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Jimmy Pardo Talks Conan & Podcasting With The Comic's Comic

Sean McCarthy (The Comic's Comic) posted a brief but informative interview with Jimmy Pardo. The interview coincided with the Never Not Funny team's visit to New York City for it's live podcast show. Jimmy Pardo gives some quick thoughts on his current increased on-air role for TBS's Conan and the state of podcasting for himself and newcomers. Check-out the full interview here.

McCarthy includes this great clip of Pardo and Dana Carvey playing around in between segments behind the scenes during a recent taping of Conan. It's part of the new online semi-regular series, The Pardo Patrol. More Pardo in our lives is always a good thing.


Delicious Mediocrity Bridgetown and Beyond

Photo by Mandee Johnson www.mandeejohnson.comAfter a trip to Portland's jam packed Bridgetown comedy festival, the irreverent weekly interview podcast, Delicious Mediocrity, is hitting its stride. The always good-natured and casual show is gaining confidence, of late, featuring a slew of truly engaging tangent-happy conversations you won't hear elsewhere.

Derek Sheen and Douglas Gale started the Seattle-based show in 2010. Delicious Mediocrity features free-flowing conversations with veteran and young comedians from all over.

Sheen and Gale recorded a crazy podcast mash-up edition of the show, deemed the "Andy" episode. Recorded at Bridgetown, the show featured a gathering of Andy's, including fellow podcasts hosts Andy Dick (host of The Shit Show) and Andras Jones (host of Radio8ball). Comedians AndrewAndrew and Andy Peters also joined in the lively back-and-forth episode. Andy Dick does his best to take control of the show with pretty great results. It plays out like a lively backstage conversation between a bunch of fun creative and funny people getting to know each other for the first time, and pushing each others buttons in the process. And, yes, there's lots of talk about the intense Andy-ness in the room.

This week Delicious Mediocrity plopped an especially free flowing Brent Weinbach episode. Weinbach and the guys talk about a variety of topics. It's a fun glimpse into the playful mind of Weinbach. Always a treat.

Succotash also featured Delicious Mediocrity on its recent comedy podcast round-up show. Bonus - this Succotash episode featured Dana Carvey as its guest.

You can subscribe to Delicious Mediocrity here.