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Plop of The Week: Sklarbro Country #98

A few current prolific comedians joined forces this past week for some fun podcastery (made-up work alert!). The way-out-there but always working, Reggie Watts, brought his brand of comedic magic to the calming shores of Sklarbro Country. The hard working duo in their own right, Randy and Jason Sklar, create an excellent messing around space for guests and having Watts in the fold was a fun experiment. Here are a few more thoughts about Sklarbro Country #98 for Splitsider's "This Week In Comedy Podcasts" post:

Worlds collide with the latest Sklarbro Country episode when musical comedy genius, Reggie Watts, visits the hardest working comedy duo. Before Watts checks in, The Sklar Brothers show off their bounty of “week-of” sports jokes. Showing off their topical range, they manage to sneak in a great Sklarbrotration segment dissing Lil’ Wayne, complete with a Hatfield and McCoy reference. Once Watts steps in, the show really gets going with a steady stream of riffing. Watts is a natural partner-in-crime for the brothers. They kick-start it with several minutes of overanalyzing Watts’ infamous golf sweater. The Sklars make the sports connection with Watts through a fun sports anthem discussion. They explore the process of The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army becoming a sports anthem. Then Watts gives it a try himself, creating a brand new haphazard Dodgers’ anthem. Other gems include a highly inappropriate but hilarious brainstorming session about Native American restaurants and Y2K Museums. Plus, there’s another quality appearance by Tiger Woods (the always on point Chris Cox). There’s a lot packed into the episode, the only way the brothers know how to operate. The Sklars continue to show why they’re the masters of fun with the ability to bring anyone into the sports fold and their awesome house of riffing.

Here are the rest of the Splitsider crews' picks for the week. I'm happy another seemingly oddball pairing of Bills Simmons and Lena Dunham made the list (nice one, Samantha!):

WTF with Marc Maron #287 – Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, John Ennis, Josie Long, Neal Brennan
Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank #62 "L.A. Story" – Steve Rannazzisi, Cort McCown
Comedy Bang! Bang! #162 – Andy Samberg, Adam Pally
Sklarbro Country #98 – Reggie Watts and Chris Cox
My Brother, My Brother and Me #108
Proudly Resents "Shakes the Clown" – Bobcat Goldthwait
The Best Show on WFMU #500 - John Hodgman, Ted Leo, Julie Klausner, Sam Seder, Jason Woliner
The B.S. Report – Lena Dunham

Honorable mentions from the Splitsider crew this week include Mike and Tom Eat Snacks #60, Walking The Room #107 (Jake Johannsen), The Champs (Trevor Noah) and WTF with Marc Maron #268 (Kurt Braunohler).


Plop of The Week: The Bugle #193

The Splitsider comedy podcast crew offered up an ecclectic mix of shows this week in the "This Week In Comedy Podcasts" column. It's always great to highlight the mix of perspectives and comedic approaches in the comedy podcast realm. My pick celebrated the full-force anger and satire approach of The Bugle. Sure, there's not a shortage of angry comedians ranting on comedy podcasts (or stages for that matter). Few comedians have the knack or the willigness to bottle up their natural anger and share it as biting political and cultural satire. The Bugle hosts, comedians John Oliver and Andy Zaltman are masters of satire. Catching any given week/episode is another opportunity to indulge in good ol' fashion burn 'em all satirical skewering. Here's my write-up for the Splitsider post:

It’s a Presidential election year, which means paying attention is like taking a daily punch in the face. Lucky for me, I have The Bugle, the best stupidity antidote – especially for these politically inane times. John Oliver and Andy Zaltman continue to push ahead with the quality riffing, even while recording the show from different continents. This week out, Oliver provides a bit of behind the scenes Daily Show insight with some fun George Clinton (The Funk) anecdotes. The guys quickly dive head first into the best Bin Laden Assassination Anniversary comedy workshop, lambasting the greeting card industry, Bin Laden’s excesses and anyone making political hay from the Bin Laden assassination. The Bugle is the best kind of angry humor – nothing is sacred. The freedom Oliver and Zaltman exercise allows the funny to walk the yard, freely picking fights with whoever’s unlucky enough to make eye contact. Oliver and Zaltman get a lot out of the released Bin Laden documents. Zaltman even sneaks in a bit of sketch humor with an overly honest Bin Laden final recording. Pretty sure the intellectually devoid election year politics are going to keep handing out daily face punches. Thankfully, we have The Bugle to help fight back.

