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New To Plop List: You Made It Weird

Another Nerdist offering gets in The Plop List directory. I know - it's sort of cheating. But Pete Holmes' new show, You Made It Weird, is certainly funny. The show is a free-flowing discussion between Holmes and his guest. Going off on random tangents seems to be the M.O. An early lazy description for the show: the bastard quicker version of Professor Blastoff. There's a fun combo of intelligent and completely dumb tangents - all kick started with a bit of curiousity about what may be "weird." Holmes skillfully sets a quick and funny conversational pace. The sense of listening to a structured show disappears quickly. Don't worry - there's still some interview-y chunks snuck into the show, as well.

So far early guests include Holmes' comedy buddies, Kumail Nanjiani, T.J. Miller and Demetri Martin. The show comes in a notch longer than an hour and plops every Wednesday.

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