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Pop My Culture Moseys Over To The Nerdist Network

This week Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland announced Pop My Culture moving over to The Nerdist Network. According to their site, everything should stay the same for fans of the high-energy and always fun bi-weekly interview show. Stratton and Ragland continue to stand-out as one of the best podcasting duos working today.

The first newly minted Nerdist approved show was this week's Ethan Surplee episode (#61). You can check out their new Nerdist page here. Now's as good as time as any to start listening.

Plus, they still have their regular site, too!


More Nerdist Coming to BBC America

In case you missed, some more good news for those of you into mixing your media. Thanks to BBC America announcing another round of Nerdist TV specials, there's some more Podcasts/Television mixing coming your way.  Anounced via The Nerdist site, Hardwick, Ray and Mira will be producing six more podcast specials to air next year.  One of the episodes is slated to air Christmas Eve 2011 and will be 1-hour long.

There's no word yet about any changes to the format from the original pilot airing this past September.

Check-out the full announcement here.


New To Plop List: You Made It Weird

Another Nerdist offering gets in The Plop List directory. I know - it's sort of cheating. But Pete Holmes' new show, You Made It Weird, is certainly funny. The show is a free-flowing discussion between Holmes and his guest. Going off on random tangents seems to be the M.O. An early lazy description for the show: the bastard quicker version of Professor Blastoff. There's a fun combo of intelligent and completely dumb tangents - all kick started with a bit of curiousity about what may be "weird." Holmes skillfully sets a quick and funny conversational pace. The sense of listening to a structured show disappears quickly. Don't worry - there's still some interview-y chunks snuck into the show, as well.

So far early guests include Holmes' comedy buddies, Kumail Nanjiani, T.J. Miller and Demetri Martin. The show comes in a notch longer than an hour and plops every Wednesday.


New To Plop List: The Questionauts

Following-up on our Nerdist news this week, we're happy to announce the addition of The Questionauts into our directory. Part of The Nerdist Network, the show is a breezy improvised dear abby, of sorts, but for The Nerdist crowd. Lots of tangents and not really all that much question answering. Aaron Hilliard and Justin Heimberg host the show with confidence but never take themselves too seriously. It's an easy listen and a fun bridge between all-out-comedy and internet-half-assery.

Going strong since late Spring, The Questionauts is typically under 30-minutes and plops every other week (mostly).


New Shows & Site for The Nerdist

Chris Hardwick's Nerdist empire keeps growing and recently received an web make-over with a new site design for nerdist.com. There's a nifty new podcast page where fans can discover and locate the shows that make-up The Nerdist Network. (Still not sure if they're going with this as the official name. Still not sure if "official names" still matter.)

A few new shows also launched last week, incluing You Made It Weird. We'll have more info on the new show this week.

The network now offers a slew of quality programming, including a bunch of comedic shows or comedically-inspired shows. These shows include:

The Nerdist
The Indoor Kids
The Todd Glass Show
Nerdist Writer's Panel 
Making It with Riki Lindhome
The Questionauts
The Thrilling Adventure Hour
You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes 

Podcast producer and host, Katie Levine continues to head up most of the podcast goodness over at The Nerdist.

For more Nerdist-inspired fun, check-out www.nerdist.com/podcasts.


Thrilling Adventure Hour Comes to The Nerdist Network

The long running live variety show, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, announced today it's moving to The Nerdist podcast network. The announcement hails the comedy like-minded-ness of Hardwick's current catalogue of shows including The Nerdist, Making It with Riki Lindhome, The Todd Glass Show, The Nerdist Writers Panel and The Sex Nerd.

Created by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, Thrilling Adventure Hour started its live run in 2005 as "a sophisticated comedy sprinkled with affectionate homage to 1940’s era radio." In 2011, the show began releasing a podcast comprised of show highlights. The network switch begins October 10th.


New To Plop List: The Todd Glass Show

Up and running for several weeks now, The Todd Glass Show is already operating like a podcast pro. New to The Plop List directory and brought to you by the expanding Nerdist Industries network, The Todd Glass Show is a full force of personality and charm. Todd Glass hosts the show in a cheeky haphazard fashion, letting it drift from across various styles. There's interviews, there's tangents, there's on-the-spot riffing and role playing and there's a healthy amount of messing with the morning drive radio format.

The show hasn't settled on a set format or duration just yet, but Todd Glass makes it all okay. The stellar stand-up is at home in front of a microphone. The discussions are free form and playful, like listening to a conversation with a few slightly off but fun friends. Glass leads the show across a wide range of topics, always exploring the humor and humanity in both the mundane and absurdity of daily life. The typically weekly show runs from 70 to 120 minutes. Early guest highlights include Rory Scovel, Eddie Pepitone and Chris Hardwick. Kate Levine serves as the show's producer, too.

