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Plop of The Week: Judge John Hodgman #64

John Hodgman helps us all get to know the fun of spoilers, our current national cultural nightmare. His latest episode of Judge John Hodgman tackles the great "spoiler" issue of our times. Plus, listeners get a whole of Hodgman-Breaking Bad bits. Here's my write-up for Splitsider's "Week In Comedy Podcast" post from last week:

The always silly but never not proper, Judge John Hodgman tackles a topic of our times this past week with a spoiler-centric episode. Plus, we get a healthy amount of Breaking Bad references. John Hodgman delightfully turns the proceedings into a mash-up discussion of pop culture references and a deep-seeded character study of the spoiler and spoil-ee. The debate centers around a roommate supposedly spoiling Breaking Bad. Adam and Andrew, the fake podcast plaintiff and defendant, make several attempts at bringing humor themselves. At each turn Hodgman’s ready with a healthy amount of fake ire. Another fun bit of business is Hodgman repeatedly throwing out obviously false Breaking Bad spoilers along with a few real spoilers. Despite all the fun, the group still squeaks out a bit of serious academic analysis on the idea of spoilers. Hodgman’s smatry-pants comedy persona and on-the-fly riffing skills make this lighthearted courtroom satire always a quick listening treat.

Here's the complete list of episode picks from last week's Splitsider round-up, full of new favorites and some current heavy hitters on the comedy podcast front:

The Best Show on WFMU #501
Doug Loves Movies – Neal Brennan, Seth Herzog, and Megan Neuringer
You Made it Weird #59 "Live from Chicago"
Judge John Hodgman #64 “A Quashed Plot Never Spoils”
Making It with Riki Lindhome #48 - Shannon Woodward
The Funny Indian Show #99 – Jordan Berman
Kevin Pollak Chat Show #150 – Dan Harmon
It’s That Episode #21 – Matt Besser / Teen Mom

Last week's honorable mentions include Fitzdog Radio (Michael Ian Black), The Long Shot #513 (Jessica St. Clair), Totally Laime #124 (T.J. Miller) and Who Charted? #81 (Eric Andre).


The AV Club: Podmass January 19-25

Catching up on podcasts seems to be the norm. If you're forced to skip around and not be one of those hardcore completist, The A.V. Club's weekly Podmass highlights and recaps is always a great reference guide for a quick catch-up session. Once again, the comedy shows win the day with the overwhelming majority of the "best" spots. The A.V. Club elders also took time to note The Sideshow Network's Jerky Boys show. We need more terms other than "retro" for going back to the past for creative content. Not passing judgment - just thinking it's the norm now and we should have more shades of labelling looking back.

I can't forget that both The Nerdist and You Made It Weird pulled off the not-really-that-rare "WTF" - double episode acclaim. Also - let's all celebrate The Bugle releasing their first independent show. Here are the comedy episodes making the cut from the latest Podmass offering

The Bugle #179 "Playas Gon Play"
Comedy Bang! Bang! #141 "Ladies Night"  Tig Notaro, Ronna & Beverly
Doug Loves Movies - Pat Wilson, Josh Freese, Brendon Walsh, Graham Elwood
How Was Your Week? #46 “Consequences” - Chris Gethard, Katie Notopoulos
Judge John Hodgman #49 "The Master’s Disaster"
Mike and Tom Eat Snacks #47 "Pirate’s Booty"
Monday Morning Podcast
The Nerdist #160 - Graham Elwood
The Nerdist #161 - Stephen Merchant
Stop Podcasting Yourself #201 - Jon Dore
The Thrilling Adventure Hour #55 "Captain Laserbeam!: Even Bluebirds Get The Blues"
Walking The Room #87 - Rob Delaney
WTF With Marc Maron #247 - Ralphie May
You Made It Weird #15 - Nick Thune
You Made It Weird #16 - T.J Miller



The AV Club: Podmass Dec 29 - Jan 4 

Here you go. The might A.V. Club sumbitted another quality "best of" list for the week's podcasts. Again, comedy shows occupied the bulk of the spots. A lot of the usual big shows and favorites from the weekly Podmass post. Bullseye, formerly The Sound of Young America, started off its new year with a quality episode. The comedy shows making the Podmass cut this past week: 

The Bugle "Best Of 2011 Parts 1 & 2"
Bullseye "The A.V. Club, Dan Deacon, Downton Abbey, and Chris Lilley"
Comedy Bang! Bang! #138 "Ghost Protocol" - Andy Richter, Paul F. Tompkins
Doug Loves Movies - Pete Holmes, Chelsea Peretti, Nick Kroll guest
Judge John Hodgman "The Carry On Carryings-On"
Never Not Funny #1004 "Taking Risks" - Tig Notaro
Sklarbro Country #75 "New Year's Extravaganza" - Chris Cox, Jason Nash, James Adomian
WTF With Marc Maron #240 - Annabelle Gurwitch, Jeff Kahn
WTF With Marc Maron #241 - Mojo Nixon, Jonah Ray, Maronzio Vance, Steve Mazan, Jim Earl, Eddie Pepitone
You Made It Weird #12 - Anthony Jeselnik



The AV Club: Podmass December 1-7

The A.V. Club elders did their thing again. You know that thing? The one where they consume a shitload of media and entertainment and then act all knowledgeable about it, maybe even with a little better-than-the-rest-of-us vibe? Yeah, that thing. Honestly, I'm always in awe of the output of their staff. Even if it's all a lie, they do a damn good job of lying to us.

