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Build-A-Pod: An Interview With Podcast Producer Katie Levine

In the world of podcasting, very few people have found a way to turn it into a paying gig. Katie Levine is one of them.

Not only has she worked for ACE Broadcasting and Nerdist Industries, she found success as a freelance podcast producer. She also hosts and produces her own show, Save It For Air. Despite Katie only producing/engineering for a year and a half, she’s already a digital comedy veteran. I’m extremely appreciative she found time to speak with me about her role as a producer and her thoughts on the medium as a whole.

DAN HUFFMAN:  You’re one of the few people producing podcasts in a professional capacity. Do you find your particular skill set in high demand?

KATIE LEVINE:  When I left ACE Broadcasting, I thought about getting out of podcasting. But now everybody wants to start one and I’m in the unique spot of knowing how to make one from start to finish. Not a lot of people know how to do that, so it’s really worked out for me.

DH:  You’re working not only with Nerdist Industries, but as a freelance producer?

KL:  I have all my own equipment for my podcast, Save it For Air. I actually started doing Riki Lindhome’s podcast freelance, and then Nerdist Industries picked up her show. Chris Hardwick heard the pilot and approached her about it. Riki had contacted me. Others have contacted me when they heard that I knew how to do this. And so, I kind of just fell into it.

DH:  How did you end up working for Adam Corolla at ACE Broadcasting?

KL:  I was a big fan of his. I started listening to podcasts in New York because I did so much commuting. His show was actually the first one I listened to. When I moved out to LA, he had just started doing the live shows. I went to Laughs for Bald Brian, which was a charity event. I started talking to this guy that was next to me on the valet line, who happened to work there. We became friends and one day he sent me an email saying, “hey, we’re hiring.” They wanted a girl that knew all the technical stuff and could put up with working in an all-boys environment.

DH:  You ended up fitting in?

KL:  Yeah. I was a big fan of Adam’s from Loveline and actually really liked The Man Show. So I really fit in. That’s my kind of humor.

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New To Plop List: Making It with Riki Lindhome

Plop List would like to welcome Making It with Riki Lindhome to the directory. Making It is an interview show that focuses on the stories of entertainment industry professionals as they broke in. Lindhome recognizes that no two stories are the same. She capitalizes on those unique experiences to produce a show chalked full of both entertainment and encouragement to those looking for their own break into the business.

A comedian, actress, musician and member of the the celebrated comedy duo, Garfunkel & Oates, Lindhome's friendly manner and collection of varied industry experience make her the perfect interviewer for all manner of Hollywood professional. While it doesn’t hurt, a previous interest in the occupation or the interviewee isn’t a requirement for enjoying the conversation. Making It with Riki Lindhome is a show full of stories and life lessons. And it's also pretty funny.

Making It is part of the Nerdist Industries podcast network. New episodes plop on Wednesdays.


Riki Lindhome Nerdist Show Launches This Week

The always likeable and straight-to-it funny Riki Lindhome announced via Twitter her new Nerdist Industries show starts Wednesday. Making It with Riki Lindhome will be part of the growing Chris Hardwick led Nerdist podcast network. Early mentions from Hardwick have hinted the show will focus on the process of making it in Hollywood and probably some other creative endeavors. Garfunkel & Oates fans will luck out getting a regular dose of Lindhome's genuine perspective and probably some inappropriate remarks to keep things interesting.