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New To Plop List: The Indoor Kids

Comedy podcasts and The Plop List Directory get their game on with The Indoor Kids, the new video game centric show from Chris Hardwick's Nerdist Industries. Three episodes in and The Indoor Kids is off to a great start!  Who exactly are these fine indoor-staying, video game playing folks?  Comedian extraordinaire Kumail Nanjiani and friendly gamer Ali Baker (G4) bring a diverse, funny and passionate point of view to the world of video games. Similar to what the Sklar Brothers and The League have done, bridging the gap between sports and comedy nerds, The Indoor Kids offer this fusion for the world of video games.

A recent Indoor Kids episode features the hilarious Pete Holmes, as well as Nanjiani’s likeable wife and hardcore gamer, Emily V. Gordon (G4′s Feedback, Program Director of the Nerdist Theater at Meltdown Comics). The conversation advances well beyond video games, venturing into issues like the singularity and humanity's potential upcoming immortality. Along these lines, morality in games is discussed. This video game morality discussion includes a hilarious, shameful debate about the best way to kill a Sim, whether in a terrifying room surrounded by fireplaces and books and no door, or in a pool without a ladder. Another Holmes/Gordon episode topic is “couples gaming.” The group playfully hypothesizes women are jumpier in games in an effort to protect their ovum.

Nanjiani, Baker and their comedic guests release new episodes every Monday. The Indoor Kids is a carefree combination of comedic tangents and hardcore gamer talk, making each episode feel like a shoot-the-shit ditch day at the arcade with friends.