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New To Plop List: How Was Your Week With Julie Klausner

We're excited to announce the recent addition of How Was Your Week With Julie Klausner to The Plop List. How Was Your Week is an engaging weekly combo show - part host-only over-sharing and part interviews. As a comedic performer and writer, Julie Klausner brings a lot of different elements to her shows and interviews, specifically. Much like Maron's WTF, Klausner starts off the shows with a segment of sharing her thoughts on a variety of topics. Klausner also sometimes interviews friends in addition to the main interview guest.

Klausner is a favorite figure in the comedy community through her diverse career and tremendous and varied skills. How Was Your Week truly shines when Klausner gets to the main interview segment. Her ease and thoughtfulness leads to lively and natural conversations. A true feat in the comedy podcast landscape.

How Was Your Week is only a few months into its run and it'll be fun to see what Klausner does with the show's format and future bookings. Recent shows feature some big comedy names, including Joan Rivers and Patton Oswalt.

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