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Plop of The Week: The Long Shot #405

I admit. I'm squarely positioned in The Long Shot's corner. The off-beat and fun podcast foursome always seems to deliver the goods and stand-out versus a lot of the other chat show offerings. Their latest episode sees Marc Maron visiting the gang. We chose Ep. #405 for our choice for favorite comedy show/episode for this week's Splitsider Week In Comedy Podcasts. The recap:

This time out, The Long Shot showed off what it does best – keeping it real and raw. It’s a “very special episode” complete with meltdowns and personal attacks…and an apology to a guy named Stu. Marc Maron highlights with a deadpan nonstop deconstruction of Pepitone. He uses a line-by-line reading of the definition of “narcissism” to get at Pepitone. He “misses the real Eddie.” Conroy and Maron again rehash their past failed TV show working relationship. The grudge that only one of them remembers. There’s a discussion of stealing, including Maron explaining his grocery store/stevia stealing past. Good girl Kenny still feels bad about her stolen car joy riding past. There’s a great “checking-in” segment featuring Flam’s start-and-stop Rick Fox anecdote – which, of course, leads to a very fun Pepitone rant about “what’s wrong with the world.” Kenny’s down in the dumps and Pepitone swivels between interrupting and offering up encouragement. The advice is more funny than functional. Pepitone hilariously segues from Kenny’s dismay to his own rambling story of his fun experience at a Basset Hound Picnic. Which basically means Pepitone describes what a Basset Hound looks like. A classic Conroy and the gang get-on-Pepitone’s-case segment ensues. The hosts’ eager tangents and constantly undercutting one other continue to make The Long Shot a comedic step above most chat shows.


Earwolf takes charge of most of the Splitsider list week this week out. The full list:

Beginnnings #34 – John Lee
Earwolf Presents: Gelmania – Tim Heidecker
Comedy Bang! Bang! #129 – Brett Gelman, Jon Daly, Allan Mcleod, Neil Campbell
The Long Shot #405 – Marc Maron
Professor Blastoff #27- Robert Ike III
Totally Laime # 91 – Rachel Bloom

Honorable mentions: The Gentlemen's Club #121 (Jeff Ullrich), The Todd Glass Show #14 (Rory Scovel) and You Made it Weird With Pete Holmes #2 (T.J. Miller).

You can check-out the full Splitsider post here, complete with everyone's recaps/reviews.

Know Your Guest: 5 Funny Podcast People

Let's connect the comedy dots a little. All five performers below are hilarious on Twitter and/or on the stage. They also bring the comedy in full force to their podcast appearances.

Alec Sulkin: one of a handful who has totally mastered Twitter
Brendon Walsh: one of the best touring standups on the scene today
Jesse Miller (aka Andre Hyland): he puts on a hilarious live talk show in Los Angeles, a tone of superstar potential
Todd Barry: voice of 3 of the best comedy albums in the last decade, simply one of the funniest people alive
Gregg Turkington (aka Neil Hamburger): the anti-comedy king

Maybe you know their work. Maybe you don’t. Either way don’t miss the chance to really get to know them. Well, at least in that “podcast” sort of way. Here are some not-quite lost episodes worth checking out.

Neil Hamburger & Todd Barry *Photo by Nate "Igor" SmithAlec Sulkin, Sklarboro Country #59

The Sklar Brothers talk to Sulkin about the validation he receives on Twitter, his friendship with Seth MacFarlane and how growing up a Red Sox fan shaped his entire worldview. 

Brendon Walsh, WTF #210

Walsh talks about growing up the son of a fireman, getting into a fight precipitated by someone pouring beer in his hat and tricking a Los Angeles neighborhood  into thinking a new Whole Foods is opening up.

Jesse Miller/Andre Hyland, The Gentleman’s Club #74

The guys talk Bengals football and Reds baseball, hollering at girls on a Rascal Scooter in a Vons parking lot and his burgeoning career as a talent agent (clients include Daryl and Tanya Starlet).

Todd Barry, Who Charted? #42

Listen to Barry’s impression of dubstep music, his distaste for anything popular and his hatred for seeing movies in a crowded theater.

Gregg Turkington/Neil Hamburger, On Cinema

Listen to Turkington and Heidecker discuss Ghostbusters, The Shining and Run Lola Run. In this anti-comedy show, the two “film buffs” aren’t sure when the movies were made, if the movies won any academy awards or what happened during the movies. But, they sure are fans of these classics.


Christine E. Taylor: Anatomy of A Podcast, Process Part 3

Over the weekend, Christine E. Taylor released another installement in her comedy podcast "Process" series. Taylor relayed a few quality "how to" tidbits from the producers of Mustache Rangers, The Gentelmen's Club and The Green Room with Sean Green. Each of these shows represents a different show format, which means they each have a different production process. The Green Room is primarliy a live steaming show, which is more unique among the comedy shows today.

Check-out Taylor's full post here.


New To Plop List: The Gentlemen's Club

The elevated guy's guy comedy show, The Gentlemen's Club is now part of The Plop List directory. The weekly show is a straight-to-it grounded long-form conversation between host Caleb Bacon and his various guests. Bacon is a comedy-friendly multi-talented writer. While there's certainly an emphasis on comedy, his guest selection demonstrate a range from young comedians to adult film stars. Recent comedic guests include Myq Kaplan and Eric Andre.

The conversations are fun and free-flowing, jumping freely from topic to topic. The talk is typically a comedy, pop culture, sports, women and/or technology affair. There's also a healthy dose of focus on the particular guests' careers.  The show is the friendlier version of other male skewering comedy shows. With slightly more than 1 year of shows under his belt, Bacon has established quite an ease with his Gentlemen's Club interviews. Worth checking out no matter your gender home team.