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Plop of The Week: Jordan, Jesse, Go! #231

Looks like the supposedly laid back pace of Summer has me on the Jordan, Jesse, Go! tip. One of my favorite people in comedy and podcasting, Vanessa Ragland was the guest on their latest show and fit right in, almost like she's the regular third host. It's the thinking man's silly endeavor listening to an episode of this Maximum Fun show. Check-out my post about the episode for Splitsider's "This Week In Comedy Podcasts" column:

Jordan, Jesse, Go! dynamic duo, Jesse Thorn and Jordan Morris rolled out another fun episode this week. They continue to double down on the laid back charm and conversational tangents. Actress, comedian and podcaster in her own right, Vanessa Ragland, joins the guys for a quick moving show that jumps all over the topic map. Ragland’s an easy paring for the show, making her seem almost like a regular co-host of the show. Ragland’s killer skill is being Johnny-on-the-spot with the obnoxious and inappropriate comments at the end of Thorn and Morris’ patented pseudo-stoner theorizing. Thorn throws out another round of baby talk but, as usual, it turns into the best kind of baby talk. A highlight of the show is the groups’ willingness to get on the Magic Mike cultural relevance train and dish out a lengthy discussion on the latest Steven Soderbergh flick. The discussion quickly derails into a dong vs. boner debate and then, again, some quality nonsensical theorizing of what somebody should want from a dong. There’s a whole lot more of where that came from with these three conversational easy riders.

The rest of the Splitsider comedy podcast review team offered up some fun favorite episodes of the week, including Maria Bamford being honest and awesome on The JV Club, plus some new and old classic offerings. Here's the complete list of Splitsider picks:

The Best Show on WFMU #503
Mohr Stories #70 – Marc Maron
Comedy Bang! Bang! #166 – Adam Scott, Harris Wittels, Chelsea Peretti
Jordan, Jesse, Go! #231 – Vanessa Ragland
The JV Club #18 - Maria Bamford
Probably Science #28 – Moshe Kasher

Honorable mentions from the Splitsider crew this week include Sklarbro County # 7 (Matt Braunger, James Adomian), This Feels Terrible # 4 (Jeff Davis), WTF with Marc Maron #295 (JB Smoove) and You Had To Be There #70 (Dave Hill).


Plop of The Week: The Dana Gould Hour #4

It's rarer than you think for creative endeavors to come out ahead of the pack from the get-go but Dana Gould's first batch of episodes for his hourly endeavor, The Dana Gould Hour, is already one of the more top notch online comedy offerings. I finally stopped being a dipshit and chose the show for my Splitsider pick and pick of the week. My write-up for Jesse Fox Splitsider "Week In Comedy" podcast round-up:

Only a few episodes in, The Dana Gould Hour, is already starting to set the pace for production value and sophistication in the comedy podcast race. At the forefront of the show, Gould shares his ample entertainer gifts with listeners – easy conversation, playful comedic tangents, a nerd-riffic detailed passion for pop culture and history along with his masterful approach to comedic sketches. The show calmly skips among segments, using a masterful fade-in/fade-out technique. We only get the awesome bits of the conversations and sketches. Eddie Pepitone and Matt Weinhold visit with Gould for an unhealthy amount of apocalyptic talk, including comparing disaster memories and preparedness notes. Gould’s charm and wide net of knowledge gives the show sense of pace and general likeability. It’s quite easy to melt right into the quickly paced hour. Following the Apocalyptic theme, Gould shares his extended thoughts on The Omega Man and Charleton Heston. The audio commentary comes complete with killer audio clips. There’s also a bunch of fun audio sketches – complete with chicken breeding theories. Long live A.D.D.! It’s also a treat to have still-on-edge Pepitone be in a genial easy going mood. Despite all the “adult” window dressings, The Dana Gould Hour, still veers off into the silly territory quite a bit.

