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Plop of The Week: The Long Shot #509

Another week. Another onslaught of new comedy podcast episodes. Another great episode of The Long Shot. I'm fully in the tank for The Long Shot's ragtag foursome. Episode #509 is a particular thrill because it reveals new group dynamics and points of entry for the funny. Here's my recap for the Splitsider "Week In Comedy Podcasts" post:

The Long Shot Episode #509 seamlessly switches gears throughout – from some healthy behind-the-scenes live comedy talk to hilariously mundane and personal anecdotes. One of the show’s key winning elements is its four distinctly different hosts’ interplay. That’s always been true in a basic sense, but this week’s episode was a revelation on how much more laughs The Long Shot can squeeze out of their group dynamic. The hosts, Sean Conroy, Amber Kenny, Jamie Flam and Eddie Pepitone, create a crazy fun grab bag of honest recaps, on-the-spot sketch work, agitated and meandering storytelling and the holy grail of top-notch fucking-with-each-other hijinks. Their guest, comedian Zach Sherwin, superbly tags a few of the “checking in” stories and manages to keep adding to the fun. The episode is pretty dense in terms of its specifically silly moments worthy of highlight. There’s the comes-too-easy image of Flam working as senile Pepitone’s elderly caretaker. Pepitone’s doctor visit recap leads to the creation of poor old Mrs. Timonarro forever sitting in life’s proverbially waiting room. Pepitone also creates a firestorm of laughter with his unintentionally ridiculous and meandering recap of War Horse. Kenny is on Pepitone’s case throughout. It’s a delight to see the show’s ray of sunshine take repeated aim at Pepitone’s winning combo of boldness and confusion. Conroy remains on top of his host game. His feisty demeanor from past episodes is still there, adding yet another layer to the awesome group dynamic. And, yes, they all find yet another way to torment Flam with repeated mocking call backs. Phew. It’s a true Long Shot classic – a grand reward for both long time and first time listeners.

The rest of the Splitsider comedy podcast crew gave shout-outs to a quality crop of episodes/shows this week, including a stellar debut episode of the new show from Long Shot host, Sean Conroy. Check it out:

International Waters #3 - Andy Daly, Erin Gibson, Humphrey Kerr, Margaret Cabourn-Smith
Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank - Ralphie May (Part 1)
improv4humans #26 – Jon Glaser, Brett Gelman, Joe Wengert
The Long Shot #509 “The Eddie’s Said Too Much Episode" – Zach Sherwin
The J.V. Club #10 – Jen Kirkman
The Nerdist #206 – Tina Fey
Sean Conroy Presents: The Flabbergast #1 – The Crazy Dance

Honorable mentions include Comedy Bang! Bang! #158 (Jordan Peele, Gillian Jacobs), Improv Obsession #17 (Billy Merritt), Left Handed Radio #16 (Rue Britannia), Sklarbro Country #94 (Jon Hamm) and You Made It Weird #49 (Bo Burnham).


Plop of The Week: The Long Shot #413 & #414

Took a week off for the Splitsider's Jesse Fox's end of the year podcast recap. I'm back and ready for 2012. Yet, I'm still looking back at the recent holidays. For my Splitisider pick I went with a double episode pairing from one of my favorite shows - The Long Shot. They changed up their format a bit and offered up two short holiday themed episodes. These quickies revealed a little more of the behind-the-scenes dynamics among the hosts. The format changed really showed off how they group has a lot of entertainment punch to offer - no matter the format - as they continue on. Here's the recap for the Splitsider "This Week In Comedy Podcasts":

Just like The Long Shot did over the holidays, I’d figure I’d try something different with my pick this time out. I made it a two-for-one. As Jamie Flam would say: “Boom.” The best comedy group in podcasting treated listeners to two holiday greeting quickies and a slight format shift. The “Secret Santa” and “New Year’s Resolution” mini-sodes serve as a sweet reward for longtime fans and double as a great primer for the group’s chemistry, honesty and silliness. Four seasons in, there’s a well-worn dynamic among Amber Kenny, Eddie Pepitone, Jamie Flam and Sean Conroy. The Secret Santa show features the group worshiping its non-denominational holiday obelisk and visits from Intern Alex and Sound Guy Jorge. There are some heartfelt exchanges with Pepitone and Conroy still sneaking in the character riffs. The “Resolutions” episode is pretty much the “let’s get specific” game with Conroy challenging everyone to go detailed with their 2012 goals. A highlight is Flam disappointing Pepitone with his grand but generic goal of “taking over the world” in 2012. Conroy continues to be one of the most underrated performers in comedy podcasting, hosting the motley crew and tracking and adding to the comedy no matter the subject matter or tone. He and his co-hosts are hitting their stride as we hit the New Year. The combo of heart and obnoxiousness that reaps delirious rewards.


