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Plop of The Week: The Nerdist #147 with Jimmy Pardo

Okay, so this week's favorite episode pick goes to podcast mash-up, of sorts. Yes, hosts being on other hosts' shows is a tried and true method for establishing a non-sucky entertainment standard in podcast land. I'm only human. Funny is funny. And this week's Jimmy Pardo guested episode of The Nerdist gets the extra nod thanks to Pardo adding honesty to the abundant humor. My pick of the Splitsider "This Week In Comedy Podcasts":

When The Nerdist guys gather 'round for a recorded hang out session, it usually goes in two directions: traditional interview reverence or plain ol' dicking around. Well, with always funny Jimmy Pardo in for a visit, we get a stellar laugh/learn combo episode. From the start, Pardo has a ton of fun at the expense of both Jonah Ray and Matt Mira. Ray's skill at finding the moment for an inappropriate/dumb joke is a perfect fit alongside Pardo's similar brand of silliness. I'm officially advocating for a Ray visit to Never Not Funny. Chris Hardwick keeps the show moving along, even venturing into heartfelt territory where the foursome discusses the link between comedy and tragedy. Full of charm and vigor, Pardo's honesty about his past, his show and the people in his life are a delight. Hardwick also finds time to fanboy his favorite Pardo moments, including an awkward Pardo/Lisa Loeb memory. Throughout, Pardo offers up plenty of passionate podcast insight. And, then there's a healthy dose of FLARB. It doesn't all have to make sense. That's half the fun.


Here's the complete list of the Splitsider episode picks, including the inclusion of Earwolf's brilliantly cracked-out Gelmania:

RISK! #308 "The Family"
Superego #3:10
Gelmania #2 - Megan Mullally, Adam Scott, Natasha Leggero, Jackie Clarke, Gil Ozeri
The Nerdist #147 - Jimmy Pardo
Here's The Thing #4 - Chris Rock

More comedy podcast recognition via the always handy honorable mentions: Comedy Bang! Bang! #134 (Kevin Nealon, Ben Schwatz, Amy Phillps), Dead Authors #4 "Benjamin Franklin" (Scott Aukerman), Illusionoid 9th Transmission "Invastion of The Cybernetic Cyberfreaks, Making It With Riki Lindhome #21 (Doug Benson) and WTF with Marc Maron #233 (Anthony Bourdain).


More Nerdist Coming to BBC America

In case you missed, some more good news for those of you into mixing your media. Thanks to BBC America announcing another round of Nerdist TV specials, there's some more Podcasts/Television mixing coming your way.  Anounced via The Nerdist site, Hardwick, Ray and Mira will be producing six more podcast specials to air next year.  One of the episodes is slated to air Christmas Eve 2011 and will be 1-hour long.

There's no word yet about any changes to the format from the original pilot airing this past September.

Check-out the full announcement here.


The Nerdist Hits The Road In October

Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray and Matt Mira are hitting the road, leaving the friendly confines of Hollywood for New York City and Portland, Oregon, this October. Taking The Nerdist to the people is a welcome development for the popular headlining show for the new Nerdist network. October 14th and October 22nd are the respective dates. Click the links below for details on the two shows.

Friday, October 14th, 10:30PM - Gramercy Theatre, New York, NY
Saturday, October 22nd, 8:00PM - Aladdin Theater, Portland, OR


The AV Club: Podmass July 28-August 3

The AV Club scaled it down this week with their podcast praise via the Podmass recap. A lively Sklarbro Country episode and two unorthdox WTF episodes are highlights. The AV Club also gave a mention to The Earwolf Challenge. And, of course, another monthly Superego episode plops to great acclaim. The comedy shows/episodes making the list this week:

Comedy Bang! Bang! #116 - featuring Todd Glass, Jessica St. Clair
Sklarbro Country #53 - featuring Paul Scheer, Kevin Seccia, Langhorne Slim
Superego #3:6
Uhh Yeah Dude #282
Walking The Room #62 - featuring Jonah Ray, Man Tennis
WTF with Marc Maron #196 - featuring Wyatt Cenac, Horatio Sanz, Tom Scharpling, Sam Lipsyte, Kevin Allison
WTF with Marc Maron "Just For Laughs Keynote Address"

Check-out the full Podmass list of recaps here.



Photo Recap: The Nerdist Live With Lennon & Garant

Photo by Liezl Estipona - www.heyitsliezl.com

On Thursday, June 30th, the whip smart and crazy fun comedy team of Tom Lennon and Ben Garant visited The Nerdist gang for a rollicking podcast recording that stretched into the night. The fun took place at The Nerdist Theater at Meltdown Comics.

Lennon and Garant were on hand to promote the release of their screening writing book, Writing Movies For Fun and Profit. First, there was a visit from Kumail Nanjiani discussing his citizenship ceremony from earlier the same day. Immediately from the get-go, Lennon and Garant were high energy and comedy, high-fiving and accosting audience members. As a Nerdist show is apt to do, the discussion zipped from topic to topic, including their book, Hollywood stories, experiences on The State and even a therapeutic dissection of The Suicide Girls photo book Lennon grabbed from the front of Meltdown Comics. Chris Hardwick steered the ship with Matt Mira and Jonah Ray providing timely inappropriate remarks. Steve Agee was even on hand taking photos alongside Liezl Estipona. No word yet on the episode's plop date. Stay tuned.

Photographer Liezl Estipona's stellar photos really capture the frenetic vibe of the recording. Her full set from the show can be viewed via Flickr.

Photo by Liezl Estipona - www.heyitsliezl.com

Photo by Liezl Estipona - www.heyitsliezl.comPhoto by Liezl Estipona - www.heyitsliezl.comPhoto by Liezl Estipona - www.heyitsliezl.com