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Plop of The Week: The Bugle #203

I'm deep in the throes of The Edinburgh Fringe Festival this month but still trying to stay on the podcast beat. Being in Scotland during a U.K.-based Olympics means I got to be surrounded by a light murmur of Olympic Fever. If there was ever a time to turn to John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman for a little dose of Bugle levity, this was the week. Not to mention they deliver the best on-point Olympic satirizing you're liking to find this Summer. Funny is always a little more sharp closer to home. Here's my post for the Splitsider "Week In Comedy Podcasts" column:

It’s Olympics time so it’s necessary to return to the always funny British podcasting duo of John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman, aka The Bugle. Zaltzman has been dutifully churning out short Olympic-themed episodes of late, but episode #203 sees (hears?) Oliver and Zaltzman back together, in the usually clever tip-top satirical form. Oliver jumps right in, jabbing Zaltzman about his severe case of Olympic fever. The two agree on the sociological working theory of the Olympics being created to allow us to ignore human catastrophe. There’s top-notch bashing of the opening ceremony, including some quality Queen mockery. (Always a favorite.) There’s a lot of badminton humor, including an abundance of “shuttlecock” jokes. And there’s talk of horse dancing. Too easy for the Bugle duo, perhaps? Highlights come when the two comedians try to make each other laugh with their descriptive jokes and one-liners. It’s a friendly competition that always raises the humor bar. The prewritten bits by Zaltzman and Oliver always add an extra bit of comedic layering, as well. They even add onto the Olympics BS with some poignant satire of the current Syrian violence and political strife. The jam-packed episode concludes with Oliver recapping the recent Chick-Fil-A/homophobia silliness with a dutiful bit of comedic criticism, complete with an inquisitive bit of rage on where other food chains stand on the important issues. Yet, again The Bugle sounds the alarm for all of us sane and sighing at the world.

Here's the complete list of comedy podcast episode picks from the rest of the Splitsider crew:

A Bit of a Chat with Ken Plume – Armando Iannucci
The Perfect 10 Podcast #2 "The Old, The New, and The Slutty"
Professor Blastoff #64 "Tig's Cancer Diagnosis/Autism"
The Bugle #203 "No Medals for Syria"
The Nerdist #240 – Will Ferrell
You Made It Weird "Live from Montreal" - Eric Andre, Ryan Hamilton, Sean Patton, Jamie Lee, Chelsea Peretti
Roadstories – Moshe Kasher, Kyle Kinane, Matt Braunger


Plop of The Week: The Bugle #185

Wow. Talk about neglecting my internet duties for a bit. Here's my pick and excerpt for the Splitsider comedy podcast round-up from the week of March 5th. Another solid Bugle episode. In all honesty, I could save myself time most weeks and just pikc The Bugle and be done with it. It's that consistently funny, smart and biting. That's the kind of comedy we need more of online and real life. Better late than never, here's my thoughts on Bugle #185 for Jesse Fox Splitsider "Week In Comedy" podcast round-up:

Connecting to comedic rage is always a fun way to commune with your fellow man, albeit an obnoxious fellow man. Or men. John Oliver and Andy Zaltman keep offering up a high dose of politically-minded disdain, always at an impressive clip. Episode #185 of The Bugle is a quick-paced jaunt back and forth between quality political satire and good ol’ self-deprecating anecdotes. Oliver and Zaltman go after London’s mad-dash Olympic Games preparations. Zaltman continues to impress with his rapid-fire joke delivery and Oliver relays more artful rage-filled sarcasm. The guys mix in some fun bickering between each other with their usual political barbs. The Bugle still being recently independent from their Murdoch-led newspaper overlord causes Oliver to lament his lack of joy slamming his old corporate podcast boss. He muses over the fruitlessness of going after their new web boss, Soundcloud. The guys even throw in a fun metaphor-laden debate over the various types of political self-interest. Plus, there’s a mundane German parliament Sudoku scandal of underwhelming proportions, among many more stories and riffs. A ton of goodness in well less-than an hour. It’s all dealt with swiftly and soundly by The Bugle duo, the seminal force in political comedy. Long live the rage.

