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Mike & Tom Eat Snacks Moves To Nerdist

The irreverant and thorougly silly snack-riffic show, Mike and Tom Eat Snacks is now calling The Nerdist Network home. Last week's hershey kiss episode marked the first new show on the Chris Hardwick operated network. The show had been missing-in-action for over a month. No word yet on what the network shift might mean to the show. Suffice to say, the real question is how many new snacks are left for Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanagh to argue about.


Michael Ian Black Releases New Album, VERY FAMOUS

Everyone's favorite impolite comedian, newly christened snack authority and podcaster, Michael Ian Black released a stand-up album via Comedy Central Records yesterday. The album, Very Famous, is a companion piece to Black's recently aired Comedy Central special. You can grab the album via Amazon.com (CD or MP3 formats). Bonus point for the fittingly obnoxious title and album art.

You can also catch more Michael Ian Black comedy-ness via his weekly Mike & Tom Eat Snacks podcast.


Best In Short: Podcasts In 30 Minutes Or Less

Listen, commitment-phobe. If you break out in a cold sweat when you find your recently downloaded podcasts are all over an hour long, I have some suggestions. First and foremost, calm down. Maybe see a medical professional? Or, at the very least, start a Yahoo! Answers thread regarding your weird podcast-related anxiety issues. While you’re refreshing the thread, awaiting responses, check out these tidbits of aural delight.

Affirmation Nation with Bob Ducca

Bob Ducca (Seth Morris) delivers a micro podcast in less than five minutes, five days a week. As you would expect from America's favorite ex-step-father, Bob Ducca's show is a vehicle for his positive, self-healing philosophy and wisdom. To start the day off right, I recommend listening to the podcast first thing in the morning. If I may make a more specific suggestion: sandwich listening to the show between your morning meditation and breakfast.



Offering nuggets of random fun, Eardrop can be listened to any time of day, especially when you need a little pick-me-up. Comedians (recently Tom Lennon & Steve Agee) leave messages on the Eardrop voicemail for listeners to enjoy the next day. Here‘s how you take the fun one step further: download and listen to the show on your phone. It's as if these messages were left for you! It puts a smile right on your face. Avoid contemplating the logistics of how you've tricked yourself into thinking these were your own personal voicemail messages. It may lead to a deep depression.


Mike Detective

On hiatus! Mike Detective boasts an impressive list of guest stars including Henry Winkler, Jon Hamm, Zach Galifiankis and Patton Oswalt. You'll like the show if you liked Dick Tracy but think there were too many missed opportunities for dick jokes. This show is intense! It's sexy! And it's short! Season one of Rob Huebel's serial noir has come to an exciting conclusion, but it’s not too late to catch up. Just like catching up on Friday Night Lights, or any of the other shows that my friends annoyingly insist I need to add to my Netflix queue. Then, they usually ask me to explain why I don't have Netflix. I tell my friends, between my interests and my day job, it just doesn't make sense to pay a monthly fee when I might watch two DVDs a month. Then one of my “thoughtful” friends might remind me, "Hey, weren't you writing something?" Thanks, friend.


Steve Agee: Uhhh

A wonderfully lovable curmudgeon, Steve Agee offers up an audio-blog, of sorts. The podcast has no set format. Steve may play his guitar, talk about his day or talk to friends. Steve lets listeners into his world through a cynical, yet honest and thoughtful perspective. Episodes range between five and thirty minutes and sometimes feature guests like Ellen Page, Maria Thayer, or Missi Pyle. Although the last episode was released in May, you can catch up with Steve on the YouTube sensation, Sad Sad Conversation. The video series continues Agee’s personal, almost confessional share sessions.


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Mike & Tom Eat Snacks Gets A Website

One of the more inane (in the best possible way) comedy podcasts making the rounds is the we-kid-you-not snack oriented show, Mike & Tom Eat Snacks. The show is the comedic offspring of comedian Michael Ian Black and actor Tom Cavanagh. The twosome added a Tumblr Blog for their show. Now fans of the show can locate past episodes and submit questions and snack suggestions for future shows.

Each Mike & Tom Eat Snacks episode follows a simple formula. The two friends, Black and Cavanagh eat snacks, discuss snacks and argue a lot (not always about snacks). Michael Ian Black is his usually playfully obnoxious self with his buddy Tom Cavanagh sincerity serving as a perfect foil. Cavanagh gets in plenty of comedy, too. Of course it's dumb. But hey - it's dumb on purpose. That counts for something. The show is a great deadpan satire on the lameness of the friends-talking-about-nothing comedy podcast format. Yet, these guys are naturally charming and funny, making it a fun show to follow for non-satire reasons. Plus, they do a damn good job sucking you into intense conversations about snacks. A reminder to find humor in the little things.

Check-out their new site and submit a snack request or question.