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Plop of The Week: Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler #48

Sometimes it's okay to go with the heavy hitters when dialing in your comedy podcast picks. The big names sometimes prove why they have large followings and noteriety. A big personality often lends itself well to the digital landscape with charimsa and strong opinions making for an easy engaging listening experience. Comedian and TV personality, Aisha Tyler, has been running her do-it-yourself interview show for almost a year now and has built quite a large and diverse guest list. The show has many faces, depending on the guest background. I picked Tyler's Girl On Guy Anthony Bourdain episode this week for the Splitsider "Week In Comedy" round-up. Bourdain is an easy match for Tyler's laid back but big-time personalty. Check-out my thoughts here:

I’m not above a little fandom cult of personality BS in my podcast intake. In fact it’s rather enjoyable when you happen upon the right kind of personality pairing. Vagabond author and television food host, Anthony Bourdain, jumps in on Aisha Tyler’s Girl On Guy free-flowing interview show. It’s an easy episode pick with two of my favorite bold personalities trading passionate anecdotes and theories. In addition to her various comedic endeavors, Tyler always brings keeps things high energy and loose but still very passionate on the show. It’s an easy conversation with Bourdain from the get-go. Topics keep dancing along various kitchen/food topics and tropes. They also throw in discussions about obscure movies, FX’s Archer, Ted Nugent, Rocky Balboa and a bunch more. Bourdain also adds some great nitty-gritty kitchen, food and travel stories. The tone is jointly aggressive, both Tyler and Bourdain teaming up on all encountered topics. It’s not always pure comedy. Comedy becomes an even broader term with podcasts these days. Tyler’s Girl On Guy is another example of this widening scope. “Fun” can count as “funny” – we’ll all be okay getting less strict. A little more loose. All while trying to give a shit about something. Tyler and Bourdain can help lead the way.

Here's the complete list of comedy episodes from the rest of the Splitsider group:

WTF with Marc Maron #280 - Danny McBride
Mohr Stories #54 – Barry Katz
This American Life #464: "Invisible Made Visible" – Ryan Knighton, Tig Notaro, David Rakoff, David Sedaris
Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler #48 - Anthony Bourdain
Who Charted? #77- Pete Holmes
Lovitz & Slayton
Gelmania VII - Scott Aukerman, Curtis Gwinn
Improv Obsession #18 – Alex Fernie

The Splitsider group offered up a large group of honorable mentions last week including How Was Your Week? #63 (Curtis Gwinn, Choire Sicha), improv4humans #27 (Neil Campbell, Mike Mitchell, Paul Rust), Mike & Tom Eat Snacks #59, Pop My Culture #80 (Ken Marino) Sklarboro Country #95 (Rich Eisen, Dan Van Kirk), This Better Be Funny #24 (Jerrod Carmichael), Thrilling Adventure Hour #72 "Beyond Belief, 'Goatbusters'" (Paul F. Tompkins, Paget Brewster, Mark Gagliardi, Matt Gourley, Gillian Jacobs, and Natalie Morales), Weird Adults with Little Esther #2 (Jonathan Daniel Brown) You Made It Weird #51 (Kurt Braunohler) and You Had To Be There #64 (Megan Ganz).


Plop of The Week: The Crab Feast

There can be a lot of meandering and neurosis scattered throughout the dense podcast wilderness. Comedian Ryan Sickler offers up a weekly show light on self-doubt. Instead Sickler's show, The Crab Feast, is a quick-hitting comedian hangout full of fun stories with a glympse of the riffing comraderie shared between funny people. My pick for favorite episode this week is The Crab Feast featuring comedian Retta. Here's my write-up for Jesse Fox Splitsider "Week In Comedy" podcast round-up:

Comedian Ryan Sickler doesn’t mess around and his weekly show. The Crab Feast, is packed with great stories and fun riffing. There’s not a lot of filler here. The latest episode featured guest comedian Retta joining Sickler and his fellow co-hosts and comedians, Jay Larson and Matt Fulchiron. Sickler is a laid back but skilled host, always keeping some sense of order while also setting everyone up for great stories and fun conversations. Retta is a great fit for the show bringing a bunch of Duke Basketball stories to the fold and equal amounts of outlandish travel stories. Larson, one of the best comedic storytellers, doesn’t disappoint with his get-in-a-stranger’s-car story. Fulchiron via phone is again ready to play the obnoxious and aloof foil with his own travelling with strangers' anecdotes. The Crab Feast is a great example of funny people hanging out and sharing fun stories that build off of one another. Not a lot of filler or misguided angst. Just Sickler and pals trading the funny.

Here's the complete list of episode picks from the Splitsider crew, again a nice bit of variety offered up:

Nerdist #194 - Tenacious D
You Made it Weird #41 "Live from NYC" - Jim Gaffigan, Michael Ian Black, Jessi Klein, Matt McCarthy, Chelsea Peretti
The Crab Feast - Jay Larson, Retta, Matt Fulchiron
WTF with Marc Maron #271 - Stephen Merchant
The JV Club #6 - Natasha Leggero
You Had To Be There #59 - Kurt Braunohler
Get Up On This #37 - Neil Mahoney

Honorable mentions this week out from the group include: Comedy Bang! Bang! #154 (Lennon Parham, Jessica St. Clair), Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler #43 (Retta), Shotgun Story Worthy Live!, The Long Shot #505, This Better Be Funny #19 (Sean Patton, Dave Stone) and Who Charted #72 (Elizabeth Laime, Andy Rosen).


Splitsider Top 5 Comedy Podcasts: September 1


Better late then never, right? Catching up on some comedy podcast happenings over here... Clichés and apologies aside, Jesse Fox and Joe Berkowitz released another list of the usual suspects for their list of Top 5 Comedy podcasts from last week. The winners (there are no prizes):

Affirmation with Bob Ducca
Comedy Bang! Bang! #120 - featuring Adam Scott, Harris Wittels, Chelsea Peretti
Doug Loves Movies - featuring Zach Galifianakis, Nick Swardson, Marc Maron, Matt Mira
Get Up On This #5 - featuring Jesse Thorn
WTF with Marc Maron #205 - featuring Jason Sudeikis

The honorable mentions include Aisha Tyler's Girl on Guy #7 (featuring Paul F. Tompkins), Who Charted? #39 with Andy Richter and You Had To Be There #31 (featuring Jon Friedman and Andy Friedman).

You can check out the complete post and reasoning over at Splitsider.


New To Plop List: Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler

Comedian and actress Aisha Tyler contributes her own tomboyish perspective to the podcasting world with her new weekly interview series, Girl on Guy. A weekly show from Tyler was an easy addition to The Plop List Directory.

Produced entirely by Tyler herself, Girl on Guy promises to be a conversational show with a loose structure and no predetermined questions. Helping the ideas flow and creating “a more authentic experience” as Tyler puts it. A wide range of conversation topics results: from impressive career paths to the merits of porn. Tyler manages to keep it all together with a common thread: “guy stuff that is stuff [she] loves… a show about guy things.” As such, Tyler is sure to keep things nerdy and tough – often bringing up video games or, yes, still porn. Early guests include Archer co-star Jon Benjamin and Brett Erlich. Announced future guests include some female friends:  Maggie Q, Jackie Kashian, Judy Greer and Amber Nash.

The show is 100% Tyler conceived and produced and reflects her cavalier comedic spirit. “Don’t listen if you don’t like the f-bomb,” she warns. So, gather all your f-bombs and listen away to this honest attempt at keeping podcasting loose.

Girl on Guy plops Mondays via the main site and iTunes.