Here's the complete list of episode picks from the Splitsider crew:

The Long Shot #502 "The Mailbag Episode #4"
The Champs – Keegan-Michael Key
Who Charted? #69 – Ronna & Beverly
The Dana Gould Hour #4 "Apocalicious" – Eddie Pepitone, Matt Weinhold
Comedy Bang! Bang! #150 "Time Bobby" – Bobby Moynihan, Paul F. Tompkins
improv4humans #19.5 "Bonus Tebow Episode" - Chad Carter, Sean Conroy, Anthony King
Making It with Riki Lindholm #36 – Adam Pally

The Splitsider comedy podcast crew, myself included, also shared a few honorable mention picks: Big O and Dukes "Snacks of the Round Table," Cashing In with T.J. Miller #3, Pop My Culture #73 (John Hodgman, Aimee Mann, John Roderick), The Morning After Podcast #67 (Jacky Joy, Anthony Jeselnik) and Thrilling Adventure Hour #64 "War of Two Worlds, part 2."


Plop of The Week: The Little Dum Dum Club #74

My pick for the top comedy episode last week is all about the positivity - not always my strongest bag. Pretty sure it's not online comedy's usual mode either. The Australian outfit, The Little Dum Dum Club, continues to chug along with a grand mix of positivity and self-deprecation. Don't let the accents fool you, these guys are straight up fun. Here's the write-up for this week's Jesse Fox Splitsider "Week In Comedy" podcast round-up:

The Little Dum Dum Club is a stupidly easy listen. Still not sure how the self-effacing hosts, Tommy Dassalo and Karl Chandler, do it. Sure, the good-natured Australians always fret over the specific Australian-ness of their show. But their ability to mock each other, their guests and seamlessly transitions between some hearty comedy talk and good natured regular life discussions is quite a podcasting feat. Veteran Australian comedian, Fiona O’Laughlin joins the dum dum duo this time out, bringing a dose of family talk to the playful meandering. Dassalo and Chandler embrace having “an adult” in their midst and even venture into a few heady but still fun moments discussing O’Laughlin’s past (and very public) drinking problems. There’s quality talk of O’Laughlin’s Last Comic Standing experience, airport crying, forgetting names and the futility of dream talk. Dassalo and Chandler continue to sow much from their fake hosting rivalry and self-hate, never missing a chance to mock themselves. They always seem to put the guest and listeners at ease. It’s startling when compared to the know-it-all bravado of many comedy podcasters or even the soul-searching broken ones. Hooray for dum dum fun.

The complete list of picks from the Splitsider crew this week:

Sklarboro Country #83 — Ben Schwartz, Chris Cox, Dan Van Kirk
The Adam Carolla Show 2/27 — Nick DiPaolo, Artie Lange
How Was Your Week? #51 “HWYW Live” — Sandra Bernhard, Tom Scharpling, Ira Glass, Joe Mande
The Little Dum Dum Club #74 — Fiona O’Laughlin
Comedy Bang! Bang! #146 — Reggie Watts, Ben Schwartz, Matt Besser
Illusionoid #16
You Made It Weird #27 – Hannibal Buress

Honorable mentions: Here's The Thing #10 (Dick Cavett), Jim and Eddie Talks Hit #107 (Kato Kaelin, part 1 of 2), The Todd Glass Show #33 (Jen Kirkman, Daniel Kinno), The Mustache Rangers #231 "Fear," This Better Be Funny #12 (Brandie Posey) and Who Charted? #65 (James Adomian).


Plop of The Week: Superego #3:11

Let's get to it! I finally snuck in there with the Splitsider podcast crew and snagged a chance to shower some love (not as dirty as it sounds) on the Superego crew for their latest episode. Their show continues to push the envelope in the digital audio realm, dig in deeper on its own brand of comedy and seemlessly continue to work guests into their improvised sketch fold. Basically, it's damn funny offbeat shit. Here's my feedback on the episode for the weekly Splitsider "Week In Comedy Podcasts" post, headed up by the Jesse Fox.

Superego, the improvised sketch show with the most fun audio production around, returned with another collection of awesomely fun mind-fucking case episodes. Show creators, Jeremy Carter and Matt Gourley, along with Mark McConville and Jeff Crocker, are hitting their comedic stride with Superego’s brand of nonsensical riffing and clever premises. This episode features the simple oddity of Mudge Coughlin relaxation screaming bits, a movie star press conference sketch firing away silly questioners and with even sillier questions and the Buffrum’s Fragrance Counter sketch that could quite possibly gleefully go on forever. Highlights this time out are the “wonderful trip down mental health lane” from the silly and supremely weird “Hashimoto Wellness Labs Test” and the nerd-tastic “Brown X-Wing Squardron” Star Wars riffing. Special guests include: Paul F. Tompkins, Patton Oswalt, Colin Hanks, Chris Tallman, Mike Rock and James Bladon. Watch out for Bladon’s spot-on and fun Obi-wan Kenobi: it’s a gem. Superego continue to refine their audio and comedy skills and push the envelope of the medium with awesomely fun odd-ball creations that could only truly exist in the podcast realm. Yet again, it’s a weird and fun trip.

