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The AV Club: The Sklar Brothers Interview

Jesse Thorn and The Sklar Brothers get into it and then some in a recent A.V. Club interview. Lots of tangents, over-talking (in print form, no less!) and even a few inappropriate comments. Just the way I like my Sklar time. It's a fun read among some of the best podcasters working today (Maximum Fun, Jordan Jesse Go!, Sklarbro Country). Enjoy.


The Sklar Brothers Release Hendersons and Daughters

Photo by Rebecca RotenbergThis past week, Randy and Jason Sklar released their third stand-up album, Hendersons and Daughters. The Sklarbro Country hosts have their rapid fire one-of-a-kind comedy working at full speed on the album.

Check-out more Sklar Brother goodness via their recent Conan appearance and two quality interviews via Julia Hays at Earwolf and Jake Kroeger at Laughspin.

You can purchase Hendersons and Daughters here.


Earwolf Weekly Update: August 22

Paul F. Tompkins & Gillian Jacobs *Photo by Liezl EstiponaEarwolf announced another lively group of shows via it's weekly newsletter. Paul F. Tompkins highlights with a double dose of appearances - Who Charted? and The Apple Sisters. Baron Vaughn and The Sklar Brothers join Tompkins on The Apple Sisters. Comedy Bang! Bang! features visits from Gillian Jacobs and Andy Daly, Jordan Morris talks Skyline with the How Did This Get Made? crew, Paul Gilmartin stopping by Sklarbro Country and Glitter In The Garbage plops it's live episode this week. A lot of guests. A lot of shows. So, Earwolf fans should start listening.

Check-out the complete newsletter for the full guest and Earwolf news for the week.


The AV Club: Podmass June 30-July 6

The AV Club released another collection of their favorite podcast episodes for the week via their Podmass post. As usual, comedy reigns supreme, with many of the recognized shows coming from the comedy side of things. The AV Club writers tend to give weight to the bigger show names (Doug Benson, Earwolf and Marc Maron). It's still all relatively undiscovered at this point. And, these longer running big name shows are doing the heavy digital lifting, bringing polished quality episodes to fans on a consistent basis. No need to hate on that. The comedy highlights include:

The Apple Sisters #6: Independence Day - featuring Jason Ritter
The Best Show On WFMU
Comedy Bang! Bang! #111: Hi, How Are You? - featuring Harris Wittels, Brett Gelman, David Guy Levy
Doug Loves Movies - featuring Tom Lennon, Ben Garant, Samm Levine
How Was Your Week? #17: “Cat Bride” - featuring Michael Rapaport, Larry Murphy
Sklarbro Country #49: The Sprint Panda - featuring Brian Unger, Ugly Duckling
WTF with Marc Maron #188 - featuring Christopher Titus
WTF with Marc Maron #189 - featuring Nick Thune

Check-out the full Podmass recaps here.



Earwolf Weekly Update: June 20

Randy & Jason Sklar *Photo by Mandee Johnson - www.mandeejohnson.comStraight from the Earwolf weekly newsletter, it looks like another week of quality comedy from the Earwolf team. The comedy network is moving full-steam ahead with its new site design and great catalogue of weekly comedy programming.

Randy and Jason Sklar keep it all in the Earwolf family this week with their appearance on The Wolf Den, talking podcasting and Earwolf inner workings with co-founder Jeff Ullrich. They follow that appearance up by inviting the Professor Blastoff trio, Tig Notaro, Kyle Dunnigan and David Huntsberger, to visit Sklarbro Country for what should be a very silly end of the week episode.

Get the full scoop on Earwolf's happenings this week from the newsletter.


The AV Club: Podmass June 2-8

Late last week, The A.V. Club released their swell weekly podcast recap, AKA the Podmass. They featured a healthy amount of comedy fare. Their favorite comedy episodes this time around include:

Tom Scharpling and Zach Galifianakis enjoying a rousing episode of The Best Show on WFMU. Galifianakis brings a great combo of obnoxiousness and humility.

