of.  The mainstream pop culture pushers over at Entertainment Weekly took note of the recent comedy podcast popularity. Josh Rottenberg via EW's Popwatch blog posted a list of "the best" comedy podcasts today. A "Top Eight" is offered up because apparently "Top Ten" lists are so last week. In fact "so last week" is probably so five days ago. Rottenberg's list is full of the usual suspects, of late:  

1. WTF With Marc Maron
2. Comedy Bang! Bang!
3. The Adam Carolla Show
4. Doug Loves Movies
5. The Nerdist
6. The Pod F. Tompkast
7. Jordan, Jesse, Go!
8. SModcast

Big names and pop culture or internet ties seem to be the common link to most of these shows. All solid shows - some of our favorites, for sure. It's nice to see a mention for The Sound of Young America's Jesse Thorn's other show, the under appreciated Jordan, Jesse, Go! It would have been nice to see some hidden gems make the list, garnering some attention with the EW crowd. The less-than-enthusiastic tone of the piece and the typical mentions shouldn't damper the coolness of having another mainstream publication shine a little more light on the cool comedy podcast world. We can build on this.

Check out the full post here.


SModcastle Relaunches With 24-Hour Live Podcast Marathon

Filmmaker and newly minted podcast pied piper, Kevin Smith will be hosting a 24-hour live podcast marathon Memorial Day Weekend. From Noon, Sunday May 29th to Noon, Monday, May 30th. Held at Jon Lovitz's ever-changing comedy venue, Smith will head-up the pod-a-thon, a series of 10 live podcast recordings back-to-back featuring special guests. Fans outside of Los Angeles will be able to listen to the recordings live at Smith's streaming station, Smodcast Internet Radio (S.I.R.).

The event coincides with the relaunch of the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal City Walk in Los Angeles. The club will be the new live recording home for the SModcastle, Smith's podcasting network.

The shows will include recordings of some Smodcast.com's favorite shows, along with a selection of new/special shows including:

ABC’s of SNLwith Jon Lovitz and Kevin Smith - Tales of the great late night sketch show from behind the comedy curtain. This is the premiere episode of the new SModcast.com weekly podcast.

Acting with You and Mewes: The Jay and Silent Bob Get Old Aftershow - The premiere episode of the interactive podcast where audience members and Jay re-create classic scenes from everyone’s favorite flicks.

Having Sex with Katie Morgan - Not heard or seen since the original SModcastle’s Prima Nocta, Katie Morgan returns to once again regale Kevin Smith of stories from another adult world…

Hollywood Babble-On with Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith - An iTunes #1 podcast

Jay and Silent Bob Get Old with Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith - An iTunes Best Podcast 2010

Smith is billing the night as Smorgy. The club is calling it Poddamnit: The Lovitz Pod-A-Thon. Dueling names seems to be the modus operandi at the new joint venture. There's an overload of names happening for the event and the theater but it definitely all sounds ambitious.

Poddamnit tickets are $100 each and available here.

Thanks to Richard Horgan of Fishbowl LA for the heads up. Read their post here.


Kevin Smith's SModcast Internet Radio Partners With Stitcher

Kevin Smith's rolling podcast empire continues to gain steam thanks to the pending launch of the SModcast Internet Radio (S.I.R.) station. Set to begin May 9th, the station will be carried exclusively on Stitcher Radio's mobile smart phone application. Some press release details:

S.I.R. will carry audio programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will feature live and archived radio programs from Kevin Smith, Jennifer Schwalbach and Jason Mewes. The suite of shows will be available exclusively through www.smodcast.com and Stitcher’s free mobile and iPad™ apps.

This Kevin Smith and Stitcher partnership certainly seems mutually beneficial for each entity building its brand and reach. The SModcast shows get a live streaming radio outlet to for its content without the hassle of designing their own applications. The upstart podcast-oriented Stitcher now has an exclusive and high-profile content partnership to further legitimize itself to listeners, content providers and potential advertisers.

There's a lot of content coming out of the Kevin Smith talk factory these days. It's an admirable feat producing the large number of shows and now they seem to be aggressively finding ways to broaden their audience reach. Their two mostly comedy shows, SModcast and Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, are still highlights of Smith network.


Jon Lovitz & Kevin Smith Build A New Podcastle

Artwork by Allan AmatoKevin Smith continues to build and reshape is ever growing podcast empire with the upcoming transformation of The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club into the Jon Lovitz Podcast Theatre - home of his eclectic SModcast Network. After less than a year running the 50-seat SModcastle, a live venue for his large catalogue of shows, Kevin Smith and his gang are closing down that space to team up with Jon Lovitz. They are repurposing Lovitz's sorta standard Universal City Walk comedy club into a multi-use live performance venue - where podcasts will be the main attraction. Jon Lovitz will still show up according to Smith, appearing on a regular show highlighting SNL talk.

It'll be exciting to see podcasts take center stage at a regular ol' alcohol serving tourist-friendly venue. The Kevin Smith punk rock talk empire continues to grow. A truly daring phenomenon for podcasts and the damn-the-torpedoes ethos of artists like Kevin Smith.

Read Smith's full post for all the official announcement and more.