They also took the time to check-out two new shows (new to them): You Made It Weird and The Dork Forest. Both are quality shows with distinct outputs compared to their peer shows, thanks in large part to their great hosts (Pete Holmes and Jackie Kashian, respectively).

Their Podmass picks for favorite podcast episodes are again comedy dominated with many of the usual suspects. A few more selections than the last week out: 

The Best Show On WFMU
The Bugle #174 "Britain’s Back Baby!"
How Was Your Week? #39 “Horror-curious” - Nick Kroll, Gabe Liedman
Judge John Hodgman #43 "Triple Word Scorn"
The Nerdist #147: Jimmy Pardo
Sklarbro Country #71 "Sklarbros And Sklarhos" Tom Segura, Chris Cox
The Smartest Man In The World "Crackers"
The Sound of Young America - Carrie Fisher
Superego #3:10
Uhh Yeah Dude #300
Walking The Room #80 "Fashion Fight and The Horse Ending"
Who Charted? #53 "Ace Of Baritone" - Myq Kaplan
WTF With Marc Maron #232 - Henry Phillips

Check-out the complete Podmass recaps here.



The AV Club: Podmass November 10-16

Several days late passing along the almighty A.V. Club's podcast picks from last week, also known affectionately and literarlly (marketing synergy!) as the "Podmass." On the comedy front, the usual suspects take center stage. Should we be bitter about it? Let's go with "no." Good is good, even if it's at an annoyingly consistent clip. Some cool new shows get a "New To Us" shout-out from the A.V. Club elders: This Is That and Deep S##! With Baron Vaughn. On to the comedy selections this time out:

The Best Show On WFMU
The Bugle #172 "Berlusconi Bows Out"
Comedy Bang! Bang! #131 "Mayor Of Hollywood" Jason Mantzoukas, Andy Daly
Judge John Hodgman #41 "Out Of REC-order"
The Nerdist #141 - Dave Attell
Never Not Funny #924 - Scott Aukerman
RISK! "The Best Of RISK! Part 2"
Scott Free #14 "We’re Back!"
Sklarbro Country #68 "Beware Of Falling Fat Guys" - Will Forte
Thrilling Adventure Hour #47
Uhh Yeah Dude #297
Walking The Room #77 "Wigtown and The Lice Family"
Who Charted? #50 - Rob Schrab
WTF With Marc Maron #226 - Neil Hamburger, Molly Shannon, Harris Wittels, Jim Earl, Eddie Pepitone
WTF With Marc Maron #227 - Adam Scott

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The AV Club: Podmass October 27 - November 2

Early month Podmass from The A.V. Club means Superego receives its usual (well-deserved) shout-out. After podcasting it up last week, this week The A.V. Club staff offers up a shorter list of favorite shows. The lighter list of comedy shows making the Podmass list this time out is a dude affair. The comedy episodes received praise this time out:

The Bugle #170 "It’s Time To Ban Slap Bass"
Judge John Hodgman #39 "Slash-Friction"
Mike and Tom Eat Snacks #40 "Pralines"
Never Not Funny #922 - Pat Francis
Sklarbro Country #66 "Sklarington Manor" - Joe Lo Truglio, Jesse Thorn, Matt Berry, Rich Fulcher
Superego #3:9
Walking The Room #75 "Witch Nose And The Pig Room"
WTF With Marc Maron #222 - Steve Almond
WTF With Marc Maron #223 - Seth Meyers, Scott Adsit, Jodi Lennon, Julian McCullough, Gabe Liedman, Rachel Feinstein

Check-out the complete Podmass recaps here.



The AV Club: Podmass October 20-26

Another week. Another podcast round-up. ...okay, it's not like there are a zillion of these, so I'll stop being a jerk about passing along one group's picks for their favorite podcast episodes.

The A.V. Club continues to demonstrate their ability to employ A LOT of people, albeit smart and talented people. Thankfully all of those people listen to a lot of podcasts. Which means we get another substantial Podmass recap post. Again, the familiar comedy shows occupy much of the word count. So, there - non-comedic shows. Gauntlet thrown. The A.V. Club intros Alec Baldwin's new radio show/podcast, Here's The Thing, highlights two Moshe Kasher guested plops and praises two episodes of The Nerdist - giving it the rare double dip selection for both its released episodes. Let's call this a "Maron."