The complete list of picks from the Splitsider crew for the week of March 5th. The gang gave a needed shout-out to Rogan's show and the lot of creative-pushing shows:

The Joe Rogan Experience #190 - Greg Fitzsimmons
The Pod F. Tompkast #16 – Judy Greer, Gillian Jacobs, Jen Kirkman
The Bugle #185 “Burning Rings of Steel”
improv4humans #16 - Chad Carter, Katie Dippold, Gil Ozeri
Professor Blastoff #44 "Kung Fu" - Christian Everhart
Superego #3:12 - Patton Oswalt, Greg Proops, Paul F. Tompkins

Honorable Mentions include Ten Minute Podcast “Deadly Animals,” The Dana Gould Hour #3 “Jailbirds” (Eddie Pepitone, Matt Weinhold), The Mike O'Meara Show #527 “Continue to Water the Garden,” This Week With Larry Miller “Larry’s Little White Lie,” Uhh Yeah Dude #313 and Walking The Room #93 “Spitting Out Homeless and The Wig.”


Plop of The Week: The Long Shot #405

I admit. I'm squarely positioned in The Long Shot's corner. The off-beat and fun podcast foursome always seems to deliver the goods and stand-out versus a lot of the other chat show offerings. Their latest episode sees Marc Maron visiting the gang. We chose Ep. #405 for our choice for favorite comedy show/episode for this week's Splitsider Week In Comedy Podcasts. The recap:

This time out, The Long Shot showed off what it does best – keeping it real and raw. It’s a “very special episode” complete with meltdowns and personal attacks…and an apology to a guy named Stu. Marc Maron highlights with a deadpan nonstop deconstruction of Pepitone. He uses a line-by-line reading of the definition of “narcissism” to get at Pepitone. He “misses the real Eddie.” Conroy and Maron again rehash their past failed TV show working relationship. The grudge that only one of them remembers. There’s a discussion of stealing, including Maron explaining his grocery store/stevia stealing past. Good girl Kenny still feels bad about her stolen car joy riding past. There’s a great “checking-in” segment featuring Flam’s start-and-stop Rick Fox anecdote – which, of course, leads to a very fun Pepitone rant about “what’s wrong with the world.” Kenny’s down in the dumps and Pepitone swivels between interrupting and offering up encouragement. The advice is more funny than functional. Pepitone hilariously segues from Kenny’s dismay to his own rambling story of his fun experience at a Basset Hound Picnic. Which basically means Pepitone describes what a Basset Hound looks like. A classic Conroy and the gang get-on-Pepitone’s-case segment ensues. The hosts’ eager tangents and constantly undercutting one other continue to make The Long Shot a comedic step above most chat shows.


Earwolf takes charge of most of the Splitsider list week this week out. The full list:

Beginnnings #34 – John Lee
Earwolf Presents: Gelmania – Tim Heidecker
Comedy Bang! Bang! #129 – Brett Gelman, Jon Daly, Allan Mcleod, Neil Campbell
The Long Shot #405 – Marc Maron
Professor Blastoff #27- Robert Ike III
Totally Laime # 91 – Rachel Bloom

Honorable mentions: The Gentlemen's Club #121 (Jeff Ullrich), The Todd Glass Show #14 (Rory Scovel) and You Made it Weird With Pete Holmes #2 (T.J. Miller).

You can check-out the full Splitsider post here, complete with everyone's recaps/reviews.

Tig Notaro Releases Debut Stand-up Album

Tig nation finally has a take-home prize. Starting today, Tig Notaro fans can nab Notaro's debut comedy album, Good One. Early peeks at the album reveal a great intimate vibe to the recording and, of course, Notaro's stellar dry humor, playful banter and engaging stories. She's one of the most unique performers out there and it's great to see her release an album.

Click here to order the album.

For a regular dose of Notaro, you can check-out her weekly Earwolf show, Professor Blastoff.



Earwolf Weekly Update: August 1

Earwolf is 1-years old today. A comedy-filled year of downloading and streaming an insane amount of quality shows. Looking forward to many more from the Earwolf gang. Via their weekly newsletter, Earwolf announced another round of great episodes. Highlights include: Todd Glass on Comedy Bang! Bang!, Week #4 of The Earwolf Challenge, The Apple Sisters learning self-defense and the Professor Blastoff crew finally talking robots.

Check-out the full newsletter here.


The Serious Funny of Professor Blastoff

I am addicted to Professor Blastoff. Here’s the extent of my addiction: Without getting too personal (which means this is about to get too personal), I almost stepped into a shower with my iPod and earbuds on, because I didn’t want to stop listening to the show. (I was listening to Episode 3 on aliens, and I was really enjoying Tig Notaro’s impression of Pumapunka goats.) I eventually realized my electronics-running water experiment was not the best idea. But, at least for a second, I contemplated doing it anyway. “I won’t be in the shower for long,” I told myself. This idiotic almost shower experiment shows why Professor Blastoff is some serious entertainment.

