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Stellar Pod F. Tompkast Fan Art From James Fosdike

The internet and the enterprising team of artists did it again. Austrailian artisit, James Fosdike offered up this stellar character poster for the Pod F. Tompkast. The creative and playful Paul F. Tompkins monthly show is a worthy recipient of the fan art treatment. Bonus points for the inclusion of the snazzy Jen Kirkman at the top. Thanks to Earwolf's Caroline Anderson for the heads up.

If this keeps up, I'm guessing comedy podcasts will be receiving the mandatory pop culture art exhibit treatment in the near future.

Check-out more Fosdike news and art via his Twitter.


Photo Recap: Pod F. Tompkast Live at Largo

Photo by Liezl Estipona - www.heyitsliezl.com

This month, the esteemed Paul F. Tompkins transformed his monthly variety show into a full-fledge live version of The Pod F. Tompkast.  For the live edition, Tompkins ran through his digital show's regular segments, including a visit from his trusty call-in friend, comedian Jen Kirkman, at Largo in West Hollywood. You can find out more recaps and other fun info about Tompkin's regular variety show at the A Special Thing forum. The Tompkast usually plops the first of every month. Be on the lookout.

Check-out these nifty photos courtesy of the great photographer and comedy-friend-extraordinaire, Liezl Estipona.

Photo by Liezl Estipona - www.heyitsliezl.comPhoto by Liezl Estipona - www.heyitsliezl.comPhoto by Liezl Estipona - www.heyitsliezl.com


Paul F. Tompkins Brings The Tompkast to Stage

Paul F. Tompkins is bringing his eclectic and popular Pod F. Tompkast show to the stage this month. Saturday, June 18th, in Los Angeles, Tomkin's regular monthly Largo Theater show will transform into a live recording of the Tompkast.

The Pod F. Tompkast typically features clips from the monthly variety show, along with sketches and a regular call-in from comedian pal, Jen Kirkman. There are no available details about the live show inversion. Perhaps, there'll be a meta clip show of past live shows on the live show recording? Or Tompkins will play clips from past podcasts at the live show  - all recorded for the next podcast? Basically, we have no idea how it'll play out, but it's sure to be a fun night of comedy.

Tompkins is always a skillful host for his live shows and the podcast recording should be a fun new adventure for the talented comedian. Those curious to find more about the live show should check-out the show forum on aspecialthing.com.

Fans living in Los Angeles or nearby can grab tickets here.

Photo by Rebecca Sanabria - www.rebeccasanabria.com


The AV Club: Podmass May 12-18

The A.V. Club released their weekly Podmass recap, highlighting their favorite shows and moments from podcasts of all types. Once again, the comedy shows occupy much of the mindscape of the A.V. Club writers. The A.V. Club highlights the latest great episode of the joyful Doug Loves Movies. Benson’s latest episode featured Paul F. Tompkins, Jen Kirkman and Tony Thaxton (drummer for Motion City Soundtrack) battling wits in the playfully over-hyped kick-off for the Leonard Maltin Game Tournament Of Championships.

Another mention from the A.V. Club writers goes out to How Did This Get Made? for their Adam Pally-guested episode discussing the ridiculousness of Mac & Me. Hosts Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukous enjoy some classic rants on the films' numerous proposterous set pieces.

Another highlighted show was the friendly and thoughtful visit from Demetri Martin to Randy and Jason Sklar's Sklarbro Country. The episode also featured music from Army Navy and some great inpersonation work from the uber talented James Adomian.

Marc Maron earned gold A.V. Club stars for his engaging interview with George Carlin's partner, Sally Wade on WTF with Marc Maron. They discuss Carlin's life, career and Wade's recently released book, The George Carlin Letters: The Permanent Courtship Of Sally Wade.

Check-out the full Podmass post here.



Late Night Fun With The Pod F. Tompkast

Comedy impresario Paul F. Tompkins gives a lot to you. Yes, YOU.

A man of many gifts, Tompkins is a frequent live performer, including his regular shows at Largo and The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles, as well as club, theater and festival appearances nationwide. He functions as a leader of the pack for the thinking-man's comedy crowd - both peers and audiences alike.

This year Tompkins took on the thankless task of penning episode reviews of the current American Idol season - it's been a delightful journey each week to watch him curse himself for bearing this pop culture cross for us all. His reviews from this week's episodes are here - 3/31 and 4/1.

A great introduction or companion-piece to the Tompkins comedy world, is his playful and infrequently released podcast, The Pod F. Tompkast. The show serves as an ongoing best-of mixtape of Tompkins' charm and numerous comedic skills. Tompkins hosting of Tompkast plays out as if he scammed his way into an independent radio station in the middle of the night, sneaking his clever ramblings, sketches, live show highlights and real and not-so real interviews. It's all good fun. Tompkins is an original comedic voice set out on doing his own thing, always a remarkable feat.

Consider The Pod F. Tompkast his extra special just-for-you, sshhh-don't-tell-anyone gift to you. Los Angeles residency not required. We recommend saving the listening hour for a late night or long drive to match the hushed-tone silly fun of the show.

His latest show features a great self-rant on gum chewing, the introduction of the term "Borat-y," another memorable call from his comedy pal, Jen Kirkman, and a great clip from his recent 10-year anniversary Largo Show featuring both Maya Rudolph and Jon Hamm. Like I said, always a special treat.

Check out the silly iTunes show descripition for the 4/1 episode:

Episode 9: Jaunty, Right Out Of The Gate!, The Game Is A-Loud!, The Ex-terminator (featuring Maya Rudolph and Jon Hamm). The Kirkman of Cell Block H., Paul F. Tompkins Comes To Your Hemisphere. Attention Must Be Paid!