The other picks from the Splitsider crew this week:

The Todd Glass Show #29 – Rory Scovel, Mike Koman
Earwolf Presents: Analyze Phish #4
Superego #3:11 – Paul F. Tompkins, Patton Oswalt, Colin Hanks, Chris Tallman, Mike Rock, James Bladon
Here’s The Thing - Lorne Michaels
Doug Loves Movies - Paul F. Tompkins, Garry Marshall, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber

Honorable Mentions this week out: Sklarbro Country #79 (Tom Scharpling, Chris Cox), StarTalk Radio Season 3, Episode 1: Live At The Bell House (Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, John Dogman, Mike Massimino), The Dork Forest #98 (Michael McDonald & Mike Phirman), The Morning After…Podcast #63 (Courtney Page, Eric Andre), Who Charted? #61 (Jason Mantzouks) and You Made It Weird #19 (Chris D’Elia).


Plop of The Week: The Pod F. Tompkast #14

Sometimes it's time to get serious about silliness. Not sure anyone takes this adage to heart more than Paul F. Tompkins. No matter the comedic arena - podcast, TV or stage - Tompkins always seems to dive head first into the bit. His steadfast commitment to earnest silliness is on full display in his usually monthly podcast variety show, The Pod F. Tompkast. I finally did the proper thing and gave him a bit of internet props (virtually meanlingless!) by picking it for this week's Splitsider "Week In Comedy Podcasts" selection. Here's the lowdown:

The hardest working man in podcasting is back! Paul F. Tompkins’s latest episode of his kinda, sorta monthly variety show, The Pod F. Tompkast, is another SPLENDID one. Following Tompkins’ lead for more “splendid” usage. The show follows a similar haphazard path of previous episodes: the best kind of rambling, sketches, a Jen Kirkman call and a live show clip with Paul Scheer. The rambles – let’s just start calling them that – feature Tompkins discussing a make believe heaven/hell experience, word usage fun, the importance of milkshakes and much more. The Great Undiscovered Project – the best kind of self-indulgence – returns with another segment, layering the ridiculousness even more. This time Iced-T and the gang debate which characters they’ll play in the project. Characters talking about characters. I told you it was ridiculous. This turns into Tompkins giving himself comedy therapy, examining what all that Great Undiscovered Project business really means. There’s also Tompkins poking fun at Kirkman’s home security neurosis and a fun live show clip with a “sick” Paul Scheer having Tompkins entertain him. Tompkins achieves the “splendid” comedy feat of combining the personal and absurd. Bonus: he also released an extra clip this week, featuring more Jen Kirkman call-in fun.


A truly amazing week of comedy podcasting took place last week, including the seminal WTF Todd Glass episode. I'd be remiss if I didn't also give props to Pop My Culture for its 2nd-parter to their nifty dinner party best of episode. The other picks from the Splitsider crew:

Comedy Bang! Bang! #140 – Nick Offerman, James Adomian
WTF With Marc Maron #245 – Todd Glass
The Pod F. Tompkast #14 – Paul Scheer, Jen Kirman
The Bugle #178
Sklarbro Country #77 – Andy Daly, Jason Nash, James Adomian

A great week of shows means we all offered up a bunch of honorable mentions including: Best Show on WFMU (Todd Barry, Chris Gethard, Gregg Gethard), Doug Loves Movies #519 (Patton Oswalt, David Cross, Wayne Federman), Pop My Culture #64 Part 2 "Pop The Cork: The Worst of 2011,” The Dead Authors Podcast Chapter 5 "Carl Sagan" (Matt Gourley) The Long Shot #416 "Live From The Improv Lab" (Morgan Murphy), Thrilling Adventure Hour "Beyond Belief – A Dave At The Races,” You’ve Made It Weird #14 (Marc Maron) and WTF With Marc Maron #244 (Steven Wright).


