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New To Plop List: Guys With Feelings

We're excited to announce the addition of the long-running comedy interview show, Guys With Feelings, to The Plop List. Comedians, friends and all-around talented smart-asses, Jason Nash and Jeff Bumgarner, run the weekly fun and loose interview show.

Comedians are the main interview subjects here with a few exceptions. The shows bounce back and forth between casual check-ins with the guests and their current projects and random and often inappropriate tangents. Nash and Bumgarner's great repertoire really lends itself to lots of lively and natural interviews with the guests. Recent guest highlights include David Koechner, Paul Scheer and Matt Walsh. Jimmy Pardo from Never Not Funny visits the guys on the most recent episode. You can listen to it here.

The show has been running in some form or another since 2006. It's never too late to start listening and get to know Nash and Bumgarner and maybe even your sensitive side in the process.

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