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New To Plop List: You Made It Weird

Another Nerdist offering gets in The Plop List directory. I know - it's sort of cheating. But Pete Holmes' new show, You Made It Weird, is certainly funny. The show is a free-flowing discussion between Holmes and his guest. Going off on random tangents seems to be the M.O. An early lazy description for the show: the bastard quicker version of Professor Blastoff. There's a fun combo of intelligent and completely dumb tangents - all kick started with a bit of curiousity about what may be "weird." Holmes skillfully sets a quick and funny conversational pace. The sense of listening to a structured show disappears quickly. Don't worry - there's still some interview-y chunks snuck into the show, as well.

So far early guests include Holmes' comedy buddies, Kumail Nanjiani, T.J. Miller and Demetri Martin. The show comes in a notch longer than an hour and plops every Wednesday.


Build-A-Pod: An Interview With Podcast Producer Katie Levine

In the world of podcasting, very few people have found a way to turn it into a paying gig. Katie Levine is one of them.

Not only has she worked for ACE Broadcasting and Nerdist Industries, she found success as a freelance podcast producer. She also hosts and produces her own show, Save It For Air. Despite Katie only producing/engineering for a year and a half, she’s already a digital comedy veteran. I’m extremely appreciative she found time to speak with me about her role as a producer and her thoughts on the medium as a whole.

DAN HUFFMAN:  You’re one of the few people producing podcasts in a professional capacity. Do you find your particular skill set in high demand?

KATIE LEVINE:  When I left ACE Broadcasting, I thought about getting out of podcasting. But now everybody wants to start one and I’m in the unique spot of knowing how to make one from start to finish. Not a lot of people know how to do that, so it’s really worked out for me.

DH:  You’re working not only with Nerdist Industries, but as a freelance producer?

KL:  I have all my own equipment for my podcast, Save it For Air. I actually started doing Riki Lindhome’s podcast freelance, and then Nerdist Industries picked up her show. Chris Hardwick heard the pilot and approached her about it. Riki had contacted me. Others have contacted me when they heard that I knew how to do this. And so, I kind of just fell into it.

DH:  How did you end up working for Adam Corolla at ACE Broadcasting?

KL:  I was a big fan of his. I started listening to podcasts in New York because I did so much commuting. His show was actually the first one I listened to. When I moved out to LA, he had just started doing the live shows. I went to Laughs for Bald Brian, which was a charity event. I started talking to this guy that was next to me on the valet line, who happened to work there. We became friends and one day he sent me an email saying, “hey, we’re hiring.” They wanted a girl that knew all the technical stuff and could put up with working in an all-boys environment.

DH:  You ended up fitting in?

KL:  Yeah. I was a big fan of Adam’s from Loveline and actually really liked The Man Show. So I really fit in. That’s my kind of humor.

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Photo Recap: The Nerdist Live With Lennon & Garant

Photo by Liezl Estipona - www.heyitsliezl.com

On Thursday, June 30th, the whip smart and crazy fun comedy team of Tom Lennon and Ben Garant visited The Nerdist gang for a rollicking podcast recording that stretched into the night. The fun took place at The Nerdist Theater at Meltdown Comics.

Lennon and Garant were on hand to promote the release of their screening writing book, Writing Movies For Fun and Profit. First, there was a visit from Kumail Nanjiani discussing his citizenship ceremony from earlier the same day. Immediately from the get-go, Lennon and Garant were high energy and comedy, high-fiving and accosting audience members. As a Nerdist show is apt to do, the discussion zipped from topic to topic, including their book, Hollywood stories, experiences on The State and even a therapeutic dissection of The Suicide Girls photo book Lennon grabbed from the front of Meltdown Comics. Chris Hardwick steered the ship with Matt Mira and Jonah Ray providing timely inappropriate remarks. Steve Agee was even on hand taking photos alongside Liezl Estipona. No word yet on the episode's plop date. Stay tuned.

Photographer Liezl Estipona's stellar photos really capture the frenetic vibe of the recording. Her full set from the show can be viewed via Flickr.

Photo by Liezl Estipona - www.heyitsliezl.com

Photo by Liezl Estipona - www.heyitsliezl.comPhoto by Liezl Estipona - www.heyitsliezl.comPhoto by Liezl Estipona - www.heyitsliezl.com