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The AV Club: The Sklar Brothers Interview

Jesse Thorn and The Sklar Brothers get into it and then some in a recent A.V. Club interview. Lots of tangents, over-talking (in print form, no less!) and even a few inappropriate comments. Just the way I like my Sklar time. It's a fun read among some of the best podcasters working today (Maximum Fun, Jordan Jesse Go!, Sklarbro Country). Enjoy.


Plop of The Week: Jordan, Jesse GO! with Andrés du Bouchet

Okay - we went from last week's 'couple of dudes talking in a closet' to the widely ambitious 'couple of dudes talking in a regular room.' I'm the first guy to laud the more creative and ambitious digital shows out there in podcast land but funny is funny. Engaging seems to come in simple packages. Maximum Fun's Jordan, Jesse GO! is no different. Hosts Jesse Thorn and Jordan Morris have been at it for awhile now and continue to offer up an impressively consistent interview show, meeting all the 'good show' check marks along the way. For these guys, I'm always down when they get silly and Thorn halfphazard crashes back and forth between sophisticated host and his inner 'fuck it all' bastard. With one of my favorite comedians, Andrés du Bouchet, in for a visit, listeners get treated to a particularly loopy episode. #204 is my pick for the Splitsider "This Week In Comedy Podcasts":

A couple of guys talking is pretty much the garage band gathering for digital comedy. Let’s hangout and riff, man. Few duos do a better job of gleefully adhering to this laid back and honest approach than Jesse Thorn and Jordan Morris of Jordan, Jesse GO! The Maximum Fun podcasting partners turned in a particularly loose and jovial episode featuring the smart and always affable comedian Andrés du Bouchet (writer for Conan, to boot). Claiming the title of “Count (or Duke) of Cheeseburgers,” Du Bouchet easily saddles in as another one of the guys. There’s a humorously long dissection of what it means to get lost in the video game world of Skyrim. Morris and Du Bouchet confound Jesse with their video game knowledge. Thorn proposes the Mr. T video game avatar should be the only avatar ever needed. The episode keeps it both grounded and silly, sneaking in some quality pop culture tangents. There’s some quality Conan talk, highlighted by the Morris and Thorn’s complete obsession with the mystery of Du Bouchet’s Gravy Boat Lighthouse segment on a recent Conan episode. Analyzing the merits of the 30-second Gravy Boat Lighthouse for minutes at a time pretty much sums up the delirious fun and pseudo-profundity Morris, Thorn and friends can offer up at any given time.


Here's the complete list of the Splitsider episode picks, all the usual suspects and some old favorites, you know a bunch of dudes being funny. Let's a take a moment in rememberance of the missing WTF - gone (until next week, I'm guessing) but not forgotten:

The Best Show on WFMU "The 2nd Best Show Holiday Party" - Ted Leo, John Hodgman, Jon Wurster
Comedy Bang! Bang! #136 - Paul F. Tompkins, Harris Wittels, Brett Gelman, Jon Daly, Seth Morris, Nick Kroll, Thomas Lennon, James Adomian, Adam Pally
Dead Author’s Podcast "Appendix A: Charles Dickens and O. Henry" - Hal Lublin, Marc Evan Jackson
Jordan, Jesse GO! #204 - Andrés du Bouchet
Mike and Tom Eat Snacks #43

The Splitsider honorable mentions: The B.S. Report (Louis C.K.), David Feldman Comedy Podcast "2011 Highlights #3", improv4humans #6 (Ben Schwartz, Danielle Schneider, Alex Fernie), Earwolf Presents: Jon Daly's Rafflecast.


WTF With Marc Maron Partners With Public Radio Exchange

Thanks to the help of Public Radio veterans, Jesse Thorn and Nick White, the popular onilne comedy interview series, WTF With Marc Maron, is now available to public radio stations nationwide. Thorn and White partnered with Marc Maron to bring his biting and insightful series to public radio audiences, albeit in a cleaned up and slightly shortened form.

The newly created Public Radio Exchange will serve as the distribution source for the ten edited episodes of WTF With Marc Maron. The Public Radio Exchange is an arm of the Public Radio network, providing an online hub for content producers to post their shows and/or projects online for public radio stations to pick-up for their own individual programming needs.