Plop of The Week: Pop My Culture #64

I'm still living in the past it seems. A podcast highlight of the past week reflected the same remincing spirit. I picked the Pop My Culture part 1 2011 recap show for my Splitsider "Week In Comedy Podcasts" selection. It's an incredibly fun listen. Even includes your obligatory Paul F. Tompkins guest appearance, too. Here's the lowdown via my Splitsider excerpt:

Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland, the ever upbeat and often offbeat Pop My Culture hosts, take this whole intimate just-hanging-out-don’t-mind-if-we-do podcast thing up a notch with their first installment of their 2011 Year-In-Review show. They bring back five of their favorite guests from the past year for a jovial party to discuss their 2011 favorites and loathsome least favorite things pop culture-y. Part 1 focuses on the positive. Pop My Culture doesn’t take the easy way out and offer up some half-ass clip show with commentary. They basically recorded their own party. A party with lists! It’s a treat to listen in on an honest, adult and free-flowing conversation among a group of talented and fun folk. Don’t worry – Stratton and Ragland are still in charge, keeping the loose format from bursting into full party chaos. Their party/podcast guests for the night include: Tony Hale, Rob Paulsen, Meredith Salenger, Paul F. Tompkins and James Urbaniak. Each of them adds their own perspective to the proceedings. Above all, Stratton and Ragland’s force of personality and likeability again manage to make pop culture something grounded, adult and enriching. Go figure. Although, Part 2, turning to the what-I-don’t-like game, could always descend into a brawl.


Here's the complete list of the Splitsider episode picks from the other contributors. Special points for improv4humans going on a crazy good run of late. The Long Shot, too.

Jordan, Jesse Go! #206 - Eddie Pepitone
improv4humans #8 - Sean Conroy, Brett Gelman, Curtis Gwinn
Pop My Culture #64: “Pop The Cork: The Best of 2011, Part 1” - Tony Hale, Rob Paulsen, Meredith Salenger, Paul F. Tompkins and James Urbaniak
The Smartest Man In The World "Elbows"
Comedy Bang! Bang! #139 - Bob Odenkirk, Brian Huskey

Honorable mentions include: Fitzdog Radio (Andy Richter), The Long Shot #415 (Brett Gelman), The Nerdist #156 (David Cross), WTF with Marc Maron #224 (Russell Brand) and You Made It Weird #13 (Nick Kroll).


Plop of The Week: The Long Shot #413 & #414

Took a week off for the Splitsider's Jesse Fox's end of the year podcast recap. I'm back and ready for 2012. Yet, I'm still looking back at the recent holidays. For my Splitisider pick I went with a double episode pairing from one of my favorite shows - The Long Shot. They changed up their format a bit and offered up two short holiday themed episodes. These quickies revealed a little more of the behind-the-scenes dynamics among the hosts. The format changed really showed off how they group has a lot of entertainment punch to offer - no matter the format - as they continue on. Here's the recap for the Splitsider "This Week In Comedy Podcasts":

Just like The Long Shot did over the holidays, I’d figure I’d try something different with my pick this time out. I made it a two-for-one. As Jamie Flam would say: “Boom.” The best comedy group in podcasting treated listeners to two holiday greeting quickies and a slight format shift. The “Secret Santa” and “New Year’s Resolution” mini-sodes serve as a sweet reward for longtime fans and double as a great primer for the group’s chemistry, honesty and silliness. Four seasons in, there’s a well-worn dynamic among Amber Kenny, Eddie Pepitone, Jamie Flam and Sean Conroy. The Secret Santa show features the group worshiping its non-denominational holiday obelisk and visits from Intern Alex and Sound Guy Jorge. There are some heartfelt exchanges with Pepitone and Conroy still sneaking in the character riffs. The “Resolutions” episode is pretty much the “let’s get specific” game with Conroy challenging everyone to go detailed with their 2012 goals. A highlight is Flam disappointing Pepitone with his grand but generic goal of “taking over the world” in 2012. Conroy continues to be one of the most underrated performers in comedy podcasting, hosting the motley crew and tracking and adding to the comedy no matter the subject matter or tone. He and his co-hosts are hitting their stride as we hit the New Year. The combo of heart and obnoxiousness that reaps delirious rewards.


