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It's Official: IFC Bringing Comedy Bang! Bang! To Television

On the latest episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!, Scott Aukerman announced he will host a television version of his podcast. Like the audio version, the TV show will be an amalgamation of interview, sketch and improv. It will debut this summer on IFC. Naturally, Reggie Watts will provide the music. The series is being produced by Tim and Eric’s Abso Lutely Productions.

Very exciting news indeed for fans of CBB and comedy podcasts! Will the characters Bob Ducca, Dom DeMillo and the Cake Boss be featured on the new show? And what comedy podcast will make the leap from iPods to TV screens next? Let the speculation begin.

You can check-out the Hollywood Reporter report for more details.


Rhett & Link Get Commercial on IFC

Photo by Raul Rubiera - www.raulrubiera.comAll around internet entertainers, Rhett & Link, are getting the television treatment thanks to their upcoming IFC show, Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings. The show debuts Friday, June 24th and will air Friday nights. The comedy duo, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, have ten episodes of the show in the works. The show is a docu-comedy, focusing on one of the favorite Rhett & Link formats - the do-it-yourself local commercial. Announced details (via The Futon Critic):

Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings (www.ifc.com/rhett-link) chronicles the quest of life-long best friends Rhett McLaughlin & Link Neal as they travel the country making epic local commercials for some of the nation's most deserving local businesses. Premiering Friday, June 24 at 10:00pm ET/PT on IFC, this ten-part docu-comedy is based on the successful web series I Love Local Commercials and features Rhett & Link helping local businesses achieve their goals by creating eye-catching local commercials using local talent.

With their popular YouTube videos and Rhett & Linkast show, McLaughlin and Neal created their own brand of comedy and a loyal following of fans. The duo's exploits are a varied affair, comprised of videos ranging from sketches, songs, man-on-the-street interviews to the famed local commercial. Their approach is a great combo of smart and silly, always reflecting their Southern charm and affinity for the vast United States.

Check-out their podcast here.


The Nerdist Live and Possibly On TV

The Nerdist gang recently announced a slew of live shows including a most likely packed Comic-Con live recording in July. On top of their heavy load of live shows in Southern California, head of Nerdist Industries, Chris Hardwick signed a television deal with BBC America to produce a pilot version of the popular Nerdist podcast.

The BBC America deal has Hardwick hosting its new Saturday night comedy programming block, "The Ministry of Laughs." Hardwick will produce segments to air throughout the night in between the various shows, including The Inbetweeners, Come Fly With Me and the United Kingdom's popular talk show, The Graham Norton Show

Here are a few details about The Nerdist podcast-turned-television show pilot (according to the official announcement):

The show will cover all things relative to geek culture from LA to London and feature celebrity guests with their own nerd obsessions. Hardwick will executive produce alongside K.P. Anderson and Jay James for Comcast Entertainment Studios.

Photo by Jordan NuttallThere's no direct mention of involvement, but we're hoping the current podcast co-hosts, comedians Jonah Ray and Matt Mira, find a way to stay along for the ride into television land. There's no word yet on when the pilot might take shape.

Having The Nerdist possibly make the television leap is another positive development for fans of comedy podcasts, in general. The legitimacy of the comedy podcast programming seems to be gaining steam. Scott Aukerman of Earwolf and Comedy Bang! Bang! has his own deal to develop his weekly podcast into a television show for IFC. These are examples of a few decision makers seeing creative value and a viable audience in the comedy podcast realm. This move from podcast medium to television might turn comedy podcasts into a natural incubator for new versions of the shows. It's not that one format is better than the other on creative terms. It's just that television has history and the numbers on its legitimacy side of the fence. Television has an established larger audience and that nifty little aspect of money making for the talent and producers involved. Pushing money and exposure to those involved is certainly a positive for the content producers and fans alike.

While you wait to hear about the television version of The Nerdist, check them out live. Here are the current live dates:

Thursday, May 26th: Robert Kirkman - The Nerdist Theater at Meltdown Comics, Hollywood, CA

Friday, June 10th: PS Nation - The Nerdist Theater at Meltdown Comics, Hollywood, CA

Saturday, July 23rd: The Nerdist Podcast at Comic-Con (Guests TBA) - 4th and B, San Diego, CA


Earwolf Weekly Update: May 2

Lots of announcements coming out of the Earwolf camp this week. We already posted the news on their new show, Professor Blastoff. The other big news is the transformation of Scott Aukerman's venerable comedy cottage industry, show and podcast, Comedy Death-Ray is changing it's name to Comedy Bang! Bang! This includes the Comedy Death-Ray Radio show and possible long form IFC television show (currently in development).

Paul F. Tompkins takes a break from his normal podcasting and live show duties to help Aukerman with the dual task of hosting the Comedy Death-Ray Radio's last show under its current name and bring in the new era of Comedy Bang! Bang! Tompkins also stops by to talk pop culture with the Who Charted? duo on their weekly show.

Check-out their latest newsletter for the full scoop of Earwolf happenings.

Earwolf is running a poll to choose the new always-stellar Reggie Watts created theme song for Comedy Bang! Bang! Check them out below.

themes by comedybangbang


IFC Shout-out for Earwolf

Maximum Fun's Jesse Thorn gave a nice shout-out to his podcasting brothers, Earwolf, on his quick-hitting IFC news show, The Grid. IFC's recent comedy and cultural make-over continues to impress, perhaps winning over the enthusiastic comedy fans?

IFC is offering some great new shows, including the TV version of Comedy Death-Ray, and has some interesting comedy shows in development. They also are offering awesome reruns of comedy fan favorites, The Larry Sanders Show, Mr. Show and Arrested Development. It's nice to see a brief mention of comedy podcasts, too.