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Plop of The Week: Judge John Hodgman #64

John Hodgman helps us all get to know the fun of spoilers, our current national cultural nightmare. His latest episode of Judge John Hodgman tackles the great "spoiler" issue of our times. Plus, listeners get a whole of Hodgman-Breaking Bad bits. Here's my write-up for Splitsider's "Week In Comedy Podcast" post from last week:

The always silly but never not proper, Judge John Hodgman tackles a topic of our times this past week with a spoiler-centric episode. Plus, we get a healthy amount of Breaking Bad references. John Hodgman delightfully turns the proceedings into a mash-up discussion of pop culture references and a deep-seeded character study of the spoiler and spoil-ee. The debate centers around a roommate supposedly spoiling Breaking Bad. Adam and Andrew, the fake podcast plaintiff and defendant, make several attempts at bringing humor themselves. At each turn Hodgman’s ready with a healthy amount of fake ire. Another fun bit of business is Hodgman repeatedly throwing out obviously false Breaking Bad spoilers along with a few real spoilers. Despite all the fun, the group still squeaks out a bit of serious academic analysis on the idea of spoilers. Hodgman’s smatry-pants comedy persona and on-the-fly riffing skills make this lighthearted courtroom satire always a quick listening treat.

Here's the complete list of episode picks from last week's Splitsider round-up, full of new favorites and some current heavy hitters on the comedy podcast front:

The Best Show on WFMU #501
Doug Loves Movies – Neal Brennan, Seth Herzog, and Megan Neuringer
You Made it Weird #59 "Live from Chicago"
Judge John Hodgman #64 “A Quashed Plot Never Spoils”
Making It with Riki Lindhome #48 - Shannon Woodward
The Funny Indian Show #99 – Jordan Berman
Kevin Pollak Chat Show #150 – Dan Harmon
It’s That Episode #21 – Matt Besser / Teen Mom

Last week's honorable mentions include Fitzdog Radio (Michael Ian Black), The Long Shot #513 (Jessica St. Clair), Totally Laime #124 (T.J. Miller) and Who Charted? #81 (Eric Andre).


2012 SF Sketchfest Packs In The Podcasts

The SF Sketchfest announced its lineup for its 2012 fest, including a slew of quality comedy podcasts offering up live recording shows. The comedy festival highlights sketch comedy and much more over several weeks, January 19 through February 4th to be exact. I'd venture to say this may be the greatest concentration (over a few weeks, albeit) of live comedy podcast shows at one festival. Congrats to all the shows making the San Francisco trek. Even more so - congrats to all the lucky digital comedy fans in the area. Tickets are on sale here.

With so may great podcasts at the fest, you might as well just check-out the full list:

WTF with Marc Maron - Geoff Bolt, Will Durst, Pete Holmes, Arden Myrin and Laraine Newman
The Nerdist - Guests TBA
Doug Loves Movies - Guests TBA
The Benson Movie Interruption: Road House - Guests TBA
Never Not Funny - Pat Francis, John Slattery
Kevin Pollak's Chat Show - Guests TBA
The Smartest Man in the World Proopcast
Walking The Room
Superego - Paul F. Tompkins
Pop My Culture
RISK! - Steve Agee, Robert Ben Garant, Nikki Glaser, Joshua Grannell, Myq Kaplan, Kerri Kenney-Silver, Natasha Leggero, Rick Overton, Sheng Wang and more

For the full 2012 lineup, check-out www.sfsketchfest.com or follow the fest on Twitter (@SFSketchfest).


Plop of The Week: Guys With Feelings with Andrea Savage

This week I went with a classic show - yes, it's obnoxious to call anything classic in the digital space - Guys With Feelings. Jason Nash and the gang offered up a great example of what they do well. Easy flowing conversation smoothly transitioning between honest revelations and riffing. This week was as good as any to give them props for the long running funny. The recap:

The “been here for years” podcast street cred applies to Guys With Feelings. I’ll admit to not taking the walk with hosts Jason Nash and Jeff Bumgarner as often as I should. They always deliver with a fun free flowing chat that can be real or get really silly really fast. The show is always a treat.  The latest episode featured visits from comedian/actress Andrea Savage and Jake Kroeger from The Comedy Bureau. Savage as the co-star of Nash’s upcoming web series has an easy conversation with the guys. Nash is one of the best hosts working today. He coaxes tons of great Savage stories, highlighted by her honest and engaging story of very recent experiences at her grandfather’s funeral. Savage somehow pivots to some honest talk about stand-up, sexual past and on-screen kissing. Plus, Nash and Savage humorously try to offer up girl advice for Jake Kroeger. Roller coaster of emotions, indeed.


Our randomly formed Jesse Fox led Splitsider podcasting team took an admirable stab at showing some love for variety and some classics this week:

Who Charted? #49 - Ben Schwartz
You Made It Weird #5 - Chelsea Peretti
The Dead Authors Podcast Chapter 3 "Dorothy Parker" - Jen Kirkman
Guys With Feelings - Andrea Savage & Jake Kroeger
Kevin Pollak Chat Show #134 - Patrick Warburton
Doug Loves Movies - Cake Boss, El Chupacabra, Don Dimelo

Honorable mentions include Comedy Bang! Bang! #130 (Bobby Moynihan, Jenny Slate, Elizabeth Laime), WTF with Marc Maron #224 (Chris Rock) and Sklarboro Country #67 (Maria Bamford, Jason Nash).

Check-out the full recaps/reviews here.