You can check out The Todd Glass via iTunes and follow Todd on Twitter at @ToddGlass.


Build-A-Pod: An Interview With Podcast Producer Katie Levine

In the world of podcasting, very few people have found a way to turn it into a paying gig. Katie Levine is one of them.

Not only has she worked for ACE Broadcasting and Nerdist Industries, she found success as a freelance podcast producer. She also hosts and produces her own show, Save It For Air. Despite Katie only producing/engineering for a year and a half, she’s already a digital comedy veteran. I’m extremely appreciative she found time to speak with me about her role as a producer and her thoughts on the medium as a whole.

DAN HUFFMAN:  You’re one of the few people producing podcasts in a professional capacity. Do you find your particular skill set in high demand?

KATIE LEVINE:  When I left ACE Broadcasting, I thought about getting out of podcasting. But now everybody wants to start one and I’m in the unique spot of knowing how to make one from start to finish. Not a lot of people know how to do that, so it’s really worked out for me.

DH:  You’re working not only with Nerdist Industries, but as a freelance producer?

KL:  I have all my own equipment for my podcast, Save it For Air. I actually started doing Riki Lindhome’s podcast freelance, and then Nerdist Industries picked up her show. Chris Hardwick heard the pilot and approached her about it. Riki had contacted me. Others have contacted me when they heard that I knew how to do this. And so, I kind of just fell into it.

DH:  How did you end up working for Adam Corolla at ACE Broadcasting?

KL:  I was a big fan of his. I started listening to podcasts in New York because I did so much commuting. His show was actually the first one I listened to. When I moved out to LA, he had just started doing the live shows. I went to Laughs for Bald Brian, which was a charity event. I started talking to this guy that was next to me on the valet line, who happened to work there. We became friends and one day he sent me an email saying, “hey, we’re hiring.” They wanted a girl that knew all the technical stuff and could put up with working in an all-boys environment.

DH:  You ended up fitting in?

KL:  Yeah. I was a big fan of Adam’s from Loveline and actually really liked The Man Show. So I really fit in. That’s my kind of humor.

Click to read more ...


New To Plop List: Making It with Riki Lindhome

Plop List would like to welcome Making It with Riki Lindhome to the directory. Making It is an interview show that focuses on the stories of entertainment industry professionals as they broke in. Lindhome recognizes that no two stories are the same. She capitalizes on those unique experiences to produce a show chalked full of both entertainment and encouragement to those looking for their own break into the business.

A comedian, actress, musician and member of the the celebrated comedy duo, Garfunkel & Oates, Lindhome's friendly manner and collection of varied industry experience make her the perfect interviewer for all manner of Hollywood professional. While it doesn’t hurt, a previous interest in the occupation or the interviewee isn’t a requirement for enjoying the conversation. Making It with Riki Lindhome is a show full of stories and life lessons. And it's also pretty funny.

Making It is part of the Nerdist Industries podcast network. New episodes plop on Wednesdays.


New To Plop List: The Indoor Kids

Comedy podcasts and The Plop List Directory get their game on with The Indoor Kids, the new video game centric show from Chris Hardwick's Nerdist Industries. Three episodes in and The Indoor Kids is off to a great start!  Who exactly are these fine indoor-staying, video game playing folks?  Comedian extraordinaire Kumail Nanjiani and friendly gamer Ali Baker (G4) bring a diverse, funny and passionate point of view to the world of video games. Similar to what the Sklar Brothers and The League have done, bridging the gap between sports and comedy nerds, The Indoor Kids offer this fusion for the world of video games.

A recent Indoor Kids episode features the hilarious Pete Holmes, as well as Nanjiani’s likeable wife and hardcore gamer, Emily V. Gordon (G4′s Feedback, Program Director of the Nerdist Theater at Meltdown Comics). The conversation advances well beyond video games, venturing into issues like the singularity and humanity's potential upcoming immortality. Along these lines, morality in games is discussed. This video game morality discussion includes a hilarious, shameful debate about the best way to kill a Sim, whether in a terrifying room surrounded by fireplaces and books and no door, or in a pool without a ladder. Another Holmes/Gordon episode topic is “couples gaming.” The group playfully hypothesizes women are jumpier in games in an effort to protect their ovum.

Nanjiani, Baker and their comedic guests release new episodes every Monday. The Indoor Kids is a carefree combination of comedic tangents and hardcore gamer talk, making each episode feel like a shoot-the-shit ditch day at the arcade with friends.