Here's the complete list of the Splitsider episode picks, including a shout-out to the always charming (and far too often underappreciated) Pop My Culture. Plus, for pure comedy - don't miss out the Honorable Mention of improv4humans:

Who Charted? #57 - David Wain
How Did This Get Made? #27 - Doug Benson
The Nerdist #154 "Stand-Up Cluster 2"
The Long Shot #413 & #414
Pop My Culture #63 - Jim Rash

Honorable mentions include Comedy Bang! Bang! #138 (Andy Richter, Paul F. Tompkins), improv4humans #7 (Brian Husky, Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh) and My Brother, My Brother And Me #86 "Get It."


Plop of The Week: Jordan, Jesse GO! with Andrés du Bouchet

Okay - we went from last week's 'couple of dudes talking in a closet' to the widely ambitious 'couple of dudes talking in a regular room.' I'm the first guy to laud the more creative and ambitious digital shows out there in podcast land but funny is funny. Engaging seems to come in simple packages. Maximum Fun's Jordan, Jesse GO! is no different. Hosts Jesse Thorn and Jordan Morris have been at it for awhile now and continue to offer up an impressively consistent interview show, meeting all the 'good show' check marks along the way. For these guys, I'm always down when they get silly and Thorn halfphazard crashes back and forth between sophisticated host and his inner 'fuck it all' bastard. With one of my favorite comedians, Andrés du Bouchet, in for a visit, listeners get treated to a particularly loopy episode. #204 is my pick for the Splitsider "This Week In Comedy Podcasts":

A couple of guys talking is pretty much the garage band gathering for digital comedy. Let’s hangout and riff, man. Few duos do a better job of gleefully adhering to this laid back and honest approach than Jesse Thorn and Jordan Morris of Jordan, Jesse GO! The Maximum Fun podcasting partners turned in a particularly loose and jovial episode featuring the smart and always affable comedian Andrés du Bouchet (writer for Conan, to boot). Claiming the title of “Count (or Duke) of Cheeseburgers,” Du Bouchet easily saddles in as another one of the guys. There’s a humorously long dissection of what it means to get lost in the video game world of Skyrim. Morris and Du Bouchet confound Jesse with their video game knowledge. Thorn proposes the Mr. T video game avatar should be the only avatar ever needed. The episode keeps it both grounded and silly, sneaking in some quality pop culture tangents. There’s some quality Conan talk, highlighted by the Morris and Thorn’s complete obsession with the mystery of Du Bouchet’s Gravy Boat Lighthouse segment on a recent Conan episode. Analyzing the merits of the 30-second Gravy Boat Lighthouse for minutes at a time pretty much sums up the delirious fun and pseudo-profundity Morris, Thorn and friends can offer up at any given time.


Here's the complete list of the Splitsider episode picks, all the usual suspects and some old favorites, you know a bunch of dudes being funny. Let's a take a moment in rememberance of the missing WTF - gone (until next week, I'm guessing) but not forgotten:

The Best Show on WFMU "The 2nd Best Show Holiday Party" - Ted Leo, John Hodgman, Jon Wurster
Comedy Bang! Bang! #136 - Paul F. Tompkins, Harris Wittels, Brett Gelman, Jon Daly, Seth Morris, Nick Kroll, Thomas Lennon, James Adomian, Adam Pally
Dead Author’s Podcast "Appendix A: Charles Dickens and O. Henry" - Hal Lublin, Marc Evan Jackson
Jordan, Jesse GO! #204 - Andrés du Bouchet
Mike and Tom Eat Snacks #43

The Splitsider honorable mentions: The B.S. Report (Louis C.K.), David Feldman Comedy Podcast "2011 Highlights #3", improv4humans #6 (Ben Schwartz, Danielle Schneider, Alex Fernie), Earwolf Presents: Jon Daly's Rafflecast.


