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Plop of The Week: Weird Adults With Little Esther #3

It often seems comedy podast fandom breakds down into two camps: an all-in unconditional fanboy devotion to favorite shows OR a purposeful quest to discover new comedy podcasts on a continual basis. Both seem to be equally obnoxious in that my cultural consumption tastes can beat up your cultural consumption tastes kind of way. While the purpose of this ol' site hopefully finds a middle ground, life often dictates going back to the ol' favorites in lieu of foraging into new comedy ground. The new podcast collective, Feral Audio, luckily recently let loose rising comedic talent, Little Esther, on the internet. It's been a treat to hear a new distinct voice in comedy podcasting. So, there's one new show. Have at it, guys. Check-out my excerpt for Little Esther's recent Weird Adults episode for the Splitsider "Week In Comedy Podcasts" round-up:

Comedian and all-around troublemaker Esther Povitsky, aka Little Esther, recently started yet another hangout session podcast on the newly formed podcast collective, Feral Audio. Her Weird Adults show puts Little Esther at the center of her own 1-woman exploratory committee with friends and fellow comedians to discover the reasons for their own weirdness. Definitive answers aren’t always discovered, unless you count Little Esther’s constant and fun stream of neurosis, sharp sarcasm and infectious laughter. Just a few episodes, she’s already off to a strong start, letting the honesty and weirdness flow freely. The show switches back and forth between half-hearted probing questions on her guests supposedly weird traits and sarcastic tangents with her guests. The strong-jawed comedian and seemingly normal Michael Kosta stops by for a visit, and the push-pull of personalities during the interview is quite a treat. Throughout, Kosta, also the co-star of one of Little Esther’s web videos (http://youtu.be/TZDokdxXGj4) fights off claims of weirdness. They spend a lot of time analyzing the details of Kosta’s “normal” life and his apartment, where they recorded the show. It never stops being stupidly playful but some real honest stories sneak out and that’s the fun. Little Esther has a knack for creating a laid back space that gets rid of the pretense. She never stops having fun either. This makes for a fun listen. It’s going to be great to listen as Weird Adults continues to develop, while Little Esther keeps prodding her guests into obnoxious conversational corners. Little Esther’s an easy fit for podcasting, sharing her unique comedic voice and weirdness with the masses.

It seems like lately the Splitsider comedy podcast group is really hitting the ol' variety thing, of late. Check-out the complete list of our episode picks this week:

Sklarbro Country "Sklarbro County #1"
SModcast #212: "All You Can Eat"
On Cinema #35 "Krippendorf's Tribe"
Weird Adults With Little Esther #3 – Michael Kosta
The Ronna & Beverly Podcast #27- Connie Britton
Fitzdog Radio – Steven Wright
How Was Your Week #64 – Retta, Patton Oswalt
Last Week on Earth with Ben Gleib #28 – Tony Clifton

The Splitsider crew went all in on the honarable mentions this week with nods to Dylan Brody’s Neighbor’s Couch "Chris Bonno Redux," Gelmania VIII, The Dana Gould Hour #7 “Shame In The Saddle,” This Has Been A Disaster #8 "Matt Besser," The Joe Rogan Experience #220 (Bert Kreischer), The Long Shot #511 “The I Don’t Want to Feel My Feelings Episode” (Jen Kirkman), Totally Laime #121 (Luka Jones) and Who Charted #78 (Paul F. Tompkins).

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