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Earwolf Weekly Update: May 9

Photo by Mandee JohnsonEarwolf has another week of great guests and shows. Plus, it's officially the first week with their flagship show, Comedy Bang! Bang!, working under it's new name. The upcoming highlights:

Demetri Martin visits Randy and Jason Sklar on Sklarbro Country. Sports talk or not - there should be a healthy dose of silliness on this week's episode.

Glitter In The Garbage sounds like a fun one with Sean Conroy and Matt Besser, two of the best improv and character actors working today, joining Drew Droege's celebrity-inspired sketch show.

The wonderfully original Brent Weinbach is the guest on Who Charted? this week. Weinbach talks pop culture with Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack. Maybe even some 8-bit talk from Weinbach, too?

Check-out the full Earwolf newsletter for the full lowdown.

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