Plop of The Week: Walking The Room "Live Cuddle"

The Plop List lives! And, yes, I'm still listening to shows. Don't let the slow news week fool you. After a holiday reprise from picking favorite episodes for Splitsider, Jesse Fox got the gang back together for the weekly roundup post. I plucked down a few bucks for the first live Walking The Room episode. Probably the best few bucks I've spent in awhile. And it's nice to contribute to the mighty comedy podcast economic engine. Can you hear the rumble in the distance? (Let's just say we both hear it, okay?) My deep thoughts, meaning my recap on this quality episode:

The wayward comedy buddies, Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony, offer up a live episode for fans. Proving the charm and, yes, even the bickering translates into the live arena. The guys jump right into a fun arguing session from the get-go and then we’re off to an hour-plus of inappropriateness. Behrendt joyfully ties together airplane and flatulence anecdotes. Anthony and Behrendt fall into a fun who’s-on-first worthy riff, explaining Tapout to each other. A live show means we get guests. The guys have a ton of fun with both Jen Kirkman and Brendon Walsh, showing how Walking The Room could easily feature guests on the regular. Kirkman quickly gets sucked into dirty talk with the clowns but, as she’s want to do, quickly regains control. Honest through-and-through, she steers the conversation towards memory lane and life on the road with Behrendt. Walsh relays a story truly made for this show – one of he and friends working as drunken clowns for fancy parties back in Austin. Walsh’s obnoxiousness and go-for-the-wrong joke instincts make him a natural partner for Behrendt and Anthony. As a bonus: Marc Maron makes an off-mic appearance, sitting in the audience. Don’t worry – there’s still some family filler, including a one-upmanship of who can mess with their kids the most. All-in-all, it’s just what you’d want from a Walking The Room live hangout.


The rest of the Splitsider picks this week:

The Best Show on WFMU
This Is That #22
RISK! - Gil Ozeri
Walking The Room "Live Cuddle November 18th" - Jen Kirkman, Brendon Walsh
Comedy Bang! Bang! #133 - Patton Oswalt, Chris Tallman
Analyze Phish #3 - Adam Scott

Honorable mentions going around: How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner #38 (Mike Daisy, Gil Ozeri), Skeletor's Mouthpiece #12 "Headlines: Part 2 Erection Productivity" and  The Long Shot #408 (Jackie Kashian).


Plop of The Week: You Had To Be There

The Splitsider Week In Comedy Podcasts is out again. My pick this time out was the insanely fun You Had To Be There episode with Paul F. Tompkins. 

Worlds collide. Podcast guest extraordinaire, Paul F. Tompkins, weasels his way into an apartment visit with Sara Schaefer and Nikki Glaser on the latest You Had To Be There. Schaefer kicks off a spirited and fun string of audition horror stories. Just a few of the gems: the hamburger threesome voice-over and Tompkins explaining the art of the three-tiered Nutrageous audition ("really go for it," "just lose your mind!" and "do whatever you want!!"). Tompkins kicks off some on-and-off again shit-talking by playfully going after Paul Scheer and Pete Holmes for their past un-ironic kale talk on the show. Like any good You Had To Be There, there’s a healthy amount of bouncing back and forth between honesty and hilarity. Schaefer explains why she has the worst friends. Glaser gets into her extreme childhood stage fright, including the classic revelation of needing to do her school presentations in the dark (glow-in-the-dark dioramas aplenty). There’s some great insight into Tompkins’ character work, including some fun riffing on inappropriate time and place for practicing. The group laments getting yelled at. Then, the episode basically climaxes with a crazy fun and inspired gotcha moment orchestrated by Tompkins. He confronts Schaefer about a past episode dig and all hell breaks loose – complete with an audio playback. The entire time, Glaser giddily goads him on. Very real and funny as hell. An episode worthy of the show title, indeed.


The Splitsider episode picks this week:other 

improv4humans “Eurythmic”
Left Handed Radio #11 “I Remember I Couldn’t Sleep”
How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner #36 “HWYW LIVE” - Fred Armisen, Billy Eichner, Paul F. Tompkins, Jackee, Ted Leo, Anthony Atamanuik, John Gemberling, Jessica Chaffin
You Had To Be There #42 - Paul F. Tompkins
Cinematic Method "Twilight, Happy Feet 2"

Honorable Mentions include Comedy Bang! Bang! #131 (Andy Daly, Jason Mantzoukas), WTF with Marc Maron #227 (Adam Scott), The Long Shot #406 (Andrew Secunda) and The Nerdist Writers Panel #15 (Bob Odenkirk, Jen Kirkman, Brian Stack).

For the complete recaps, click here.