The blurring of the lines of audio content continues. A show is a show is a show sort of theory at work. Quality podcast content doesn't need to necessarily stay in it's podcast ghetto (download or streaming of full episodes).

It's a treat to see the leading comedy podcast, WTF, continue to find new audiences and exposure. Perhaps another step in validating online content, making it less disposable? If validation is what you're into. The Public Radio Exchange and its new distribution channel could serve as another great tool for producers of quality podcasts. Licensing edited or possibly entire versions of their work for independent public radio stations is a smart option for interested producers. It's safe to guess that not every show will be a natural fit for public radio programming, but having the distribution option available certainly has value. This type of content exchange or marketplace could serve as a model for future audio distribution channels, perhaps outside of the public radio realm.

Jesse Thorn and Nick White are comedy podcast contributors in their own right with their typically comedy-centric interview series, PRI: The Sound of Young America. Thorn also produces Judge John Hodgeman and Jordan, Jesse Go! for his production company and comedy podcast network, Maximum Fun.


New To Plop List: Mustache Rangers

Safety in podcasts? Well, a new addition to The Plop List directory, the Mustache Rangers are probably not going to help you there. They are here to bring a fun brief spurts of improvised fun into your life with their weekly short-form show.

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, The Mustache Rangers are a podcast and improv comedy team. The duo is comprised of Corey Anderson and Aric McKeown. Anderson adopts the persona of Commander Major Alastair Q. Bastidious and McKeown has the made-up rank of First Lieutenant Rutuger G. Phooneybaum. They duo has performed since 2005 in the Minneapolis area and has appeared at numerous festivals and comedy venues in the Midwest area.

The Rangers started their podcast in 2007 and has built a solid cult following with a few nice plugs along the way. They've been featured on Yahoo! Picks, MaximumFun.org, and Edgy Podcast Reviews.

Check-out the show and their site for more information. Their website offers this rather accurate and playful description:

Their performances and podcasts are best described as a cross between Buck Rogers, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Samuel Beckett.


Maximum Fun Heads To Chicago, Ann Arbor This Week

Chicago and Ann Arbor are getting a healthy dose of Maximum Fun this week. The cool kids podcasting network is bringing The Sound of Young America and Jordan, Jesse Go! to the Midwest this week.

The Second City in Chicago will be hosting live recordings of The Sound of Young America (Wednesday, April 13) and Jordan, Jesse Go! (Sunday, April 17). A double dose of Jesse Thorn for good folk of Chicago. (We have no idea if the residents of Chicago are really "good folk," but we're willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.)

The Ann Arbor District Library is offering a free taping of Jordan, Jesse Go! on Friday, April 15, along with bonus Jordan and Jess fun the next day, Saturday, April 16. Thorn presents Make Your Thing at 1PM and Morris heads up The FUNdamentals of Improv Comedy at 2PM. These events are free but require a ticket reservation.


IFC Shout-out for Earwolf

Maximum Fun's Jesse Thorn gave a nice shout-out to his podcasting brothers, Earwolf, on his quick-hitting IFC news show, The Grid. IFC's recent comedy and cultural make-over continues to impress, perhaps winning over the enthusiastic comedy fans?

IFC is offering some great new shows, including the TV version of Comedy Death-Ray, and has some interesting comedy shows in development. They also are offering awesome reruns of comedy fan favorites, The Larry Sanders Show, Mr. Show and Arrested Development. It's nice to see a brief mention of comedy podcasts, too.


Comedy Podcast Network Is Online

A new comedy-focused podcast network launched this month. The originally-named Comedy Podcast Network will feature a variety of shows, as well as offering services to enterprising producers hoping to start their own show. This less-branded approach to podcast networks sets them apart from the other early entities like Earwolf and Maximum Fun. Not passing judgement yet - just taking note.

A quick review of their sites offerings, reveals Co-Founder Mike Costantini with hand in a few of the shows. Their early shows include The Second Column, Bro Squad 5, The Fort and Curtain Jerks. The Second Column seems to be the early stand-out of the network's initial offering. They just recorded a live show at The Improv Lab in Hollywood featuring Sean Conroy and Eddie Pepitone, hosts of The Long Shot

We're looking forward to checking out their shows.