Also, I'd like to admit my present and future boycotting of repeating The A.V. Club's selection of Tom Scharpling's twice monthly clip show, Best Show Gems. Sure, it's comedy - typically great stuff - but it's still a clip show culled from several episodes from the longer actual show, Best Show on WFMU. It's comedy cheating. Either the Best Show on WFMU has a good episode or it doesn't. You're not allowed to combine clips and call it a new show and get me to go along with it. At least not for "best of the week" accolades. Enough ineffectual ranting. On to the chosen Podmass comedy shows:

The Bugle #169 "Captain Crazy Corks It"
Doug Loves Movies - Matt Besser, Rob Huebel, Moshe Kasher
How Was Your Week? #33 “Pondering Tonya” - Martha Plimpton
Judge John Hodgman #38 "Pepperoni Pauper"
Mike & Tom Eat Snacks #39 "Banana Cream Pie"
The Nerdist #134 - John Hodgman
The Nerdist #135 - T.J. Miller
Never Not Funny #921 - Moshe Kasher
Risk! #302 "New At This"
Sklarbro Country #65 "Gumballs To The Wall" - Andy Kindler, Jason Nash
The Smartest Man In The World "Ships"
Uhh Yeah Dude #294
Walking The Room #74 "Larry Omaha and Shia LaBoofed"

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The A.V. Club: Podmass October 13-19

The A.V Club staff jumps head first into podcasts yet again.  And, again, the comedy shows fill the Podmass posts when compared to the serious shows. Not that it's a contest or anything. The A.V. Club elders again lean heavy on the big names and big shows. The comedy episodes making the Podmass "Best" list this week out:

Best Show Gems "A Visit From Del The Pizza Guy"
The Bugle #168 "Streets of Rage"
Comedy Bang! Bang! #127 "National Pleasure" - Brody Stevens, Nick Swardson, Paul Scheer
Doug Loves Movies - Sarah Silverman, Nick Kroll, Kumail Nanjiani
How Was Your Week? #32 "Tiny Faces" - Amy Poehler, Rich Fulcher
Judge John Hodgman #37 "Panta-Lunacy"
Mike & Tom Eat Snacks #38 "Guacamole"
Never Not Funny #920 - Jesse Thorn
Risk! "The Best Of Risk! Part 1"
Uhh Yeah Dude #293
Walking The Room #73 - Paul Gilmartin
Who Charted? "Margaret And Al"- Eddie Pepitone
WTF with Marc Maron #219 - Norm Macdonald

You can read the full Podmass post here.



Splitsider Top 5 Comedy Podcasts: September 29


Jesse Fox goes solo this week with Splitsider's handy Top 5 Comedy Podcast list. Maybe the most variety yet and with a sort of NPR inspired cast of shows. Plus, Alan Alda makes a quality appearance. The favorite shows:

Judge John Hodgman
Ronna and Beverly #9 - featuring Ana Ortiz
Star Talk Radio "Live at the Bell House" - featuring Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, Scott Adsit, Alan Alda
This American Wife #38 - featuring Dave Holmes
WTF with Marc Maron #213 - featuring Artie Lange, Nick DiPaolo, Nick Griffin, Joe Mande, Wayne Koestenbaum, Elna Baker, Morgan Spurlock, Ira Glass

The close calls (honorable mentions), both with a Nerdist connection: How Did This Get Made? #19 (featuring Jonah Ray) and The Nerdist #125 (featuring Tom Wilson).

Check-out the complete Splitsider post here.


Splitsider Top 5 Comedy Podcasts: July 28


Jesse Fox and Joe Berkowitz released another Top 5 Comedy podcasts list for Splitsider and presumably comedy podcast fans. This week's list highlights the off-beat shows and episodes, along with some praise for some newer shows.

How Was Your Week? #20 - featuring Maria Bamford
Judge John Hodgman #32: The Cow Beef
The Ronna & Beverly Podcast #5 - featuring Nick Kroll
This American Wife #34 - featuring Paul F. Tompkins, Paget Brewster, Craig Cackowski, Hal LublinMarc Evan Jackson, Mark Gagliardi, Ben Acker, Ben Blacker
WTF with Marc Maron #195 - featuring Demetri Martin

Splitsider's honorable mentions are all about variety: video games to sports to some military dicussions - all under the comedy umbrella. These shows include: The Indoor Kids #3 (featuring Pete Holmes, Emily V. Gordon), Sklarbro Country #52 (featuring Myq Kaplan) and WTF with Marc Maron #194 (featuring Rob Riggle).

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