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LA Weekly Makes A Comedy Podcast List

Anthony D'Alessandro helped push comedy podcast into the mind of LA Weekly readers today thanks to his thoughtful recap post in the Arts section. Earwolf shows occupy a bunch of spots. The new Ronna & Beverly show nabbed a spot along with the kinda-sorta podcast from Charles Grodin. Under a certain light, it seems fitting The Apple Sisters and WTF with Marc Maron sit at the top of the Los Angeles list. A performance based retro show born from a live stage show and show focused on big personalities and neurosis. A loosely accurate reflection of the creative personalities in the city. Bonus: all the shows on the Top 10 list have Los Angeles based productions, with the exception of Grodin's show.

10. Who Charted?
9. How Did This Get Made?
8. Charles Grodin
7. Mike Detective
6. Never Not Funny
5. The Pod F. Tompkast
4. Affirmation Nation with Bob Ducca
3. Ronna & Beverly
2. The Apple Sisters
1. WTF with Marc Maron

Check-out the full list and justifications here.


Earwolf Weekly Update: July 25

Earwolf announced another slew of fun episodes this week via their weekly newsletter. Comedy Bang! Bang! leads the way with a fittinly timed partial Wet Hot American Summer reunion episode featuring David Wain, Ken Marino and Paul Rudd. Other announced highlights include The Apple Sisters welcomingThe Banana Brothers (Brian Huskey, BJ Gallagher and Colin Trahan) to their radio-land show, Jackie Clarke reliving the dread of The Backup Plan with Paul Scheer and company on How Did This Get Made? and Nick Kroll making another quality Earwolf appearance on Who Charted? The Earwolf Challenge also welcome a dynamic judging duo of Paul F. Tompkins and Jesse Thorn this week.

Check-out the full Earwolf newsletter here.


Splitsider Top 5 Comedy Podcasts: July 14


Jesse Fox and Joe Berkowitz praised the playful and the passionate in this week's Splitsider Top 5 Comedy Podcast recap. Fox and Berkowitz also gear up for the next wave of new shows from Todd Glass, Kumail Nanjiani and Riki Lindhome (all via the coming-soon Nerdist podcast network). Marc Maron's WTF continues to achieve Top-5-worthiness. If this were sports and someone was keeping track of these things, this would probably be impressive. But it's comedy, so Maron fans will have to settle for basking in the glory of vague recognition. Some more of that wonderous recognition courtesy of the Splitsider weekly Top 5:

How Did This Get Made? #14 - featuring Paul Rust
Jordan, Jesse, Go! #183 - featuring Julie Klausner
Pop My Culture #47 - featuring Rob Paulsen
The Thrilling Adventure Hour #27: “Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars - ‘Danger 2.0’”
WTF with Marc Maron #190 - featuring Todd Hansen

Other episodes Splitsider liked this past week include: The Morning After Podcast #49 (featuring Tee Reel and Lauren Ashley Bishop), Who Charted? #32 (featuring Joe Lo Trugilo) and meeting of the podcast minds on The Wolf Den #25 (featuring Chris Hardwick).

Check-out the full Top 5 recap here.


Earwolf Weekly Update: July 11

Paul Rust *Photo by Carlos SerraoIt's Tuesday - which means there's already a days worth of quality Earwolf programming out in the world. More to come the rest of the week, too. Via their weekly newsletter, Earwolf announced some fun shows this week. The the launch of The Earwolf Challenge takes center stage. Other highlights include a Vegas-themed Apple Sisters, Bobby Moynihan from SNL guesting on Comedy Bang! Bang!, Paul Rust talking with Paul Scheer and gang about Green Lantern on How Did This Get Made? and a long overdue full-episode visit from comedic voice talent all-star Chris Cox to Sklarbro Country

Check-out the full Earwolf scoop here.


Splitsider Top 5 Comedy Podcasts: June 16th


Jesse Fox and Joe Berkowitz of Splitsider released their weekly Top Podcast list. They highlighted another great mix of shows including a rare recognition for Seth Romatelli and Jonathan Larroquette's easy going Uhh Yeah Dude.

