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Noise Picnic: A New Homegrown Podcast Network

Earlier this Summer, Aric McKeown and Mike Fotis started a Minneapolis-St. Paul based podcast network, Noise Picnic. McKeown is one half of the sketch comedy podcast duo, The Mustache Rangers. McKeown and Fotis teamed up to start Noise Picnic, with the goal of helping talented folk from their area produces shows. They'll be providing production tools and a distrubition assist to the show producers. While there's a comedy slant to the shows, thus far, Noise Picnic plans on hosting a variety of show styles.

Currently, Noise Picnic has three main shows:

Better Strangers
The Mike Fotis Story Time Explosion
The Mustache Rangers 

Check-out www.noisepicnic.com to learn more and listen to a show.

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