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Splitsider Top 5 Comedy Podcasts: July 28


Jesse Fox and Joe Berkowitz released another Top 5 Comedy podcasts list for Splitsider and presumably comedy podcast fans. This week's list highlights the off-beat shows and episodes, along with some praise for some newer shows.

How Was Your Week? #20 - featuring Maria Bamford
Judge John Hodgman #32: The Cow Beef
The Ronna & Beverly Podcast #5 - featuring Nick Kroll
This American Wife #34 - featuring Paul F. Tompkins, Paget Brewster, Craig Cackowski, Hal LublinMarc Evan Jackson, Mark Gagliardi, Ben Acker, Ben Blacker
WTF with Marc Maron #195 - featuring Demetri Martin

Splitsider's honorable mentions are all about variety: video games to sports to some military dicussions - all under the comedy umbrella. These shows include: The Indoor Kids #3 (featuring Pete Holmes, Emily V. Gordon), Sklarbro Country #52 (featuring Myq Kaplan) and WTF with Marc Maron #194 (featuring Rob Riggle).

Check-out the Splitsider Top 5 List and recaps here.


Beyond The Plop: John Mulaney Just For Laughs Interview

Editor's Note:  We partnered with the critically acclaimed international comedy festival series, Just For Laughs, to highlight some of the more digitally friendly and cutting edge performers at this July's Montreal festival.

John Mulaney, a new leader of whip smart and irreverant humor is headlining two late night shows at this year's Just For Laughs festival. Under the title, Making Fun, the shows will follow Mulaney's all-encompassing comedic mockery. Sure, there might be some jokes about transportation or even Law and Order. Now a several year veteran of the Saturday Night Live writing staff and numerous television appearances under his belt, Mulaney is a comedian at ease with his craft, comfortable with delivering no matter the audience or situation - on stage, television and even the digital intimacy of podcasts.

I recently spoke with John Mulaney over the phone. Despite a few technical difficulties and my perpetual awkwardness, we managed to discuss his JFL show, his experience balancing both a stand-up and television writing and his give-it-a-whirl plan for ambien-induced performances at the fest. The conversation with the funny, kind and overly patient Mulaney was truly a pleasure.

KYLE MIZONO:  This year you have your own show – Making Fun.

JOHN MULANEY:  In Montreal.

KM:  Yes.  I don’t want you to give anything away but if you could tell me or share a little bit about what you will be discussing or doing – stand-up-wise.

JM:  Oh.  Well it’s a brand new hour that I’ve been working on this summer and it’s a bunch of new stories, some new thoughts on law and order…

KM: [laughs]

JM:  …SUV and making fun of different things including myself.  So, I called it that because I tend to get asked in interviews what my comedic sensibility is. And I was at a point where I was like I don’t know. I think I just make fun of people. [laughs]

KM:  [laughs]  I think it’s a little limiting – I am sure when you are asked that it’s like why would you want to give a certain - identify your personality because then almost you are limiting yourself.  Kind of seems…

JM:  Yeah why would you want to be – oh I do ethic one-liners… If you put your name into Pandora, the Internet radio, it’ll be like – it’ll give you a description of your comedy because it breaks down albums to find characteristics to come up with a playlist so it will breakdown your comedy into bits and descriptives and I think one of mine was self-satisfied delivery and jokes about transportation.

KM:  [laughs]

JM:  So…that is just the worst thing I have ever heard of.

KM:  [laughs] It’s kinda cool though because you do so many jokes about Law and Order that I think I did read somewhere “this comic is know for his Law and Order comedy.”  So that’s another topic. You’re not just transportation.

JM:  No, thank you.  I also make jokes about one TV Show.

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Earwolf Weekly Update: July 5

Chris HardwickEarwolf gave fans a heads up on some quality comedy programming this week. Via its weekly newsletter, highlights include a podcast meeting of minds when Chris Hardwick visits Earwolf co-founder, Jeff Ullrich on The Wolf Den, along with Nick Kroll talking fate with the Professor Blastoff trio, "Weird Al" Yankovic adding to the fun on Comedy Bang! Bang! and The Apple Sisters having some Indendence Day fun with their ol' pal Jason Ritter.

Check-out the full newsletter here.


Earwolf Weekly Update: June 27

Nick Kroll *Photo by Anya GarrettEarwolf keeps rolling along with another week of fun shows. Via its weekly newsletter, Earwolf announced a bunch of great guests on their shows. Highlights include Nick Kroll appearing on Professor Blastoff, an eclectic and crazy funny guest lineup for Comedy Bang! Bang! featuring Colin Hanks, Paul Scheer and Myq Kaplan and The Apple Sisters getting a visit from Miss Manners (Eliza Skinner).

Earwolf is also giving the fans a shout-out with a special episode of The Wolf Den featuring visits from three of their favorite fans.

Check-out the full newsletter here.


The AV Club: Podmass June 2-8

Late last week, The A.V. Club released their swell weekly podcast recap, AKA the Podmass. They featured a healthy amount of comedy fare. Their favorite comedy episodes this time around include:

Tom Scharpling and Zach Galifianakis enjoying a rousing episode of The Best Show on WFMU. Galifianakis brings a great combo of obnoxiousness and humility.

The everyone-by-now-has-mentioned-it episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! featuring John Mulaney and Nick Kroll.

Dave Anthony initiating the usual topics and greatness from Jimmy Pardo and Matt Belknapp on Never Not Funny.

The Sklarbro Country positivity fest with guests Pete Holmes and James Adomian (as Jess Ventura).

WTF With Marc Maron double episode goodness, heavy on the memories, with guests Iris Bahr and Brian Posehn.

Check-out the full Podmass recap here.



Splitsider Top 5 Comedy Podcasts: June 9th


Yesterday Jesse Fox and Joe Berkowitz released their weekly Top 5 Comedy Podcast list for Splitsider. We're not in full agreement with their choices, but we're still down with the podcast family getting some love. Definitely some stand-out episodes chosen. Earwolf continues to win hearts with its ever growing catalogue of great shows. New York comedy and more impresario, Julie Klausner, keeps paving her podcast way with strong outings. Plus, John Hodgman keeps being John Hodgman and that's nothing to take for granted. The chosen ones:

Affirmation Nation with Bob Ducca
Comedy Bang! Bang! (featuring John Mulaney/Nick Kroll)
How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner (featuring Julieanne Smolinski/Mike Snacks)
Judge John Hodgman
Who Charted? (featuring Andy Daly)

Honorable mention recognition went to WTF with Marc Maron (featuring Brian Posehn), Doug Loves Movies (Samm Levine/Kevin Pollak/Ali Nejad), Glitter In The Garbage (Sarah Baker/Ian Gary), and Sklarbro Country (Pete Holmes/James Adomian).

Check-out the full Splitsider post here.


Earwolf Weekly Update: June 6

Andy DalyAlong with the continual promotion on its new website, Earwolf's weekly newsletter spotlights their new batch of episodes plopping this week. Some highlights include John Mulaney and Nick Kroll on Comedy Bang! Bang!, Andy Daly talking pop culture on Who Charted?

Check-out the full newsletter here.

Be sure to poke around the new Earwolf site with tons of features and content.