The everyone-by-now-has-mentioned-it episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! featuring John Mulaney and Nick Kroll.

Dave Anthony initiating the usual topics and greatness from Jimmy Pardo and Matt Belknapp on Never Not Funny.

The Sklarbro Country positivity fest with guests Pete Holmes and James Adomian (as Jess Ventura).

WTF With Marc Maron double episode goodness, heavy on the memories, with guests Iris Bahr and Brian Posehn.

Check-out the full Podmass recap here.



The AV Club: Podmass May 12-18

The A.V. Club released their weekly Podmass recap, highlighting their favorite shows and moments from podcasts of all types. Once again, the comedy shows occupy much of the mindscape of the A.V. Club writers. The A.V. Club highlights the latest great episode of the joyful Doug Loves Movies. Benson’s latest episode featured Paul F. Tompkins, Jen Kirkman and Tony Thaxton (drummer for Motion City Soundtrack) battling wits in the playfully over-hyped kick-off for the Leonard Maltin Game Tournament Of Championships.

Another mention from the A.V. Club writers goes out to How Did This Get Made? for their Adam Pally-guested episode discussing the ridiculousness of Mac & Me. Hosts Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukous enjoy some classic rants on the films' numerous proposterous set pieces.

Another highlighted show was the friendly and thoughtful visit from Demetri Martin to Randy and Jason Sklar's Sklarbro Country. The episode also featured music from Army Navy and some great inpersonation work from the uber talented James Adomian.

Marc Maron earned gold A.V. Club stars for his engaging interview with George Carlin's partner, Sally Wade on WTF with Marc Maron. They discuss Carlin's life, career and Wade's recently released book, The George Carlin Letters: The Permanent Courtship Of Sally Wade.

Check-out the full Podmass post here.



New To Plop List: CB Radio

Cameron Buccholtz laid-back comedian interview show, CB Radio is now on Plop List. The show has been dishing out interviews for a few years now. The shows are typically 20 to 30 minutes long with little BS added to the affairs. Recent highlights include Greg Fitzsimmons and The Sklar Brothers. Buccholtz is a stand-up comedian in his own right and uses it to his advantage on CB Radio. The conversations freely float from topic to topic and the shorthand Buccholtz has with his guests and his knowledge of the NY comedy community really adds a lot to the interviews. Like listening in on back-of-the-club conversation between fellow comedians.

Every now and then, Buccholtz talks with non-comedians, too. No matter who shows up, it's always a casual and informative conversation. The episodes typically plop on a weekly basis.


Earwolf Weekly Update: May 9

Photo by Mandee JohnsonEarwolf has another week of great guests and shows. Plus, it's officially the first week with their flagship show, Comedy Bang! Bang!, working under it's new name. The upcoming highlights:

Demetri Martin visits Randy and Jason Sklar on Sklarbro Country. Sports talk or not - there should be a healthy dose of silliness on this week's episode.

Glitter In The Garbage sounds like a fun one with Sean Conroy and Matt Besser, two of the best improv and character actors working today, joining Drew Droege's celebrity-inspired sketch show.

The wonderfully original Brent Weinbach is the guest on Who Charted? this week. Weinbach talks pop culture with Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack. Maybe even some 8-bit talk from Weinbach, too?

Check-out the full Earwolf newsletter for the full lowdown.


The AV Club: Podmass April 28-May 4

This week edition of The A.V. Club's Podmass recap includes a ton of comedy goodness, including reviews of Bill Simmons and Adam Carolla's spirited breakdown of Fast Five, the newest sequel to The Fast and The Furious, on a recent episode of The BS Report and a questioning of sobriety on the crazy episode of Doug Loves Movies featuring a packed lineup of Ellen Page, Michael Rooker, James Gunn, Sean Gunn, and Steve Agee. WTF with Marc Maron and Sklarbro Country also receive the recap treatment, among a few other worthwhile comedy podcasts.

Check-out their full post here.