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Plop List Talks New Website With The Earwolf Team

This week, Earwolf's Co-Founder, Jeff Ullrich, invited me to come to their studio and interview the Earwolf team about the launch of their newly redesigned website. Earwolf recorded the interview as part of it's weekly business of podcasting show, The Wolf Den.

My less-than-stellar broadcasting skills aside, it was a rare treat for some one-on-one time with a Ullrich and his talented wunderkind team. Along with Ullrich, I spoke with Shahruz Shaukat, the infamous Engineer Doug (Douglas Sadler)Andres Lucero,  Aaron Nestor, Ben Cordes and Frank Cappello. It was a great opportunity to have some face time with those talented and truly engaged guys. That's the key revelation from my interview. Earwolf is passionate about comedy and what they do. They give a crap. Hooray for that. Podcast and comedy fans are better off for it. Keep on on the lookout for more new shows and digital tools from Earwolf. 

For the Wolf Den interview, we talked over an hour about the nifty site design and the positives along with some self-flagellation just for fun. It was an easy going wonky session. In lieu of a full recap, check-out the show.

Special shout-out to Caroline Anderson for the great work on all the Earwolf updates and written descriptions for the Earwolf shows and guest pages.