Blastoff is a weekly conversation between comedian, Tig Notaro and her two co-hosts and comedian friends, Kyle Dunnigan and David Huntsberger. Each week, the hilarious trio discusses a topic of interest, typically based in science, philosophy or theology. Recent topics include aliens, the afterlife and Déjà vu or, as Notaro refers to it: “Been there, done that, girl.” Their discussions are never dry, which has much to due with the natural hilarity of the show’s hosts. Notaro, Dunnigan and Hunstberger have a playful attitude towards their topics and never refrain from using a funny voice or cracking a joke.

The host trio are laughing right along with us, which is pretty cool thing. Not dissimilar to watching your favorite SNL cast member hold back laughter during a sketch. Hearing your your favorite comedians break out in giggles is an awesome treat. In Episode 9 on dimensions, Dunnigan shares a riddle he learned long ago to help him remember his dimensions. Notaro and Hunstberger ask him again and again about the classic riddle. It’s all for their own amusement. Ours, too. Dunnigan keeps repeating the riddle and it keeps changing every time out, adding to the absurdity with each retelling.

Along with cracking each other up, the hosts typically invite an exciting guest to join in the discussions. These guests come from a range of professional backgrounds. Previous guests include Nick Kroll from The League on FX, Dr. Martin Cohen, a professor of Anthropology from California State Northridge and Katy Bee-Wyatt, a Christian youth minister.

Professor Blastoff has a back story to the philosophical mayhem. How many podcasts have a back story? To be honest, I don’t know. But this one does and it’s a fun one. The show takes place in the secret basement of Professor Blastoff, a Harvard, Yale, MIT scholar. Which, as the story goes, Huntsberger discovered the basement underneath Dunnigan's house. The hosts have graciously taken over the professor’s 1940’s era show, while the professor floats aimlessly in outer space with one shoe. These are important details to the Blastoff canon.

This humorous, engaging “one-shoe” show is so good you’ll want to take it everywhere. Maybe even places where no shoes are required. Like a shower.


Earwolf Weekly Update: July 5

Chris HardwickEarwolf gave fans a heads up on some quality comedy programming this week. Via its weekly newsletter, highlights include a podcast meeting of minds when Chris Hardwick visits Earwolf co-founder, Jeff Ullrich on The Wolf Den, along with Nick Kroll talking fate with the Professor Blastoff trio, "Weird Al" Yankovic adding to the fun on Comedy Bang! Bang! and The Apple Sisters having some Indendence Day fun with their ol' pal Jason Ritter.

Check-out the full newsletter here.


Earwolf Weekly Update: June 27

Nick Kroll *Photo by Anya GarrettEarwolf keeps rolling along with another week of fun shows. Via its weekly newsletter, Earwolf announced a bunch of great guests on their shows. Highlights include Nick Kroll appearing on Professor Blastoff, an eclectic and crazy funny guest lineup for Comedy Bang! Bang! featuring Colin Hanks, Paul Scheer and Myq Kaplan and The Apple Sisters getting a visit from Miss Manners (Eliza Skinner).

Earwolf is also giving the fans a shout-out with a special episode of The Wolf Den featuring visits from three of their favorite fans.

Check-out the full newsletter here.


Earwolf Weekly Update: June 20

Randy & Jason Sklar *Photo by Mandee Johnson - www.mandeejohnson.comStraight from the Earwolf weekly newsletter, it looks like another week of quality comedy from the Earwolf team. The comedy network is moving full-steam ahead with its new site design and great catalogue of weekly comedy programming.

Randy and Jason Sklar keep it all in the Earwolf family this week with their appearance on The Wolf Den, talking podcasting and Earwolf inner workings with co-founder Jeff Ullrich. They follow that appearance up by inviting the Professor Blastoff trio, Tig Notaro, Kyle Dunnigan and David Huntsberger, to visit Sklarbro Country for what should be a very silly end of the week episode.

Get the full scoop on Earwolf's happenings this week from the newsletter.


New To Plop List: Professor Blastoff

With their third episode plopping today, it seemed like a good time to announce the addition of the thoughtful and still cool show, Professor Blastoff, to The Plop List directory. Tig Notaro, Kyle Dunnigan and David Huntsberger started off fast with a great first episode making the mysterious iTunes top list. Since the launch, they followed up with a great second episode featuring a stellar visit from Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman.

You can check-out our initial post on the show's launch here.