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Earwolf Gets Heady With Professor Blastoff

A trio of full-time comedians and part-time smarty-pants are joining forces for the new Earwolf show, Professor Blastoff.

Tig Notaro (Sarah Silverman Program, Comedy Death-Ray Radio), Kyle Dunnigan (Reno 911!, Comedy Central Presents) and David Huntberger (Comedy Central's Premium Blend) host Blastoff. The new weekly show centers around lively discussions of science, philosphy and the humanities.

The opening Professor Blastoff episode is a great introduction to the tone and the hosts' adept ability to balance the headiness of the topics with some humor. The first time out, it's just the hosts. Future episodes will feature both celebrity and comedian guests and regular ol' normal people. Probably ones with science or academic backgrounds. Throwing experts into the mix should be a lot of fun. Notaro is a sly comedic voice, always willing to embrace tangents with her live performances. This outlet should be no different. The multi-talented Dunnigan will be a perfect partner-in-crime for his real-life friend and writing partner, Notaro. Plus, we suspect there may be some sketch or character inspired moments from Dunnigan along the way. The Huntsberger shows in this first episode his skills at adding wit into the mix. He's more than comfortable mixing it up with the Notaro and Dunnigan partnership. They have a great foundation for a fun show, with a lot of potential to attract listeners beyond the comedy fanatic pool.

The first episode came in at about 45-minutes. Here's an except from the first episode description:

We begin this week with a discussion on the multiplicity of self. How many facets does the self contain? Where is the line for mental instability? How important is self awareness? What is the difference between Multiple Personalities Disorder and Schizophrenia? How does one pronounce "compartmentalize" correctly? For thoughtful, yet hilarious, answers to these questions and more, join us for our maiden voyage!

There's also the little show backdrop nugget...the hosts, following in the broadcasting footsteps of their possibly imagined show namesake, the illustrious Professor Blastoff, claim to record the show from the now lost in time and space Professor's secret lab hidden at Dunnigan's house. Oh, the intrigue.

We'll have The Porfessor Blastoff Plop List page up shortly. In the meantime, check-out their various sites:

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