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The AV Club: Podmass September 15-21

The A.V. Club released their weekly Podmass report, a podcast cornucopia. Once again the comedy shows dominate the listening time for the A.V. Club staff. This time out - a lot of the usual suspects win the "best" honors. Kevin Allison's always solid themed live storytelling, RISK!, manages to sneak into the staffs' hearts, too.

The Apple Sisters #16 "Boat Queen Week 4 of 6" - featuring James Urbankiak, Rachel Bloom, Rebecca Delgado Smith
Best Show Gems - featuring Seth Galifianakis (Zach Galifianakis)
Comedy Bang! Bang! #123 "No Scoop For You" - featuring Amy Poehler, Adam Pally, The Bangles
How Was Your Week? #28: “Sherry” - featuring Jackie Collins, Amy Schumer
Mike and Tom Eat Snacks #35 "Clif Bars"
The Nerdist #125 - featuring Tom Wilson
Never Not Funny #916 "John Ross Bowie"
RISK! #228 "Backlash" - featuring Adam Savage, Jenny Slate, The Sklar Brothers
Sklarbro Country #60 "Bring The Raw Bone" featuring Rob McElhenney, Jason Nash
Uhh Yeah Dude #289
Walking The Room #69 - featuring Kyle Kinane, The Outhouse Gentleman
WTF With Marc Maron #211 - featuring Lisa Lampanelli

Check-out the complete Podmass here.



Earwolf Weekly Update: August 29

Kevin PollakEarwolf helps finish out the calendar Summer to rest with another week of quality episodes. Announced via its weekly newsletter, highlights include actor, comedian and chat show king in his own right, Kevin Pollak, visitng Sklarbro Country, the Parks and Recreation crew Chelsea Peretti, Harris Wittels and Adam Scott stopping by Comedy Bang! Bang!, The Apple Sisters releasing episode 2 of their beauty pageant cruise adventure and Andy Richter counting down on Who Charted?

Check-out the complete newsletter for more Earwolf news this week.


The AV Club: Podmass August 18-24

The AV Club team decided there's never too much of a good thing with their latest batch of Podmass podcast accolades. A lengthy list of love but who's complaining? Everyone gets a prize! Again, the comedy shows steal much of the glory. Episodes from some of the usual suspects and favorites won high marks. The comedy episodes making the cut:

The Apple Sisters #13 "Boat Queen Week 1 Of 6"- featuring Paul F. Tompkins, Randy Sklar, Jason Sklar, Baron Vaughn
Comedy Bang! Bang! #119: "Andi Callahan RN" - featuring Gillian Jacobs, Andy Daly
Doug Loves Movies - featuring Zach Galifianakis, Nick Swardson, Marc MaronMatt Mira
How Was Your Week? #24: “Half A Face” - featuring Paul F. Tompkins, Jamie Denbo
Mike & Tom Eat Snacks #31: "Tato Skins"
The Nerdist #117 - featuring Tom Lennon, Ben Garant
Never Not Funny #912 - featuring Danielle Koenig
Sklarbro Country #56 "Wheaties Box" - featuring Rob Delaney, Jason Nash
The Sound Of Young America - featuring Danny Pudi
The Sound Of Young America - featuring Bruce Campbell
Walking The Room #65 - featuring Jimmy Pardo
WTF With Marc Maron #202 - featuring Jimmy Shubert

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Splitsider Top 5 Comedy Podcasts: August 25


Splitsider's comedy podcast research team (not their actual titles), Jesse Fox and Joe Berkowitz, offered up another round of favorite comedy podcast episodes this week. Excited for the much-deserved props for The Apple Sisters semi-serialized episode. This and other quality shows receiving some love:

The Apple Sisters # 13 - featuring Randy Sklar, Jason, Sklar, Baron Vaughn
Doug Loves Movies - featuring Morgan Spurlock, Craig Bierko, Matt Besser, James Adomian, Garfunkel & Oates
How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner # 24 - featuring Paul F. Tompkins, Jamie Denbo
My Brother, My Brother and Me #68 "Never Stop Dancing"
Who Charted? #37 - featuring Paul F. Tompkins

The not-quite-top-5-worthy shows include: Comedy Bang! Bang! #119 (featuring Gillian Jacobs and Andy Daly), Uhh Yeah Dude #285 and The Nerdist #117 (featuring Tom Lennon and Ben Garant).

Read Splitsider's complete episode recaps and Top 5 rationale here.


