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New Superego Plops With Patton Oswalt Joining The Fun

The crazy good sketch/improv show, Superego, plopped a new episode today featuring comedian Patton Oswalt. The episode is full of the usual dose of superb "case study" sketches with topics all over the map. Oswalt and comedy stalwart, Chris Tallman, start things off with an instant classic sketch about Superman's General Zod. The episode also features inspired sketches within the James Bond world and some serious Sam Elliott riffing.

Superego continues its 3-season run of expertly performed and produced audio sketch comedy. The Superego team is made up of Jeremy Carter, Matt Gourley, Mark McConville and Jeff Crocker. Each episode also features tons of special guest contributors. The creativity of characters the team builds through its great cast and chemistry, leads to a truly impressive collection of improvised sketches. The audio production always elevates the sketches beyond the standard bunch-of-dudes-in-a-room quality. The Superego team seamlessly puts the listener in each environment, elevating the comedy and listening experience. The show doesn't wait for the listener to catch its breath, bowling straight ahead from one absurd sketch to the next. Superego shows play out like distant cousins to joyfully absurdprojects of the past (two that come to mind: Monty Python and Ren & Stimpy).

To learn more about the Superego world and creative process, check-out, the informative and lighthearted interview on last week's Wolf Den. Earwolf's co-founder, Jeff Ullrich, and Matt Gourley, one of Superego's founding members, talk at length about the unique process of creating an episode of Superego.