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Earwolf & Funny Or Die Become Podcast Friends

In my other version of myself - working on Earwolf's blog, I helped announce the new Earwolf and Funny Or Die podcast partnership yesterday. You can memorize the details of the partnership over at the Earwolf blog. Starting in September, Funny Or Die will be hosting all the existing Earwolf shows at their site and will be partnering up with Earwolf to create brand new shows. With Funny Or Die's interest in the podcast medium - whether that be audio-only or some mix of audio and video will remain to be seen - it's another positive for comedy fans. And another sign the comedy continues to be one of the leaders of this whole podcast thing. This is probably just the start of more established entities making deals with podcast producers or creating their own podcast wings of their giant corporate estate. Let's enjoy the increased interest in the content and cross our fingers for creative freedom staying at the forefront.

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