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Earwolf & WTF Make The Laughspin Comedy App List

Laughspin's Dylan P. Gadino offered up a list of seven favorite comedy apps for the iPhone earlier this week. Two comedy podcast apps made the list: Earwolf and WTF with Marc Maron. The audio and digital nature of podcasts makes for an easy fit in the mobile realm. However, there's not a litany of branded comedy podcast apps out there for listeners.  At least not yet.

Podcasts have several different ways of reaching your ear holes, with mobile devices being high on the convenience list. For the most part, listeners are stuck with iTunes on the go or a podcast service like the Stitcher Radio (still occupying an ethical gray area with their use-content-until-we-get-caught funding plan). The content producers with the resources to create their own mobile app delivery systems have a head start on reaching current and potential listeners with the power of quality control and branding to boot. Kudos to the podcast companies for putting actual comedy content into their apps, versus the alternative of lighthearted gaming or time-wasting distractions.


Marc Maron "This Has To Be Funny" Sets Aug. 9th Release Date

Marc Maron is releasing some good ol' fashioned audio comedy content - an album. His This Has To Be Funny is set for release August 9th courtesy of Comedy Central Records. LaughSpin has an early track listing and some additional details. This is Maron's first album after the explosion in popularity of his WTF with Marc Maron podcast. Perhaps, as a bridge between the two digital comedy worlds, the album art borrows from the WTF T-shirt catalog.

Maron's album release party will also serve as a live WTF recording at The Steve Allen Theater in Los Angeles. Tickets are available for the Tuesday, August 9th recording here.

Thanks to LaughSpin for the heads up.


LaughSpin Dips Toe In Podcast Waters

Joy in details post here...This week Punchline Magazine switched over to LaughSpin, accompanied with a new website format. Comedy podcast fans should note LaughSpin has a brand new spanking header section for podcasts. There's only one article in the section, so far. With the almighty new podcast section header just hanging there at the top of the page looking all official, it seems like LaughSpin is looking to fill that sucker. Another small sign of comedy podcasts going legit.