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Maron & Lefsetz Talk Podcasting Business (Sort of)

Thanks to Splitsider for linking to a recently published email exchange between Marc Maron (WTF) and Bob Lefsetz (a music industry figure and blogger). Lefsetz asks for explanation on why Maron has the pay walls he has in his podcast business and Maron does his best to answer and appease.

There's some quality information throughout the exchange about the basics of Maron's business model. There's also a lot of embedded clues as to the two men's personalities scattered throughout. Lefsetz comes off demanding and not really in the loop on comedy, technology and branding. These are areas Maron has excelled while growing his podcast business (and audience). Kudos to Maron for continuing to be open about his podcasting intentions and methods, even when dealing with passive aggressive attacks from others.

There's plenty of free WTF and Maron out there. Not having free access to the specific Gallagher episode you mentioned to your readers and thinking that is a failing on Maron's part is utterly ridiculous. Not to turn this into a full fledge personality war, but just a cursory glance at both Maron and Lefsetz online presence shows which professional is being progressive in promoting his brand, cultivating an audience and still serving existing fans. (Hint: It's the one without a template wordpress blog and black and white profile image.)

Well, enjoy the email exchange insight. Back to the comedy...