Here's the complete list of the Splitsider episode picks, including a shout-out to the always charming (and far too often underappreciated) Pop My Culture. Plus, for pure comedy - don't miss out the Honorable Mention of improv4humans:

Who Charted? #57 - David Wain
How Did This Get Made? #27 - Doug Benson
The Nerdist #154 "Stand-Up Cluster 2"
The Long Shot #413 & #414
Pop My Culture #63 - Jim Rash

Honorable mentions include Comedy Bang! Bang! #138 (Andy Richter, Paul F. Tompkins), improv4humans #7 (Brian Husky, Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh) and My Brother, My Brother And Me #86 "Get It."


Earwolf Weekly Update: May 9

Photo by Mandee JohnsonEarwolf has another week of great guests and shows. Plus, it's officially the first week with their flagship show, Comedy Bang! Bang!, working under it's new name. The upcoming highlights:

Demetri Martin visits Randy and Jason Sklar on Sklarbro Country. Sports talk or not - there should be a healthy dose of silliness on this week's episode.

Glitter In The Garbage sounds like a fun one with Sean Conroy and Matt Besser, two of the best improv and character actors working today, joining Drew Droege's celebrity-inspired sketch show.

The wonderfully original Brent Weinbach is the guest on Who Charted? this week. Weinbach talks pop culture with Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack. Maybe even some 8-bit talk from Weinbach, too?

Check-out the full Earwolf newsletter for the full lowdown.


The Long Shot Pop Combo

Everyone's friends! Or at least it seems that way in comedy podcast land much of the time. Guests and hosts are often jumping back and forth on each others' shows, serving as a some oddball closed-circuit guest loop. The kumbayah inner circle spirit can come off a tad clique-ish after awhile but it often leads to some of the more free-flowing playful been-there, done-that conversations on many of the shows.


Two podcasts with great group dynamics working magic - The Long Shot and Pop My Culture - did the host swap these past few weeks. The results of these crossover appearances highlighted the strengths of both shows: a great group dynamic. These shows ran effortlessly, like listening in on great playful nonsequiter conversations among funny friends.

The Pop My Culture crossover highlight included everyone riffing on the Detroit Robocop statue announcement. The Long Shot crossover featured some great reflection and eventual dark humored riffing on the late great Phil Hartman's death.

The delight of most episodes of The Long Shot's is the distinct personality of the four hosts - Sean Conroy, Eddie Pepitone, Amber Kenny and Jamie Flam. Each stakes out his own corner and there's lots of friendly tension at work, along with a great "giving-each-other-crap" vibe. This is highlighted by Sean Conroy's self-imposed mission to challenge Pepitone and Flam constantly.

While The Long Shot crew entertains through tension, the Pop My Culture duo, Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland, work as an effortless positive-no-matter-what team. Stratton and Ragland always seem to put their guests at ease right from the start. They embrace the "we're here to have fun" spirit no matter the guest, skillfully transitioning from standard interview segments to their playful pop culture discussions and games.

Check out these two crossover episodes for a fun glimpse into these two team-powered shows.

Pop My Culture featuring The Long Shot - March 14, 2011
The Long Shot featuring Pop My Culture - March 22, 2011


Comedy Podcast Network Is Online

A new comedy-focused podcast network launched this month. The originally-named Comedy Podcast Network will feature a variety of shows, as well as offering services to enterprising producers hoping to start their own show. This less-branded approach to podcast networks sets them apart from the other early entities like Earwolf and Maximum Fun. Not passing judgement yet - just taking note.

A quick review of their sites offerings, reveals Co-Founder Mike Costantini with hand in a few of the shows. Their early shows include The Second Column, Bro Squad 5, The Fort and Curtain Jerks. The Second Column seems to be the early stand-out of the network's initial offering. They just recorded a live show at The Improv Lab in Hollywood featuring Sean Conroy and Eddie Pepitone, hosts of The Long Shot

We're looking forward to checking out their shows.