How Did This Get Made? (featuring Matt Walsh, discussing The Love Guru)
Mike & Tom Eat Snacks (talking Teddy Grahams)
The Nerdist (featuring Zooey Deschanel)
Uhh Yeah Dude
WTF With Marc Maron (featuring Amy Poehler)

Fox and Berkowitz offered honorable mentions to the week's worth of Affirmation Nation with Bob Ducca, Comedy Bang! Bang! #108 (featuring Rob Corddry, Erinn Hayes and James Adomian), How Was Your Week? #14 (featuring Michelle Collins and Eugene Mirman).


Earwolf Weekly Update: June 13

David Koechner *Photo by Mandee Johnson - www.mandeejohnson.comThe Earwolf team has another slew of great episodes coming your way this week. According to their weekly newsletter, some of the guest highlights include:

Matt Walsh guests on How Did This Get Made? as Paul Scheer and company discuss the lows of The Love Guru.

Comedy Bang! Bang! features visits from Childrens Hospital's Rob Corddry and Erinn Hayes, along with James Adomian debuting a new character.

David Koechner talks charts on Who Charted?

Get the full scoop on this week's shows and other Earwolf happenings from the full Earwolf newsletter here.


Earwolf Weekly Update: May 31

The big news on the Earwolf front this week is the launch of their new website - loaded with a bunch of extra features. The weekly Earwolf newsletter announced the new site along with the start of two new character-based shows, Affirmation Nation with Bob Ducca and The Apple Sisters. Other highlights on the week's shows include: Comedy Bang! Bang! concluding the fun two-part episode featuring Andy Richter and Paul F. TompkinsNatasha Leggero rehashing the craziness of The Tourist with Paul Scheer and Gil Ozeri on How Did This Get Made?,  the always funny Ken Marino guesting on Who Charted? and more.

We'll have more to say on the new Earwolf shows and website very soon. The new Earwolf shows and sites means it's an exciting day for comedy podcast fans.

Check-out the full newsletter here.



The AV Club: Podmass May 12-18

The A.V. Club released their weekly Podmass recap, highlighting their favorite shows and moments from podcasts of all types. Once again, the comedy shows occupy much of the mindscape of the A.V. Club writers. The A.V. Club highlights the latest great episode of the joyful Doug Loves Movies. Benson’s latest episode featured Paul F. Tompkins, Jen Kirkman and Tony Thaxton (drummer for Motion City Soundtrack) battling wits in the playfully over-hyped kick-off for the Leonard Maltin Game Tournament Of Championships.

Another mention from the A.V. Club writers goes out to How Did This Get Made? for their Adam Pally-guested episode discussing the ridiculousness of Mac & Me. Hosts Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukous enjoy some classic rants on the films' numerous proposterous set pieces.

Another highlighted show was the friendly and thoughtful visit from Demetri Martin to Randy and Jason Sklar's Sklarbro Country. The episode also featured music from Army Navy and some great inpersonation work from the uber talented James Adomian.

Marc Maron earned gold A.V. Club stars for his engaging interview with George Carlin's partner, Sally Wade on WTF with Marc Maron. They discuss Carlin's life, career and Wade's recently released book, The George Carlin Letters: The Permanent Courtship Of Sally Wade.

Check-out the full Podmass post here.



Earwolf Weekly Update: April 25

Another fun week of Earwolf shows is on tap. It's looking like a good one with visits by Jay Mohr to Sklarbro Country and the always crazy Tim Heidecker and Neil Hamburger joining Scott Aukerman's Comedy Death-Ray Radio. There's also a currently running poll on the How Did This Get Made? Facebook page to decide which movie they will suffer through and discuss next.

Check-out their weekly newsletter for the full scoop, including a nice shout-out to The Plop List. Much appreciated over here.


Earwolf Weekly Update: April 18

Another week of great Earwolf ahead. Check-out their handy-dandy newsletter for the full scoop.

The week is highlighted by Chelsea Peretti stopping by How Did This Get Made? to join Paul Scheer and the gang in trashing the recent film gem, Sucker Punch. There's a hint that Peretti might make an attempt at defending the film, too. Bill Burr is also guesting on Sklarbro Country, which is sure to make it a lively episode.

Also, a temporary moment of silence for the end of Mike Detective's sometimes thrilling but mostly silly Season 1. Looking forward to the next adventure, whenever that may be.

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