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Splitsider Top 5 Comedy Podcasts: September 22


Jesse Fox and Joe Berkowitz released another batch of comedy podcast winners. Sure, there aren't any real winners or losers in comedy or podcasts but let's keep this whole make-believe gold star system going. A few people get validation and some shiny stickers. Their Top 5 this time out:

Comedy Bang! Bang! #123 - featuring Amy Poehler, Adam Pally, The Bangles
Jordan, Jesse Go! #192 - featuring Rob Huebel
RISK! "Backlash" - featuring Adam Savage, Jenny Slate, The Sklar Brothers
Sklarbro Country #60 - featuring Rob McElhenney, Jason Nash
WTF With Marc Maron #211 - featuring Lisa Lampanelli

Honoarble mentions this week include The Anytime Show with Dominic Dierkes #27 (featuring Thomas Middleditch), The Champs #6 (featuring Donnell Rawlings) and Uhh Yeah Dude #289.

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New To Plop List: The Anytime Show with Dominic Dierkes

Dominic Dierkes, who co-starred and co-wrote Mystery Team, and writes for the upcoming Fox show Allen Gregory, broadcasts The Anytime Show with Dominic Dierkes. It’s a light-hearted and freewheeling weekly podcast recorded in front of a live audience in Hollywood (almost) every Saturday at 8PM.

The show always starts with a lottery-chosen guest from the audience coming on to the stage. However, bashful audience members need not worry. Dierkes makes his guests feel very comfortable, asking them simple questions like, “So…how are you?”

The show next features comedians such as Rob Delaney, Aubrey Plaza and Nick Kroll. The most recent episode featured the endearing actor and comedian Paul Rust. In this episode, there’s a broad range of hilarious stories, including Rust’s highest of highs as a 14-year-old on a trip to the University of Iowa. Rust saw this as foreshadowing wild college experiences such as drinking Coca-Cola for breakfast!  During the interview, Rust also gets serious, discussing his lowest point as a boyfriend. He talked about a heavy emasculation episode during his girlfriend’s family’s snowboarding trip due to his poor showing on the slopes.

Dierkes makes the show fun for live audiences and podcast listeners alike. Owing in part to its relaxed style, the show is comprised of tons of banter, storytelling, and even moments of enlightenment.

Watch for The Anytime Show on iTunes and check Dierkes out on Twitter at @dominicdierkes.


Splitsider Top 5 Comedy Podcasts: August 18


Joe Berkowitz and Jesse Fox released another nice crop of Top Comedy Podcasts this week. Check-it out:

The Apple Sisters # 12 - featuring Brian Huskey, Jason Ritter
Jordan, Jesse Go! #187 - featuring Kumail Nanjiani
Thrilling Adventure Hour #32 “Hell Is The Loneliest Number” - featuring Paul F. Tompkins, Paget Brewster
WTF with Marc Maron #200 - featuring Marc Maron (as told to Mike Birbiglia)
You Had to Be There #29 - featuring Keith and the Girl

Splitsider also had love, well honorable mention kind of love, for these episodes: Totally Laime #80 (featuring Mark Gagliardi), Walking the Room #64 "Man Camp and the Folk-cast" and The Anytime Show #19 (featuring Paul Rust).

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Splitsider Top 5 Comedy Podcasts: June 30


Splitsider's podcast crime fighting duo, Jesse Fox and Joe Berkowitz, offered up another quality Top 5 list this week. They also pointed out there's no better time to get your comedy podcast on than the travel and down time laden holiday weekend. Also, there's no evidence of Fox or Berkowitz ever solving any crimes. I may have misspoke. Their Top 5:

Affirmation Nation with Bob Ducca
Anytime Show #15 - featuring Rob Delaney
Who Charted? #30 - featuring Andy Kindler
WTF With Marc Maron #187 - featuring Larry Miller
You Had to Be There #23 - featuring Shock G

After a great initial run, it's a safe bet Dominick Dierkes' Anytime Show will find a spot in The Plop List directory soon. The Splitsider honorable mentions include: Left Handed Radio #7: You Don’t Want a Relationship, You Want a Trainwreck, Comedy Bang! Bang! #110 (featuring Colin Hanks, Myq Kaplan and Paul Scheer) and How Did This Get Made #13: Crank 2 (featuring Jensen Karp).

Check-out the Spitsider post here to get the full details on the episodes.