Here's the complete list of episode picks from the Splitsider crew:

The Long Shot #508 – Matt Knudsen
Making It with Riki Lindhome #42 – Pete Holmes (Part 1)
Doug Loves Movies – Paul F. Tompkins, Ice-T, Cake Boss
The Bugle #193 "Happy Deathiversary!"
My Brother, My Brother and Me #103
Cashing In with TJ Miller #9
Pod F. Tompkast #17 – John Hodgman, Jen Kirkman
The Dork Forest #115 – Lizz Winstead

Honorable mentions from the group this week include Smartest Man in the World "Sazeracs," You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes #46 (Harris Wittels) and Your Mom's House #57 (Rory Scovel).


Plop of The Week: Pop My Culture #72

It seems I'm always pushing for the silly/serious combo with these Splitsider episode picks. Duality of man and all that BS? Or just a sympton of my emotional ADD? This week, I leaned heavy on the silly and and was grateful to catch the Judy Greer episode of Pop My Culture. Greer fit right in with Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland, almost like she could be their third host. It's easy to be a fan of PMC and Judy Greer. Having them all wrapped up in one fun podcast present? Bonus. My write-up for Jesse Fox Splitsider "Week In Comedy" podcast round-up:

Judy Greer is an entertainment gem, always a treat no matter the movie, show or interview. Her recent visit with Pop My Culture’s Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland is another head first jump into the silly pool. It’s such an easy fit, Greer feels like she could be the unofficial third host. The three roll through a ton of topics and even manage to mix in some a little honest-to-god thoughtful Greer career revelations. Some of the choice topics include the glory of a Zombie Whitney Houston video, tornado turtles, CMT reality shows, academic Taco Bell talk and whole lot more. It’s a treat to see both the contemplative and go-with-it shades of Greer. There’s quality revelations on Greer’s latest film, Jeff Who Lives At Home, including some serious Susan-Surandon-is-awesome talk. A particularly crazy segment is when the trio list numerous types of “Judy” – a truly oddball brainstorming session. Plus, Greer explains the mechanics of Madonna parties. Stratton’s a smart and thoughtful host, keeping things moving and sneaking in a few oddball revelations to match Ragland’s charming kookiness. Ragland punctuates like no other in podcasting. Both Stratton and Ragland embrace the joy of tangents. Having Greer in tow just adds to the fun.

The rest of the Splitsider podcast group went a little off the beaten path this week with its main picks and honorable mentions. Always fun to spread the shout-out wealth. (Pretty sure there's no actual monitary value assigned to podcasts or podcast-related shout-outs.) The complete list of picks from the Splitsider crew:

The Duncan Trussell Family Hour #8 - Pete Holmes
The Smartest Man in the World "Lobsters"
Pop My Culture #72 – Judy Greer
My Brother, My Brother and Me #96
FitzDog Radio with Greg Fitzsimmons "St. Patrick’s Hangover Show"
Walking The Room #95 – Dana Gould
You Made It Weird #33 – Judd Apatow, Todd Barry, Chris Gethard, Kumail Nanjiani (and, briefly, Doug Benson)

The Splitsider podcast crew also handed out honorable mentions. This week, they include Get Up On This #33 (Emily Gordon), It's That Episode #10 (John Gemberling), Never Not Funny #1015 (Matt Walsh), Pod Awful #330 "The Ex-Girlfriend Episode" (Hate Maile) The Dead Authors Podcast Chapter 7 "P.G. Wodehouse" (Brian Stack), The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show #36 (Craig Rowin), The Todd Glass Show #37 (James Adomian) and WTF with Marc Maron #262 (Fred Willard).


Splitsider Top 5 Comedy Podcasts: August 25


Splitsider's comedy podcast research team (not their actual titles), Jesse Fox and Joe Berkowitz, offered up another round of favorite comedy podcast episodes this week. Excited for the much-deserved props for The Apple Sisters semi-serialized episode. This and other quality shows receiving some love:

The Apple Sisters # 13 - featuring Randy Sklar, Jason, Sklar, Baron Vaughn
Doug Loves Movies - featuring Morgan Spurlock, Craig Bierko, Matt Besser, James Adomian, Garfunkel & Oates
How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner # 24 - featuring Paul F. Tompkins, Jamie Denbo
My Brother, My Brother and Me #68 "Never Stop Dancing"
Who Charted? #37 - featuring Paul F. Tompkins

The not-quite-top-5-worthy shows include: Comedy Bang! Bang! #119 (featuring Gillian Jacobs and Andy Daly), Uhh Yeah Dude #285 and The Nerdist #117 (featuring Tom Lennon and Ben Garant).

Read Splitsider's complete episode recaps and Top 5 rationale here.