Earwolf Weekly Update: August 22

Paul F. Tompkins & Gillian Jacobs *Photo by Liezl EstiponaEarwolf announced another lively group of shows via it's weekly newsletter. Paul F. Tompkins highlights with a double dose of appearances - Who Charted? and The Apple Sisters. Baron Vaughn and The Sklar Brothers join Tompkins on The Apple Sisters. Comedy Bang! Bang! features visits from Gillian Jacobs and Andy Daly, Jordan Morris talks Skyline with the How Did This Get Made? crew, Paul Gilmartin stopping by Sklarbro Country and Glitter In The Garbage plops it's live episode this week. A lot of guests. A lot of shows. So, Earwolf fans should start listening.

Check-out the complete newsletter for the full guest and Earwolf news for the week.


The AV Club: Podmass August 11-17

The AV Club released their weekly Podmass podcast recaps and highlights. Again, the cool kids love their obnoxiousness and strong personalities, at least on the comedy front. A double dose of WTF, the Eddie Pepitone and Patton Oswalt enriched Comedy Bang! Bang! are the stand-outs. The comedy episodes receiving recognition this week:

The Apple Sisters #12: Whoops Daddy! - featuring Brian Huskey, Jason Ritter
Comedy Bang! Bang! #118 "Hologram Toes" - featuring Patton Oswalt, Eddie Pepitone
How Was Your Week #23: “America’s Jelly” - featuring Laraine Newman, Lisa F. Jackson
Mike & Tom Eat Snacks #30 "Starburst"
Never Not Funny #911 - featuring Tom Wilson
Uhh Yeah Dude #284
Walking The Room #64 "Man Camp and The Folk Cast"
Who Charted? #37 "Guest Vocalist" - featuring Ben Garant
WTF with Marc Maron #200 - featuring Marc Maron (as told to Mike Birbiglia)
WTF with Marc Maron #201 - featuring Rob Huebel, Joe Lo Truglio, Aparna Nancherla, Bob Ducca, Jim Earl, Eddie Pepitone

Read the complete Podmass list and recaps over here.



Splitsider Top 5 Comedy Podcasts: August 18


Joe Berkowitz and Jesse Fox released another nice crop of Top Comedy Podcasts this week. Check-it out:

The Apple Sisters # 12 - featuring Brian Huskey, Jason Ritter
Jordan, Jesse Go! #187 - featuring Kumail Nanjiani
Thrilling Adventure Hour #32 “Hell Is The Loneliest Number” - featuring Paul F. Tompkins, Paget Brewster
WTF with Marc Maron #200 - featuring Marc Maron (as told to Mike Birbiglia)
You Had to Be There #29 - featuring Keith and the Girl

Splitsider also had love, well honorable mention kind of love, for these episodes: Totally Laime #80 (featuring Mark Gagliardi), Walking the Room #64 "Man Camp and the Folk-cast" and The Anytime Show #19 (featuring Paul Rust).

Check-out the complete recaps and rationales here.


Earwolf Weekly Update: August 15

Eddie Pepitone *Photo by Mandee JohnsonEarwolf announced another slew of quality episodes via their weekly newsletter. Highlights include Twitter's favorite son, Rob Delaney, guesting on Sklarbro Country, Brian Huskey and Jason Ritter befriending The Apple Sisters again and Ben Garant on Who Charted? Most importantly, Earwolf embraces the Bitter Buddha himself, Eddie Pepitone, on this week's Comedy Bang! Bang! Patton Oswalt also shares the Aukerman stage with Pepitone this week. Well, there you go. Get ready for some hardcore listening.

Check-out the complete Earwolf newlsetter here.


Earwolf Weekly Update: August 1

Earwolf is 1-years old today. A comedy-filled year of downloading and streaming an insane amount of quality shows. Looking forward to many more from the Earwolf gang. Via their weekly newsletter, Earwolf announced another round of great episodes. Highlights include: Todd Glass on Comedy Bang! Bang!, Week #4 of The Earwolf Challenge, The Apple Sisters learning self-defense and the Professor Blastoff crew finally talking robots.

Check-out the full newsletter here.


LA Weekly Makes A Comedy Podcast List

Anthony D'Alessandro helped push comedy podcast into the mind of LA Weekly readers today thanks to his thoughtful recap post in the Arts section. Earwolf shows occupy a bunch of spots. The new Ronna & Beverly show nabbed a spot along with the kinda-sorta podcast from Charles Grodin. Under a certain light, it seems fitting The Apple Sisters and WTF with Marc Maron sit at the top of the Los Angeles list. A performance based retro show born from a live stage show and show focused on big personalities and neurosis. A loosely accurate reflection of the creative personalities in the city. Bonus: all the shows on the Top 10 list have Los Angeles based productions, with the exception of Grodin's show.

10. Who Charted?
9. How Did This Get Made?
8. Charles Grodin
7. Mike Detective
6. Never Not Funny
5. The Pod F. Tompkast
4. Affirmation Nation with Bob Ducca
3. Ronna & Beverly
2. The Apple Sisters
1. WTF with Marc Maron

Check-out the full list and justifications here.